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Beaconhouse School System, Bahria Town Lahore Sector C Branch - A New Addition in Bahria Town Lahore



Bahria Town School Lahore was opened in 2006 when there were only few families residing in Bahria Town, Lahore. The management hired highly educated and trained staff and provided all possible facilities to them:
  • High Salary
  • House in Safari Villas Lahore
  • Pick and drop from city area
  • Gift of a plot in Bahria Town Lahore on completion of 8 years service
  • Free education for their kids
  • Free health facilities available in Bahria Town Hospital
  • Free day care centre

The monthly fee was kept very nominal (around Rs.1,000/= per month). Due to bear minimum monthly fee, no admission fee and (almost) no admission criteria, the students from villages around Bahria Town flooded for admission. During the first two years the number of students from nearby villages was significantly more than the Bahria residents. The atmosphere of school was disturbed and kids starting learning abusive language and behavior. We (the pioneer residents of Bahria Town) had a sitting with Malik Riaz Hussain Sahib, The chairman Bahria Town but failed to convince him for addressing the issue. After a year or so, he realized the gravity of problems and informed us that he is going to appoint a renowned educationist from Malaysia. It was a positive step but Mr Javaid had to leave within a year due to official politics.
Many positive changes were made in coming years but due to no consistency in the management it was difficult to produce satisfactory results.

In 2011, Mr Saleem Kashimri joined the school and brought significant changes and taken positive steps after utilizing his vast experience and vision. He introduced regular training for staff.  The school building was extended. Extracurricular activities were carried out throughout the year. He produced good results of Matric and O Level classes. Due to his energetic and hard working personality, he had a plan to manage / supervise four campuses of Bahria Town Schools & Colleges.
  1. Bahria Town Pre-School Lahore - Sector A
  2. Bahria Town School & Colleges Girl Campus - Sector B
  3. Bahria Town School & Colleges - Bahria Orchard Campus
  4. Bahria Town School & Colleges Boys Campus - Sector C
But a twist and conflict in the story is recently introduced by the higher management of Bahria Town Lahore. The newly constructed building of Janiper Block, Sector C is no more Boys Campus of Bahria Town School & College. It is now a premier branch of Beaconhouse School System.

Beacon House School Systems, Bahria Town Lahore Sector C Premier Branch 

Only two days earlier this new building was handed over to Beaconhouse School System. The building is still under construction and finishing and paint work is being carried on (see pictures below) on full swing but Beaconhouse School management has started registration, tests and admissions of students.

Today I visited Beaconhouse School and had a sitting with the admission staff to get first hand information about the plan, program and fee structures for readers of this page.

As mentioned above, school building is yet under construction and labour class was roaming around but I was amazed to see active, fresh looking and well managed staff. The friendly and welcoming attitude of Ms Tabinda Mazhar was simply remarkable. Very professionally and confidently she faced my objectionably questions of taking over the building from Bahria Town School. She was dealing the visitors in such a nice manner which is normally not found in schools. If Beacon House Management will continue with same momentum and passion, they will not be having any problem in the admissions.

I was informed that this branch of Beaconhouse School System is a PREMIER BRANCH (with value added and extra facilities). One can contact Ms Zara 03234056159 for any further information who is equally professional and cooperative.

Ms Tabinda Mazhar provided all required information which is being reproduced here.

Admission Procedure and Office timing

  • Admission office will remain open from 9AM to 4PM (Monday to Friday)
  • The registration of students is already started. The Registration Fee (Rs.700) is waived off till September 15, 2014. Time and date will be given for admission test at the spot.
  • Admission fee: Rs.19,000/= (It is also waived off till September 15, 2014)
  • Security Fee: Rs.19,000/= (Refundable)

Required Documents for Admission are:

  1. Two passport size photographs of the child
  2. Copies of parents' CNIC
  3. Copy of birth certificate of the child (NADRA / GOVT)
  4. School Leaving Certificate / Report Cards (if applicable)

Fee Structure

  • Playgroup / Nursery Class Level to Class VIII: Rs.13,445/= (all inclusive)
  • Class IX: Rs.17,625/= (all inclusive)
  • Class X: Rs.17,885/= (all inclusive)
  • Class XI: Rs.18,175/= (all inclusive)
Classes will commence from September 15, 2014.

Comparison of Bahria Town Lahore School and Beaconhouse School

  1. It is very difficult to compare these schools with each others. Bahria Town School is just an 8 years old and its main purpose is serve the community within Bahria Town. It, obviously, can not ignore those residents who can not afford to pay heavy school fee. Secondly, it is in process of making yet. Moreover the influence of Malik Family as well as of residents keeps on affecting the system - both positively and negatively. If the present management of school (specially Mr Saleem Kashmiri) keeps staying there for few more years, its standard and quality of education will get significantly improved. Bahria Town School fee structure is almost 1/3 of Beaconhouse School. Bahria Town School had a plan to have separate classes for boys and girls. If they succeed in their plan, it would be an important edge over Beaconhouse which has only coeducation in its Bahria Town Premier branch. As per Ms Zara of Beaconhouse School's statement, they have a plan to have separate classes for boys and girls later on but as per my understanding it is not possible in near future.
  2. As per policy Beaconhouse School does not offer pick and drop (transport) facility to students. There is a serious problem to get the services of good teachers for Bahria Town. Bahria Town School has made its team now but Beaconhouse School would face difficulties in it as well.
  3. The course / curriculum is same for both of these schools.
  4. I understand that Beaconhouse School shall have to work hard to attract the students. It should have offered some special package in monthly fee for this years' students. They are depending upon Bahria Town Management only who is sending text messages for promoting their school.
  5. Beaconhouse school issues course outlines to its teachers while Bahria Town School depends upon the subject teacher about it. These course outlines are developed by senior and experienced team.
  6. After understanding all these factors, Bahria Town branch of Beaconhouse will take at least one year to make adjustments and become fully functional in new place and atmosphere. It is a an opportunity for Bahria Town School to understand the competition and its requirement.
  7. I think that other schools like LGS, CITY School etc would also be working to open their branches in Bahria Town Lahore.

In short, the opening of Beaconhouse branch in Bahria Town Lahore is highly beneficial for the residents of Bahria Town Lahore as they will be having alternate / option for education of their kids. It also will create jobs for the residents of Bahria Town Lahore. People who are interested in teaching and other school related jobs may contact the office but (as per policy) they are not taking any staff of Bahria Town School, Lahore.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Load Shedding Problem, Unit Rate Of Electricity and Living in Bahria Town Lahore

In order for me to take an informed decision whether to own a house in Bahria Town Lahore, I would request Bahria Town Lahore residents to please share their experience of lifestyle and particularly:
  1. What is the per unit charge for electricity in Bahria Town Lahore?
  2. Where it is claimed that there is no load shedding?
  3. If it is in slabs, please mention the slabs particularly high end users who have 1 or 2 or 3 ACs in their homes.


Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 07:53 PM PST

Dear Khalid Sahib,
In my opinion the Lifestyle is simply amazing. You can hardly find any parallel to it in Lahore.
Electricity per unit rate is Rs.12 flat in normal hours and Rs.18 flat in Peak hours (5PM to 11PM).
Yes, Practically no loadshedding in Bahria Town Lahore. The electricity shuts down for a minute or so when shifting from / to generator is done.

Khalid replied on Thursday, August 14, 2014 09:59 AM PST

Thank you Kaisrani sahib for your valued comment.
"youme Azadi" mabarak to all fellow Pakistanis.

Visitor replied on Thursday, August 14, 2014 12:24 PM PST

Happy Independence Day to every Pakistani, and nice to see Mr. Hussain Kaisrani comments on this forum after long time. I request him to please keep posting his views occasionally.

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate

The Future of Bahria Orchard Lahore, Its Plots and Villas

Dear Kaisrani Sb, I am a reader of your comments on internet and its always logical. I want to ask that what is the future of Bahria Orchard and especially Bahria Orchard 01 kanal villas. Its original price was 14500000/- and nowadays its ON figure varies about 10~15 Lakh. Please do guide me about following questions. I know it will be guess but your guess will be more logical as you are already in this business.
  1. What will be the price of this 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villas in Dec. 2014?
  1. What will be the price of this 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villas in early next year, when its possession will be given to owners?
  1. What is the overall future of Bahria Orchard project?
  1.  I have an 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villa and have also submitted its ..... installments. Should I sell it or wait for more price gain?

Dear brother .........

Thanks for your email. I am obliged for your comments on my blog posts.
May be you have missed that I do not predict about the future market rates of some property. Property dealers have all the rights of future predictions so they keep on providing future rates and trends.
As you expect guess so we can discuss about the worth (not the rates) of your Bahria Orchard Villa. It is worth mentioning that my previous guess about the rates of Bahria Orchard proved wrong for small investments of my personal family but I decided to wait and hold as I see good future of this project. Having said that I have a firm believe that this project is UNDER PRICED and best buy if one can wait for around 2 years or so.

Now coming to your points.

1 and 2: I do not think that the market rate will have any significant growth during next couple of months. I have no idea on which basis you think that possession would be handed over in the start of next year? We can not be sure unless possession is physically given. You can not rely on Bahria Town Staff's commitments or property dealers announcements in this regard. Yes! When possession is practically given and families start moving there, the rates are likely to increase significantly. It is always better to sell the property after possession if it is not very far.

3. Bahria Orchard is an on ground project of Bahria Town Lahore. The management has already started providing facilities in it which would certainly attract the plot owners to start construction on their plots. As soon as families start moving there, the rates would appreciate. It is a very much under-priced project. One kanal villa rate is even less than 10 Marla house in Bahria Town Lahore. One can say that there is a much difference of location as well. But location importance does vary from person to person. Many people may prefer to live in this area due to their work place or business.

4. You should wait till possession (as you believe it is due in near future) if you can continue paying installments in time. Hope that you understand that possession will only be handed over when all the installments, surcharges, possession charges etc etc are paid.

Updates are available on following posts (December 2015)