Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to Merge Bahria Green Valley Files Lahore (Usman Bin Khalid)

I have received numerous calls, emails & sms after given merging option of Bahria Green Valley files, though the basic details n image of official notice already posted, Even after that some friends are still confused then i though to write on it n try to make it easy.  File holders of Bahria Greens are also confused and unable to make decision for avail this  merging opportunity of Bahria Green Valley Lahore. 
Well, as we all know Bahria Green Valley is also one of the dark project of Bahria Town Lahore, Investors are waiting for miracle from last two years but nothing happen so far. Well, for yours info merging option had given by Bahria town from last several months, and these files were also merged in Orchard Villas, during merging in orchard villas files rates went up 40 to 50k for just one week and then came back to 140 to 150 k minus ( 5 marla green valley files). 

Purpose of merging Bahria Green Files

The purpose of these all merging options given by Bahria town to reduce maximum numbers of files (Because as we know Bahria Town believes in over selling ). Well, here is a good rumors which i heard that is green valley is going to be launched on end of this year may be in December 2015, Some sources say land acquiring procedure has been started and will be completed soon and location of the green valley will be the opposite of the Bahria Orchard Lahore. 

Thing to understand

Now, the question is mostly file holders are not submitted their installments and won’t to face loss after wait of two years, There are only two options that what i think for Bahria Green File holders. Those having files in some quantity must go for this option because that will reduce your total cost. For example “ if you have 5 marla down paid only file of bahria green that total cost is 2,400,000 and you deposited only 300,000 in shape of down payment and due amount is 2,100,000, you can reduce this outstanding amount through merging, in this case you need to merge 7 more green valley files to clear outstanding amount as we know down paid deposited 300,000 * 7 = 2,100,000, Now see how to reduce this cost as we know current rate 5 marla green valley files is 140,000 minus, that will cost you 160,000 * 7 = 1,120,000. So after doing it you can take advantage of 900,000 to 1 million, and 5 marla green valley will totally cost you 14 lac to 14.5 lac”  hope you got my point what i am trying to write here and same case apply on 10 marla and 1 kanal. In my point of view this is really good option but if you won’t interested to avail this merging facility for the reasoning of invest more money  than you must sell your files in this given tenure, Because after this merging option rates of bahria green files will definitely go up and then came back.So my suggestion is those are not further interested in this project sell your files otherwise is holding is your choice. 

Merging Options

Well, in recently merging option the good stuff is that the  condition of one instalment through cash before merging process has been lifted but merging fees is still there. Well lets discuss step by step. 
5 marla case:   In this case you can merge only 5 marla files as i noted above and second option is by giving 5,000 you can covert in to 10 marla and 1 kanal too by merging required quantities of files . 
10 marla case: in this case you can merge all type of bahria green files 5 , 10 and 1 kanal  according to easy availability and you can also see which files are in more minus will give you more benefit and other option by giving fee of 10,000r you can covert 10 marla bahria green file into 1 kanal. 
1 kanal case :  The same 10 marla case applied here but you can’t go for upsize in 1 kanal bahria green. 

Merging Procedure :

If you want to pay your outstanding dues through merging, and havent ample files to merge, then the first step is buy green valley files and transfer into your name and after that these files can be merged.  In second case if you certain quantity of files at your own names then you just need to apply merging application.
For you easiness i am sharing official notice and payment schedule of Bahria Green valley which will helpful to required number of files and amount . 

Conclusion & Recommendation

The conclusion is that, Bahria Town Lahore management is now focused on Bahria Orchard and their recent deal of 8 marla Southern District in Orchard is  successful, as we know Bahria Town Alfalah office is going to be shifted in Bahria orchard in next couple of months and Possession in LCO Blocks is going to be given in this week too, These all steps clearly show intention of Bahria Town Lahore management and Bahria Green valley is also a part of Bahria Orchard so in my opinion Bahria Green valley issue is going to be sorted out in this year. So i recommend you hold your files until the end of this year and must avail this opportunity. 

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