Friday, November 27, 2015

DHA City Lahore - Things You Must Know (Lahore Real Estate)

DHA CITY LAHORE was launched about five years ago as a DHA EME plus private developers partnership project. Before launching project was approved by GHQ as a welfare project for army jawans that were to get plots to be funded with profit from project profits etc). DHA City Lahore got into major trouble when all money received on booking and installments payments by private parties but all land against money was not delivered back to DHA EME and lots of money just disappeared. 

About one year ago GHQ steps in to give full management control to proper DHA Lahore admin that is sitting in DHA new phase 6 head office to clean up all past mess that happened in DHA City also called in past DHA EME phase 2. GHQ and DHA management next put on hold all properties in all DHA in Pakistan that were owned by these fraudsters private developers etc till they returned all funds with interest plus also handed over all promised land back to proper DHA Lahore admin. DHA Lahore also took Eden group to court and asked for a reference via NAB to put more pressure on all parties including Eden to recover each rupee that actually belongs to DHA City current files holders and 1000s army jawans. Case is in court to recover full funds although most funds already recovered. GHQ still have on hold more properties in all DHAs in all cities of Pakistan that are worth billions more than DHA city Lahore total net worth and very little money is now needed to be recovered. 1000s kanal land is also delivered back to DHA City on back of Eden project on Multan road near Thokar Naiz Beg. 

Now these are new facts. You can call DHA Lahore help line to verify this information your self:

  1. DHA City is now 100% pure DHA Lahore proper a 100% military backed and run project just like DHA 6 7 8 Prism, Ivy Green, DHA 9 extension etc
  2. DHA city files transfers are now taking place only in DHA Lahore head office in phaese 6.
  3. All land now purchased only by DHA Lahore land branch itself. Agricultural land owners now happily giving lots of land free of cost to DHA Lahore to get 1 kanal plot against 4 kanal Agricultural land given for DHA City project. Before Eden etc were not trusted by same land owners in this area so land was not easily acquired or available. 
  4. DHA Lahore now have about 80%+ land needed for ballot holding and if wanted DHA can announce ballot any day but DHA may wait till above 95%+ land is in its own hand so there are not pockets left to be cleared later map release. 
  5. DHA City will be located on back of Eden project near Shah Pur village in between Motorway interchange Parkview Villas Multan & Ravi River next to Punjab Govt River city near future project plus Multan road. Just 5 minutes away from Thokar Niaz Beg. Not guaranteed but highly likely a private project Parkview Villas Multan road will be merged into DHA City Lahore to provide it a 200 feet wide access from Multan road itself right in front of old DHA EME phase 1.
  6. DHA have already applied DHA City Lahore NOC to Punjab Govt because its not located in cantonment areas and possibly in flood zone until Lahore Ring Road last part to connect Lahore Ring Road to Motorway does get constructed. 

Punjab Govt is in process to launch its own River City project in near future very next to DHA City in between river and DHA City. Punjab Govt will build Lahore Ring Road fourth last southern last loop to connect Multan road with motorway interchange here that will also serve as BAND for its own 110000 acres River city Lahore a many km long project next to DHA City Lahore. It is going to be launched soon after connected ministers & front men complete their purchases of all available land at dirt cheap prices first :) Only when they and DHA city are done with buying all available land than Punjab Govt will announce last loop of LRR and DHA city NOC to be issued :) 

Ballot & NOC in DHA City may take 12 to 24 months from today . Until ballot is announced no major gains are expected but when ballot location NOC approval announced you will not be able to find a single file until they have gained big amount or almost doubled in price. Why I think it will gain strong? 5 marla files have already once seen 17 to 18 lacs prices in past so after ballot announcement that is very likely to see at least that amount first after ballot announcement if not double from today price. Also in daily dealing we see very few sellers. Only hard to find buyers due to extremely bad reputation from past. A person that paid installments for many years and waited for so long is not willing to give up on these files when he is finally seen some day light. After we buy couple of files from market 3rd fourth fifth file is extremely hard to arrange for clients. We really had to work hard to find files for buyers. So if you wanna buy these files buy them slowly. One by one. Just think about it if ballot is announced or location is officially announced how hard it will be to buy any files with 1000s of new buyers. 

Don't buy it if you are thinking to hold less than two years. After you buy it don't sell even if it doubles in two years as this can easily triple from ridiculously low current prices. It have room to gain 200% to 300 at end of 5 years from today. 

Just think about it if you buy it today. It will cost you near 10 lacs plus 6 to 9 lacs as development charges that too are going to be paid in installments only. If they give you plot in five years it will be 50 to 60 lacs. If they give you plots in ten years it will be worth 100 to 120 after ten years due to time factor and superb location next to Lahore Ring Road and very near Thokar Naiz Baig that is busiest area in Lahore even these days. Dont buy it for yourself. Buy it for your small boys and girls future. Its DHA Lahore that is going to give you a allocation letter that you WILL get a plot in DHA City Lahore and I trust and faith in DHA promise a 1000%

You just need a very strong heart to stay firm for next 3 5 or lets say if have to even 10 years hold and this lowest risk highest rewarding investment is going to make you lots of money in future. Insha Allah

Don't pay attention to all past scary stories on web or from competitor dealers of other fraud developers in Lahore. They hate DHA City Lahore location because they are minimum 7 km after DHA City actual :) .

Just pick up your phone and ask DHA Lahore helpline to ask If DHA Lahore is going to issue you an allocation letter or is it a pure 100 % project or not :) 

If you missed location map I can share an expected location map in case you missed it. DHA admin now have many 1000s of kanal land in that expected map area in my drawn expected location map.