Friday, August 21, 2015

Beaconhouse School System, Bahria Town Campus (BBTC) Lahore - A successful completion of first year (Admission process, Fee Structure, Suggestions)

Last year I wrote a detailed article about Beaconhouse School System, Bahria Town Campus Lahore. It was
 presented here on my blog and many other sites also reproduced it. At that time, it was the only source and information available online so many comments and queries about school, its working, quality of education and fee structure were received. To manage this effectively a facebook page was created which got very popular within days. The popularity of my article or facebook page was due to people's huge interest in Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus (BBTC) and the momentum of this interest kept on increasing day by day. Obviously, BBTC management worked really hard to achieve the high standard of education and management though they had to face so many hurdles and problems right in the start. The credit goes to School Head, Ms Naila Khalid and her dedicated team who worked very hard to convert an under construction building into a great school within first three months.
I have never met Ms Naila Khalid but have felt her presence everywhere in the school building. A leader's vision, control and command is more important than its physical presence. Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus is the best example of this leadership model.

The school building was incomplete and construction work was under process when classes started last year in September. The management decided to limit the admissions upto 500 only though there was a capacity of 1000 + admissions available with them. This decision helped a lot to have proper check and balance on the standard and quality of education. I am informed by the students that many a time, School Head herself attends the class with them to supervise the teacher's teaching methodology and class management. Photos available on Facebook page show her full involvement in celebrating BBTC and its student's achievements - in studies, games and various contests.

Many of my readers were asking to express my thoughts about Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus. Though I had been sharing my views in emails and facebook message replies throughout the year yet I decided to wait and see the performance for an academic year. I am now in the position to recommend admissions in BBTC. I have been visiting the school regularly and tried to follow its each and every activity which was open for parents. Also remained directly in contact with hundreds of students and their parents through facebook page and blog.

My personal experience also remained very amazing whenever I had to contact any concerned staff member of BBTC. My son developed some issues in his class so I remained in contact with Ms Misbah Qamar  (the coordinator) regularly. She was always welcoming and cooperative. Ms Qamar responded to my emails promptly (even on weekends). She took all the possible measures (in guiding and counseling me, my son, teachers and the students) and resolved the issue in a highly professional manner.

The increase in sections in every class and lots of new admissions express the confidence of parents in school management. The incharge admission office Ms Sawaira Javed seems the most busy yet highly responsible member of the BBTC team. I have found her very cooperative and well managed. The parents of new students need to see her for getting all kinds of school related information and submitting documents for admission.

The following information and documents presented in this post are provided by Ms Sawaira Javed.

Contact Numbers of Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus Lahore

04235976310, 04235976311, 04235976312, 04235976376

The Procedure / Process of admission
  • Register your child (Registration Fee: Rs.800/=)
  • Appear for admission Test
  • Pay fee Challan
  • And start your classes (This year school will starts on August 24, 2015)
Required Documents for Admission
  1. Two passport photographs of the child
  2. Copies of parent's CNIC
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate (NADRA / GOVT.)
  4. School Leaving Certificate / Report Cards (If applicable)

Rules and Regulations

Fee Structure and other fees
  • Registration Fee: Rs.800/=
  • Admission fee: Rs.20,000/= 
  • Security Fee (Refundable): Rs.20,000/=
Fee Structure for this year also remains unchanged. The detail is as follows:
  1. P. NSY = (Rs.12,340 - Tuition Fee + Rs. 695 - Other charges ) = Rs.13,445/=
  2. NSY= (Rs.12,340 + Rs. 695) = Rs.13,445/=
  3. KG = (Rs.12,340 + Rs. 695) = Rs.13,445/=
  4. Class 1 = (Rs.12,120/= + Rs. 695) = Rs.12,815/=
  5. Class 2 = (Rs.12,340/= + Rs.695) = Rs.13,035/=
  6. Class 3 = (Rs.12,350/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,315/=
  7. Class 4 = (Rs.12,400/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,365/=
  8. Class 5 = (Rs.12,440/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,405/=
  9. Class 6 = (Rs.12,480/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,445/=
  10. Class 7 = (Rs.12,500/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,465/=
  11. Class 8 = (Rs.12,510/= + Rs.965) = Rs.13,475/=
  12. Class IXC = (Rs.16,930/= + Rs.695) = Rs.17,625/=
  13. Class XC = (Rs.17,190/= + Rs.695) = Rs.17,885/=
  14. Class XIC = (Rs.17,480/= + Rs.695) = Rs.18,175/=

Suggestions and Requests

Following list of requests is compiled from parents feedback. If convenient, school management should consider

  1. To provide a school calendar of the year to students / parents (though minor changes are expected).
  2. To invite parents in special occasions (Early Years games competition were highly missed by the parents)
  3. To offer soft / hard copy of students photographs (Fee could be charged)
  4. To issue an annual magazine of BBTC (if policy allows)
  5. To have other banks on its panel for fee deposit (UBL Bahria Town's service quality is very poor)


  1. Dear Kaisrani Sahib,

    Could you please update on the non ground blocks of Sector F like Abu Bakar block and others. People are worried since the installments are completed in February 2015 but there is yet not any development in order that buyers customers could get possession for onward construction of their homes. I am an overseas and I purchased this 1 Kanal plot while thinking that the Bahria history of delivering the Projects is good, so I got this plot with the sense of home construction. I am calling their office time & again but not a single person in Bahria even the top management is able to respond on the issue, which seems their land dispute as it was published in the News Papers advising the people to not to go for this sector F. It is now evident that the Bahria top management has started loosing their good confidence at people after making them so disappointed in delivering this project on time. Kindly comment and advise.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Muhammad Farooq Ghauri

  2. Anonymous1:12 am

    Well my Kids have been studying in Beacon house Muscat Oman for the last seven years where we pay really hefty fesses. Beacon house offered international school Transfer and i want to transfer my kids in Bahria branch. In this regard we contacted Bahria beacon house school and regrettably noticed very poor, unhelpful response.

    1. Salaam,
      Please provide exact information about "very poor, unhelpful response". It is more important to request you for this as your decided to remain Anonymous.
      Thank you for your comment.