Monday, October 12, 2015

My Tax Return Story (Iseem Mumtaz)

It appears that we Pakistanis live in our homeland with just one aim of undergoing one agony after another meted out to us by our corrupt government and coercive system. I have been filer of income tax return for many years. However, my name comes in and goes out of the active tax payers list every now and then with no reason intimated to me. Initially my name went out of active tax payers list in March 2015 resulting in imposition of non-filer rates on me by my banks. As I ran from nook to corner, I came to know that I had filed my tax ‘physically’ and since it was required to be filed ‘electronically’, my name had been omitted from the active tax payers list. The needful was done and my name finally reappeared in the list.

As I was finalizing the deal of a plot sale in August, 2015, a crude shock came my way that my name was not there in the tax filers list again resulting in incidence of extra income tax on sale proceeds. This time, after running from pillar to post, I came to know that I had attached bank tax deduction certificate which had to be sent ‘electronically’ in order to enable my name to appear in the tax payers list. Finally, it was done and the FBR took many weeks to update my name into its list.

My income tax return for 2015 was filed on 1st October, 2015. As I went to get a new car booked on 9th October, I was again informed that my name was not there in the tax payers list and I was required to pay extra tax for being ‘non-filer’.

Incidentally, FBR never bothered to phone or email me on any of the above instances while removing my name from active tax payers list. I sent many emails to FBR official address, Ishaq Dar’s senate address for redressing my grievances but everything fell on deaf ears.


Adnan replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 11:25 AM PST

Dear Aseem, I am not surprised to see what you are going through, however, we must also realize that this online tax filing system is a new thing for us and for the departments, yes I agree that this has been a bit of a problem for you but based on your experience, wouldn't it be prudent if you checked your tax status online every now and then specially before transacting large amounts of money just to make sure there are no discrepancies.

On the suggestion that you have given in the end of your complaint, I am an expatriate for many years and cannot wait to come back home. For my fellow brothers and sisters living in the homeland, I can confirm that for all the money that people like me earn to keep in banks, I will never be able to replace what I have already missed out on for staying away from my loved ones for so many years.

I am and will continue to invest in the homeland because I will come back home one day. For all the good systems and what not, these foreign countries can never be our home, and despite all the ills and misgivings of our society, Pakistan will still be our home.

So, please do not dispel the whole country for some tax frustrations, I am sure with time you would learn to adapt and the system will mature enough to correct for itself.

Baba G replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 02:28 PM PST

Great words from Adnan. A reality check.

MS replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 04:35 PM PST


Well said Mr. Adnan
100% agreed with you " InShaaaAllah" Long live Pakistan.

Abu Dhabi.

Tanweer replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 07:34 PM PST

Dear Aseem,

Income Tax returns are to be filed on-line. This practice has been in place for several years. My understanding is that the FBR web-site updates its data every month. So please do keep in mind that we keep a gap of atleast 20-30 days before making any transaction. Also, as suggested by Adnan, it is wiser to check from FBR's web-site before making a transaction. Cheers.

Ahmet replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 07:37 PM PST

@ Adnan,

He is identifying flaws in the system which is very important to ensure such nuisances are fixed. It is extremely frustrating for an honest and rule-abiding citizen to do business in Pakistan. Please label us dispel-er just because we are identifying some sad facts about the country.

XYZ replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 07:39 PM PST

Aseem I m sorry to hear about what happened to you but let me tell u one thing FBR is working in its utmost capacity to collect taxes and facilitate the masses and I m saying this as I m an employee of FBR at a good post. Rather than mailing FBR or any of the dignities you mentioned it is always better to visit the RTO and meet the concerned officer. The CC at RTO personally meet people to solve their problems.

Dr. Khan replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 07:40 PM PST

Well, let me add similar experience. In July, I visited FBR myself and requested to update my records as non-resident Pakistani. They asked for several documents which I provided but nothing happened. In September, I personally visited FBR again with all documents once again just to update the records, however, they said that the system is not allowing and I should come again. I told them that it was my second visit from abroad, but that too in vain. I have given up and stopped from further purchase transactions.

Expat Observer replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 08:04 PM PST

During my recent visit to Pakistan, which ended last week, I found some interesting facts:

- I tried to open bank account and was advised by Bank Manager NOT to open account here in Rs currency. He told me being expat, you are exempted from tax return filing but I will deduct 0.6% tax on your each transaction being non-filer. WTH? He suggested me either to have account in overseas or if I want, open FC account. BTW, he is my friend also.

- Went to file my return in Lhr FBR office. From one office to other, one floor to other floor and NO ONE in office willing to accept my return coz I'm expat and they dont have any idea where expats will submit.

- FBR is heavily mis-managed institute. Work style of ppl there looks to create trouble rather than facilitation. Dont know why?

- When tried to find something online, found that LHR region FBR office expenses are more than what tax money they have collected last year. Interesting - Isn't it?

WHAT IMPRESSION I Got - FBR (Govt) trying to get money with every possible mean from general public, push them away from windows where ppl can get benefit, make procedure complicated so ppl can't understand them, make process hectic so ppl avoid it and bow down to powerful elite so they can share the tax-evasion money.

Ahmer replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 08:11 PM PST

Sorry Aseem that you are suffering.
But bravo Adnan, you have put our thoughts in black and white.
Much respect.

Ahmad replied on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 08:13 PM PST

I am trying to register my wife in fbr for return and i am supposed to get some code via email and sms but every time i try i receive it after 2-3 hours and by that time it is expired.....seems like fbr themselves dont want people to get registered

MUZZAMIL replied on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 09:05 AM PST

i entered my tax returns Electronically in August but still havent been added to ATL, can any1 tell me what to do now?
dont have time to visit RTO and if visiting RTO is a Must , whats the purpose of online Filing?
(Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate)

Friday, October 02, 2015

Lahore Real Estate Market Direction, Prism DHA Phase 9 Lahore Development Charges and Investment options (CMY - Lahore Real Estate)

DHA Prism development charges announced. What to do now? What to expect now. Market direction? 

Dear friends, before we discuss any points in any details lets have amount of development charges and current prices of Prism for future reference here. 

DHA Prism development charges announced.

I Kanal : 19.50 Lacs
10 Marla : 13 Lacs
5 Marla : 9 Lacs

DHA Prism Commercial plots

8 Marla Commercial 37.50 Lacs
4 Marla commercial : 19.50 Lacs 

Each installment amount of Prism DHA Lahore Phase 9 or Ivy Green phase 8 Z block plots to paid every 3 months. Total 12 Installments

01 Kanal = Rs 162500
10 Marla = Rs 103333
05 Marla = Rs 75000

4 Marla Commercial= Rs 162500
8 Marla Commercial= Rs 312500

Prism Block Wise Prices Before Development Charges Announcement

A 70 to 85
B 57 to 85
C 58 to 85
D 55 to 85
E 55 to 72
F 53 to 75
G 65 to 70
H 55 to 68
J 38 to 43 (10 Marla) 
J 21 to 28 ( 5 Marla )
K 55 to 65 1 Kanal
K 39 to 45 (10 Marla) 
K 23 to 30 (5 Marla) 
L 55 to 72 
L 38 to 45 (10 Marla
L 22 to 25 (5 Marla) 
M 55 to 72 
N 55 to 72
P 55 to 85
Q 60 to 85 
R 57 to 65
R 42 to 45 (10 Marla) 
R 28 to 36 (5 Marla) 

Prism Commercial Plots

4 Marla= 190 to 265 
8 marla= 385 to 500 lacs 

Excluding corner facing park or large roads. Also excluding extremely bad location like boundary or odd size plots etc

Every holder or prospective buyers knew above expected amount of development charges for DHA Lahore Phase 9. I personally have posted these amounts not dozens but 100s of times in my 200 plus whatsapp groups of 100 people each and also on our website With grace of Allah I am already in touch with at least 7000 people out of 25000 holders of Prism phase 9. Because I bought them these 2 5 or 10 DHA Lahore phase 9 proper files at prices between 14 and 22 lacs before I left for medical treatment to USA in 2011. These development charges amounts are NOT a surprise any more to any one. At least each of LRE client or website visitors knew it for months.

Almost every one holding Prism plots or dealing Prism already knew they must be paid by buyers in future and will be paid in 12 installments in three years time. Two months ago I informed each client at that time market was at peak in short term time to sell Prism IF they plan to sell and sell it before development charges are actually announced. Most LRE clients sold at peak prices in recent past and well before the herd in market that sold at 4 to 5 lacs lower than Lahore Real Estate clients selling prices. Proud that LRE clients sold their plots at best prices. Holders that were panicking from these expected amounts of development charges already sold their plots during last two months. No one is left anymore still waiting to sell Prism or Ivy Green plots only after development charges were officially announced. Don't make sense to me why would someone wait till now to sell only after development charges are announced. Currently I dont see a single seller selling his plot only due to fear of development charges, 

Yes I see lots of plots still in market for sale but dear friends those are plots from very non serious sellers that always demand 4 to 5 lacs above market going rates and when dealers find them a buyer on those above market prices they still say I have changed my mind my wife/mother/ father /sitter /brother dont agree any more to sell this plot or they just increase their demand prices once again 3 to 5 lacs above their past high demand. Lahore real estate cant force them not to ask higher than market rates and cant force them to sell until they are ready. We are helpless in this case. We normally dont work too hard for these type of non serious people. These sellers will alway be in market even if its up or down. They are just taking chaska only to see what is their plots current worth. These are non committed non serious sellers. They cant take market up or down. 

Now there are other about less than 100 or so plots for sale you see in market that are still in market from day one after ballotand will still be there for long time to come. These are the plots no one is interested in to buy for future healthy gains. These plots are cheapest plots of extremely bad locations like boundary facing graveyards nallah facing commercial facing or odd size Samosa plot etc. These sellers are desperate to find any buyers at any prices but unluckily extremely hard to find buyers in rising or falling markets so even these cant take market up and down. They plots just stay in market for months or years. Dont judge Prism prices trends from these two groups above. Dont consider these very low prices as gauge when buying in Prism. I think I have explained it detail why not. 

Currently my Team LRE call volume data and my own calls email texts volume very clearly indicating to me there are huge numbers of buyers that are waiting on sidelines to buy Prism plots when prices do come down after development charges are announced. They were thinking large amounts of development charges will drive away new other buyers or scare sellers to sell in hurry. I am afraid these friends will not see any more lower prices than you are seeing after recent profit taking small correction in Prism that got prices lower to about 4 to 5 lacs for good blocks good location plots. Will be very hard to get a plot lower than todays prices above. Friends please understand a seller dont have to sell a plot in DHA just due to non ability of seller to pay development charges installment on time. To date DHA Lahore have not canceled even a single plot of any holder just because a plot holder was not paying development charges on time. DHA just impose a fine on each due installment and never forgives that fine in future even for military men. If plot you have to be sold a buyer pays all due installments and fine for you and simply deducted that amount from a agreed price that including development charges but without any fines. Seller must pay fine from his pocket. In all deals you must make clear to dealer if deal is with development charges or not. Buyer pays agreed price plus development charges amounts but dont pay any due fines or other past due charges.

So in short a seller dont have to sell his plot just because he has no ability to pay development charges due installments. BTW since development charges full amount of 19.5 lacs dont have to be paid before a transfers its not a big deal for seller to arrange 1.625 lacs for due installment to have a transfer done. Even a dealer loans them this money temporarily and than deduct it when payment made to seller on transfer day. Since 1.625 lac is not a big amount for each installment every three months I dont see holders selling their plots just due to development charges pressure or reason. 

For next three months no major fall in prices expected. Only a flat market till mid December 2015 or early January 2016. After that Lahore Ring Road construction starting. Development starting in DHA Lahore phase 9 Prism. Possession of rest of DHA7 will also help Prism and Ivy Green too. Ivy Green on ground enough development work will be visible as currently DHA at work in Ivy Green. Many serious buyers like most Taxi drivers from USA Europe travel to Pakistan for annual visit to Pakistan with lots of money made from Xmas new year work to buy property in Pakistan. This time is always a good time for property as no budget talks taxes talk etc. Many new projects are heavily marketed on TV newspapers .They are offered during this time like DHA PentaSquare apartments are going to be offered in DHA phase 5. All this hype in media TV ads newspaper ads gives buyers a good feeling that property market is going very strong and OK to buy any property now 

My suggestion for buyers is to start buying between now and Jan 2016. Dont wait for prices to come down any more. Its not possible for any one to predict the market lowest points or highest points. For even a person like me who have full Team LRE on my back and personally having 12 years experience in dealing 1000s of DHA and Bahria Town plots and files and opportunity to have first call text email from each seller buyer no matter from what estate he is dealing hid property its not possible for me to catch exact right time to enter or exit. So if you want to have long term hold in some safe low risk high return simply superb location investment in DHA Lahore phase 9 Prism that is fraud free Qabza group free fraud free not a one man show go for it my friends and go for it between now and Mid Dec 2015. You still have some chance to buy good locations at good prices. 

There may be some people like village people still left in market that may sell because they don't have access to Internet like you do to learn how development charges do workout in long run. Their old time type dealers scare the shit out of them to force them sell the plots in hurry saying baba jee 20 lukh dena painey jey har plot utey. Sarey plot jaldi nul waich duo. Keemat deg pani jey 

Also one more point must be disclosed here that I should have mentioned above first. In all past ballots I have learned military allotted plots are always very good location plots and since most military men are very principled persons most of them dont commit to sell or do any baiana or token until they actually have an intimation latter in their hands clearly stating their plot number development charges amount and also have obtained NOC with them only than they do sell a plot. So from these military men some selling of plots is is expected but do keep in mind these are not very needy people that need money in a hurry. They just sell to buy commercial plots in DHA Lahore etc for having some contestant monthly income each month to keep same lifestyle after retirements. Also keep in mind development charges are going to be lower for military plots but sale prices will be higher due to this fact to match prices with civilian plots prices. There are 6000 dealers in DHA Lahore market. They are now going to be in direct competition to buy these plots first on baina from these military men so I am afraid you wont get good deals on these plots after dealers take their profits for taking chances on baian deals. Many dealers recently did lost big amounts upto 5 lacs on each plot in last fall in prices as most dealers thought prices in Prism will only shoot to moon near Bakra Eid . There are many groups of dealers that buy every thing available in market these deals. Dealers are mostly now richer than average buyer  So I request you to be extra careful and not wait too long. These military plots should show up in market after about 30 days from now. 

At Lahore Real Estate we dont ever do Baiana deals for our own estate. We suggest you try your best not to sell plot on baina to any one. Many estate only buy sell Baina plots. We try our best to get you each rupee that you possibly could have. Our priority is to have as many direct face to face deals possible among our own clientage first. Only If a direct plot are not available in our own LRE clients pool where buyer is looking for a plot or If we get a very good fair price than market going rates If we already know we clearly tell our clients it will be a baina plot from market but still ok to buy it. Many times even we are kept in complete dark till deal is done locked that plot was on baina. This is a normal practice we cant avoid it in market If we have to keep dealing in DHA Lahore. In most cases we dont have any control what others will do with our plots after they they agreed to buy our clients plots on our clients demanded price. If plot is available at right price and a good location we do tell and recommended our clients to buy a plot or sell a plot instead of keep waiting and seeing prices go higher and higher or lower in falling markets in case of selling. Some ground realities that many people dont understand but I had to get it of my chest  

Prism DHA Phase 9 Lahore due to the fact that it is best located best planned best access wise and already populated from all four side like from Ferozpur road side Stat life HS side DHA 5 side Askari 11 side DHA town side and even on nallah side there are farmhouses collages hospitals factories and developed schemes like Inmol GTS etc. 

If bought today Prism DHA Lahore phase 9 can easily gain us a 125% to 150% return in next 5 years from average price of today at 89 lacs including development charges of 19 lacs( Without development charges average Price of Prism is still 70 lacs). Even today DHA Lahore phase 6 and 8 plots are selling at above 2 crore for average plots prices. In 5 years time DHA 6 DHA 8 prices are expected by me to be at about 3 crore on average. DHA phase 8 Z block Ivy Green will be at around 2 crore in 5 years from today. DHA phase 7 will be at about 2 crore plus that will be still close to 100%gain from today. Prism DHA 9 proper is expected to be at 2.5 crores when its developed and ready to build. Friends even today in not too good location a 5 marla plots in DHA town cost 46 to 64 lacs each for 5 marla. Imagine the price here in next 5 years So my estimated amounts are highly likely. Looking at Lahore Ring Road having 3 interchanges in DHA phase 9 Prism. Largest number of widest roads network is only in Prism. There are over 50 parks Grean areas in Prism DHA Lahore phase 9. Also Prism master plan have largest commercial areas in it. DHA planners must knew some thing better than us so they planned so many commercial in this very large phase. Nothing guaranteed as no technical indicators available to prove my points. Its just a wild guess based on past 12 years experience with Bahria town and DHA Lahore dozens of projects progress and prices history etc.

Prism block A B C D P Q R H should be your first choice to buy a plot for good location. These blocks should give you highest possible return but make sure location you buy is good in these blocks. Try your best to onoy deal with Lahore Real Estate but please feel free to ask me on WhatsApp to buy or not to buy each location before you lock the deal even if you are buying it from any other estate. We are not 100% perfect but I promise you we are far better that any other estate agency in DHA Lahore. Why not give your Lahore Real Estate a chance to serve you. You will feel the positive difference. That is my commitment to you.

Upper blocks of DHA Lahore phase 9 prism will get developed and handed over first just like DHA phase 7 did or DHA 6 upper block did. Due to huge size DHA plan to develop and deliver possession block wise starting possessions as early as two years starting with A C D P etc . Lower blocks could take as long as 5 to 7 years time . DHA Lahore is claiming it will deliver it all on fast track in just 3 years but looking at past track I am not too hopeful. Average possession time of 5 years should be kept in your mind with 3 years minimum and 7 years maximum. 

Ivy Green DHA phase 8 block will be ready in max 3 years. Access road is not good but project itself will be small gated community with DHA Lahore name and free from Qabza groups fraud allotments or map changes etc. If want to build a house in 3 to 5 years buy it now. Small plots should be bought in here. For investment dont buy 1 kanal plots in here as most plots here are small size. This project will alway be considers a low income phase because numbers of small plots is way too high. Commercial plots will gain big in future as too many families will live here. Fewer available commercials and on top It will be ready for sure in 3 years so commercial can possibly generate rental income in 3 to 4 years time.

DHA Lahore phase 7 is now almost ready for all blocks possession. With recent partial possession in Y and Z blocks its prices will gain slowly but steadily. Lowest risk of price drop in future. Not as strong gainer for future as Prism or Ivy Green block but more secure just in case economy or political situation gets worse any time in future. Buy it If you plan to build a house in next 2 to 4 years. Prefer T U blocks over Y or Z blocks. If can afford best block to live will be R P S. Dont buy Q near Pungali or Berki road. 

DHA Lahore phase 6. Friends once again if not planning to make a house here its time to move money out of here. Keep money in DHA other phases and still get twice more return. Buy if wanna build a house today. One of my most favorite phase before Prism arrived. Well planned and a big hit  For house best blocks are B H J.

DHA Lahore phase 8 . Also not good any more for investment. Seen enough rise in past. No more room left for further strong gains. If not making house here please sell to buy two plots in DHA 9 Prism after 5 years you may see prices are equal in Prism9 &DHA8 and you will be holding two plots instead of one  See I am giving you a free plot in DHA best phases Please pay attention now 
For houses best block is W and for investment gain buy a good plot in S block away from many graveyard in S blocks. It will win at end due to LSE. Buy DHA8 X S for investment and W T U V for living. 

These are my new recommendations

For return of 200%+ buy DHA Phase 9 Prism commercial especially Civic Zone 1 in P block of Prism 8 marla commercial plots and Oval Complex 4 marla plots before your buy residential plots if you can afford it unless you are a investor and wanna get in out on regular bases. Commercial plots very hard to buy o. right prices and take time to sell at right prices. Buy Prism one kanal in A B C D P Q R H. Buy 10 marla in C and R. Buy five marla in R block and J upper area near Lahore Ring Road interchange near Ashiana housing

Buy DHA 7 T U upper Y and Upper Z block for investment. P R S T U W for good living. Buy DHA 7 commercials. Could return 200% plus.

Buy Ivy Green for smallest 5 marla plots could return 125% in 5 years. Buy commercial in Ivy Green Could return 200%. 

Buy DHA Multan kanal could return 200% in 5 years and DHA Gujranwala 10 marla could return 150% in 5 years

Buy DHA City Lahore 5 marla and 10 marla but need your patience I could return 200% in 5 years. 

Buy Lake City Sui Gas phase 2 Lahore on ground ready to build plots could return 150% in 5 years,

Buy NFC phase 2 plots could return 150% in 5 yrs

Buy Bahria Orchard on ground plots could return 150% in 5 years. Buy Bahria on ground plots in sector C D E F could return. 

I dont have any safe investments on installments to recommend. Avoid Paragon, LDA CityNew Lahore City, Elite, ParkviewVillas Multan road, If holding on ground plots dont worry but avoid further investments in files till further notice. In past some of these projects were good but in future could see some troubles. Not a buy for me at this time. If I see some positive development I will update. Its your money if feel ok go ahead buy them. 

100s billions Rs worth projects in Lahore like Orange Line Train , Lahore ring road construction, Rawind road & Defence road widening , Knowledge park huge facilties and a Kidney liver transplant 400 bed hospital near DHA6 DHA9 and in DHA7 area are going to keep Lahore market alive and rising in short term and will greatly help in achieving price gains I guessed above. Rest only Allah knows best. Good luck to every property holder in each project. Its your life time saving and all my prayers are with you

Choudry Mujahid Yasin ( CMY)
Info@LREPK.Com my direct email.
+923064357286 ( WhatsApp & Viber Number Only)

To be fair to all visitors I have requested admin not to allow good comments that praise me or LRE or bad comment on any of my posts here. I only posted this here today because it was a very important post. I am available only via WhatsApp to answer any questions / concerns because I know identity of each person. I am too tired of fake IDs

To get added to LRE clients groups please send a whatsApp message to me at +923064357286. If you are not a property dealer you will be added to property discussions groups. Feel free to ask all your friends to join your group.

Dealers are not welcome in my clients WhatsApp groups.I have separate 50+ Viber groups for dealers ads discussion only and all dealers I want already added there.