Friday, August 15, 2014

The Future of Bahria Orchard Lahore, Its Plots and Villas

Dear Kaisrani Sb, I am a reader of your comments on internet and its always logical. I want to ask that what is the future of Bahria Orchard and especially Bahria Orchard 01 kanal villas. Its original price was 14500000/- and nowadays its ON figure varies about 10~15 Lakh. Please do guide me about following questions. I know it will be guess but your guess will be more logical as you are already in this business.
  1. What will be the price of this 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villas in Dec. 2014?
  1. What will be the price of this 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villas in early next year, when its possession will be given to owners?
  1. What is the overall future of Bahria Orchard project?
  1.  I have an 01 kanal Bahria Orchard villa and have also submitted its ..... installments. Should I sell it or wait for more price gain?

Dear brother .........

Thanks for your email. I am obliged for your comments on my blog posts.
May be you have missed that I do not predict about the future market rates of some property. Property dealers have all the rights of future predictions so they keep on providing future rates and trends.
As you expect guess so we can discuss about the worth (not the rates) of your Bahria Orchard Villa. It is worth mentioning that my previous guess about the rates of Bahria Orchard proved wrong for small investments of my personal family but I decided to wait and hold as I see good future of this project. Having said that I have a firm believe that this project is UNDER PRICED and best buy if one can wait for around 2 years or so.

Now coming to your points.

1 and 2: I do not think that the market rate will have any significant growth during next couple of months. I have no idea on which basis you think that possession would be handed over in the start of next year? We can not be sure unless possession is physically given. You can not rely on Bahria Town Staff's commitments or property dealers announcements in this regard. Yes! When possession is practically given and families start moving there, the rates are likely to increase significantly. It is always better to sell the property after possession if it is not very far.

3. Bahria Orchard is an on ground project of Bahria Town Lahore. The management has already started providing facilities in it which would certainly attract the plot owners to start construction on their plots. As soon as families start moving there, the rates would appreciate. It is a very much under-priced project. One kanal villa rate is even less than 10 Marla house in Bahria Town Lahore. One can say that there is a much difference of location as well. But location importance does vary from person to person. Many people may prefer to live in this area due to their work place or business.

4. You should wait till possession (as you believe it is due in near future) if you can continue paying installments in time. Hope that you understand that possession will only be handed over when all the installments, surcharges, possession charges etc etc are paid.

Updates are available on following posts (December 2015)


  1. Bahria green valley (greens) ka kya future hai sir? map is not coming and rates are massively down.

  2. Dear Ahsan Raza,
    Future ka haal tu main nahin janta bhai Sahib. I have written my views in the launch of this project. Please go through the Recommendations in my blog post on following link:
    Hussain Kaisrani

  3. Sir, I need to know about the non developed plot of Bahria Orchard C Block. There are some area plots are not on ground. Is is safe to invest there. Please note that this specific area is in center of the society.

  4. Sir, I have a same question which Asid is asking. Please advise ass I have one 8 Marla land in the center of the C block close to zoo and monument but not on ground.