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Needing Good Friend?

Every one tries to make a good friend
does not take pain to make him/her a good friend.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

TAHIRA, Quratul Ain

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bahria Town Lahore Sector C and Overseas Enclave A Rates and Updates

Can you tell when BT sector C remaing blocks posseion will be givern from adminstration of BT no reasonable reply i recived.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 08:27 AM PST

aslam Sahib!
Please make it clear in which block in
Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore you are interested to know? Your plot No. etc etc.
Thanks. replied on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 04:06 PM PST

Hussain Kaisrani sahib

You are expert of bahria town lahore can you tell me the approximate rat of my plot in bahria town overseas block A number is 366
(10 marlas).
I will be thankful .

Best Regards

aslam replied on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 08:01 PM PST

janiper block 240 1 k

Fakher-ul-Hassan replied on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 09:23 PM PST

Hussain Kaisrani sahib,

Assalmoalikum! Please tell me the status & Price of my 10 marla plot (464) in Iris block of sector-C of Bahria town. Best regards.


Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:03 PM PST

aslam Sahib!
Your plot (240 Janiper Block
Sector C Bahria Town Lahore) is shifted to (most probably within) Janiper Block. If you are in Lahore, please visit Bahria Town office (in Bahria Orchards Raiwind Road Lahore) to get confirmation and possession. Bahria Town is offering possession in Janiper Block now. I am pretty sure that you will not have any problem in getting an upto date information about your plot if you visit Bahria office. Thanks.
Shakeel Sahib!
Thanks for remembering me. I did receive your email. As you have put your querry here so I am writing my reply on this page instead of sending you an email reply.
I am sorry to disoppoint you that I am NOT an expert of Bahria Town Lahore. I am in learning process so my views should be taken as a student not as an expert.
Your plot (366 Overseas Enclave A, Bahria Town Lahore) is idealy located. Though I am not involved in direct selling or buying but can give you idea of on going rates. Its price is about 16 Lac thought its worth is more than 20 Lacs. Good luck brother!
Fakher-ul-Hassan Sahib!
Thanks for remembering me brother! I am sorry for not being able to provide you any good news. Your plot is NOT an on ground plot and Bahria Town has not yet developed it. You should directly contact Bahria Office for knowing its updated status. I think that it has been shifted to Bahria Orchards. Its price (in any case) is Rs.2 Lac less whatever you have paid to Bahria Town.
===== Courtesy: LRE

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Art Of Loving

Erich Fromm (1900-1980) was both a practicing psychoanalyst and a committed social theorist. He has written many books. Last night I was reading his book The Art Of Loving. Its a small size book but every single word of it needs attention and special consideration. The concepts and clarity about LOVE is main point and focus of the love. He has very rightly made his introductory point:
The first thing we have to learn is that love is an art, just as living is an art; if we want to learn how to love we must proceed in the same way we have to proceed if we want to learn any other art. Maybe here lies the answer to the question of why people in our culture try so rarely to learn this art, in spite of their obvious failures: in spite of the deep-seated craving for love, almost everything else is considered to be more important than love: success, prestige, money, power - almost all our energy is used for learning of how to achieve these aims, and almost none to learn the art of loving.
In last and fourth chapter of the book he says
in order to practise an art, including the art of love, one has to keep in mind certain general requirements. As far as love is concerned, discipline, concentration, patience are needed.
 I was amazed to know his views that one should not FALL IN LOVE but should STAND FOR LOVE. Love is not falling but standing.
Here is a list of his great work:
  • Escape from Freedom (US), The Fear of Freedom (UK) (1941)
  • Man for himself, an inquiry into the psychology of ethics (1947)
  • Psychoanalysis and Religion (1950)
  • Forgotten language; an introduction to the understanding of dreams, fairy tales, and myths (1951)
  • The Sane Society (1955)
  • The Art of Loving (1956)
  • Sigmund Freud's mission; an analysis of his personality and influence (1959)
  • Psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism (1960)
  • May Man Prevail? An inquiry into the facts and fictions of foreign policy (1961)
  • Marx's Concept of Man (1961)
  • Beyond the Chains of Illusion: my encounter with Marx and Freud (1962)
  • The Dogma of Christ and Other Essays on Religion, Psychology and Culture (1963)
  • The Heart of Man, its genius for good and evil (1964)
  • Socialist Humanism (1965)
  • You Shall Be as Gods: a radical interpretation of the Old Testament and its tradition (1966)
  • The Revolution of Hope, toward a humanized technology (1968)
  • The Nature of Man (1968) 
  • The Crisis of Psychoanalysis (1970)
  • Social character in a Mexican village; a sociopsychoanalytic study (Fromm & Maccoby) (1970)
  • The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973)
  • To Have or to Be? (1976)
  • Greatness and Limitation of Freud's Thought (1979)
  • On Disobedience and other essays (1984)
  • The Art of Being (1993)
  • The Art of Listening (1994)
  • On Being Human (1997)
  • Sunday, May 24, 2009

    8 Marla House Price in Ali Block Sector B, Bahria Town Lahore - A Discussion

    Nasir Younas
    House for sale
    Ad TypeCitySchemePhaseBlockPlotSizeRoadDemand(Rs)
    For SaleLahoreBahria townBAli3158606500000
    I want to sale my under construction double storey house(close to 10 marla safari vilas but will be handed over after completion in end of July2009.features are
    1.Quality construction with A class bricks,imported tiles RAK in bath rooms up to roof and in bed room s tiles will be provided
    2. Boti sina fency marble will be provided in the TV lounge corridoor.
    3. ceiling will be provide in entire house even in car porch
    4. construction 80 % completed and it is the best time to see the quality of matrial and work
    5.coverd area 2600sq.ft
    6.Aluminiam windows will be provided
    7.Main doors with solid daiyar wood and other with ply board(can be change as per the client requirement)

    Khawar replied on Friday, May 22, 2009 11:22 AM PST 

    8 marla executive style safari 
    villas are sold from 30 to 42 lakh. how come you are asking 65 lakh for 8 marla. you are asking toooo much. your demand should be 40 lakh.

    Nasir Younas replied on Friday, May 22, 2009 03:45 PM PST 

    Dear Khawer. if you have any double storey house and in Ali block i am ready to buy on your price. send me your contact no.

    Ejaz replied on Friday, May 22, 2009 04:10 PM PST 

    Khawar! Bolo na yaar ab. Just don't throw in correct information

    Nasir! R u a contractor? If not, then why r u selling this house which is still not constructed? Can u post some pictures and H.No?

    Hussain Kaisrani replied on Friday, May 22, 2009 06:32 PM PST 

    Nasir Younas Sahib,
    May be Khawar Sahib is wrong in giving the price but he is right in saying that you are asking TOOOO much for your home which is still under construction. Lets check it:
    Price of plot (on higher side) = Rs.20 Lac
    Cost of 2600 Sq. ft coverd Area (on higher side) = 2600*Rs.1400 = Rs. 36,40,000 Lac
    Your Profit (uncompleted house) on higher side = Rs. 3 Lac.
    TOTAL = Rs.59,40,000/=
    So your demand should NOT be higher than Rs.61 Lac so that you may sell it on Rs.60 Lac if you can find some buyer on this price.

    Its worth mentioning that an on going rate of an under construction 10 Marla 
    Safari Villa with far more better specifications and far better size on 60 ft Road facing commercial plaza is Rs.62 Lac.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Your higher demand does not hurt us. It will hurt your buyer. Thanks for your understanding Sir!

    Nasir Younas replied on Saturday, May 23, 2009 10:48 AM PST 

    Hussain Kaisrani Sahib. appraciated for your advise and i 100 % do agree with you.This house is just situated on the same road where the 10 marla safari villas repair work going on.Ejaz sahib thanks for encourging me i am not a contractor but investor any body can go to the house and check the material, i already mention this is the time to see the construction because later when complete no body can check what was inside only the buyer can see the maked up face.Ejaz plot no.315 next to 10 marla safari vilas.

    Khawar replied on Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:50 AM PST 

    > Price of plot (on higher side) = Rs.20 Lac

    20 lakh for 8 marla is not correct price. One can buy a very good 10 marla in 
    gulbahar block for only 14 lakh. moreover Rs 1400 per sq ft is not right price. builders or investors dont go above 800-900 per sqft (inc. their profit too) by using cheapest material = 20 to 24 lakh. add 8 marla plot for 15 lakh the demand should be 40. even their he is saving few lakh

    Kashif Chohan replied on Sunday, May 24, 2009 04:44 PM PST 

    I am a professional builder and ready to make a similar house with similar location and similar finishing in total cost of 42lakh which includes all my reasonable profit margin.Break up of cost is given below

    Plot cost 15-16 lakh
    Bahria charges 1.5 lakh ( drawing,map approval,utilities etc )
    Construction charges 24-25 lakh ( includes our profit margin)

    Donot deceive the innocent people by asking un reasonable prices.There is a list of many houses in sector B which are not being sold from last many months just because of unreasonable demanded price.
    Courtesy: LRE

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Bahria Town Safari Villas Prices, Sector B and Overseas Enclave C

    Beautyful House for sale
    Ad TypeCitySchemePhaseSizeDemand(Rs)
    For SaleLahoreBahria Townsector B8 marlas7700000
    Bahria Town Safari villas Lahore 8 marlas Corner house for sale,Sector B,3 Bedroom,European Style,Fully furnished,zoo facing, 
    For further detail contact me plz 
    Javed Manzoor 
    vip Associates 

    ASK replied on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 04:54 PM PST 

    The last I heard the price of an 8 Marla 
    Safari Villa was around 40 lac. Has it gone up so much really ???

    Kaisrani Sb. Adil Bhai, you can comment better.

    Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 04:06 PM PST 

    ASK Sahib! The demand and supply ratio has been very much changed in Safari 
    Villas Bahria Town Lahore asBahria Town has given possession of many villas recently. The price is not increased much.

    Brother Javed Manzoor seems to me VERY new on this page. His demand is TOOOOOO high. It has NO relation with ground realities. The price of this location villa should not be more than 45 lac IF it is ready to live. I don't think that it is ready to live. Bahria Town will take at least more 6 months to finalize it.

    Rana replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 08:28 PM PST 

    Kaisrani Saheb

    I am new in this forum but I found you very helpful for others. I have two files of 
    Bahria overseas Category C. One is 2 installment paid and other is one installment paid. Please advise if I should merge the both and keep with me for future hope or should I get ride from both of them in any price offered witch are more them half of my investment.

    Jazak Allah

    Rana replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 08:32 PM PST 

    Sorry Saheb, I didn't mentioned, these files are 
    Lahore Bahria Oversease.

    Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 09:01 PM PST 

    Thanks Rana Sahib for your kind words.
    I do not have any idea about the future but if we see the matter in present situation then I would strongly suggest you to get out from it. I tried my best to find out the location and planning of 
    Bahria Town Overseas Enclave C Lahore but could not yet get any clue. I am of the view that Bahria Town management has not made themselves clear about Category C. Please check if refund money from Bahria office suits you or market rates. Thanks.

    Junaid Gill replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:44 PM PST 

    Hussain Kaisrani sahib. i am regular checking the ads on this fourm.and always i found that you have use full information about bahria town. I am living in Dubai and next week will be back.i want to buy plot or house inBahria town. some my friends are telling that sector b is in full swing. could you please tell me the price of 8 marla plot in bahria town on 40ft, 60ft or double story house but not safari villa.

    Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 11:01 PM PST 

    Junaid Gill Sahib!
    Welcome back to 
    Pakistan. You should have a budget of around Rs.2 lac per marla for Bahria Town Sector B. Double story house will cost you around Rs.42 Lac in 8 Marla size. This is to give you an idea. Prices may be little bit higher or lower.
    Hope to see you in Bahria Town during next week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think that I am able to assist you in any matter. Thanks.
    ====== Courtesy: LRE ======

    UK visa application submission Procedure in Lahore - My Experience

    The process started about a month earlier when I called Gerry's office on phone No. 0900 10411 from a land line. There was an option of calling through all mobile services on 8865 as well. It was not an easy task as I kept on trying for few hours before getting through. When connected all the information was provided very professionally. One can call on these phones from 8 AM to Midnight. The call on these phones will be charged Rs.10/= per minute.

    Almost all the relevant information are also available on UK Visa application Centre
    One can also get latest information on this site. All general information regarding applying for UK visa can be found on How Do I apply?

    UK visa official website has provided a list of prohibited items as follows:
    All applicants visiting the visa application centres must submit to a security search. All personal items such as bags, mobile phones, cigarette lighters, liquids and offensive weapons are prohibited and access will be denied to those found in possession of such items.
    But besides this you can not take with you remote control of Car, Any kind of CD, DVD and stapler etc.

    One should reach 10 minutes before time but it is not so strict over there. If you are getting bit late do not be panic. When an applicant reaches at Visa center a security check is done. After that a token is issue for documents checking. They confirm that form is filled. Photo copy of each and every single paper (including form with photograph and bank statement) has photocopied. If you missed to get photocopy of some document then you can get it photocopied over there but they charge Rs.4 per copy. Photograph should be in proper size and new. If there will be some problem with photograph, you can avail this facility as well.

    When basic checking of documents is finalized you will be asked to go for depositing fees in the bank over there. It is very important that person checking the documents must sign on photocopy of form otherwise bank will not deposit the fees.

    After depositing the fee one need to go upstairs in a hall where application is properly packed and some coding is made. The important point here is to get a token from the main hall gate. Some people come in and just sit. After some time they realize that they don't have any token or number. There is always a Que every where.

    After getting the documents finalized in a bag the process of biometrics starts. This is done in same hall but one has to get another token for it. Biometric is very simple process of few minutes when finger and thumb impression are taken digitally and a photograph. When this process is done a receipt is given for collecting the documents and passport.

    I was amazed to see the staff and their working. They were so professional and helping with smiling faces that all the long process did not bothered me.

    Practical points:
    The fee, rules and regulations keep on changing so must visit UK Visa application Centre for latest and updated information.

    This process may take few hours so please take some eatables, drinkable as there is no availability of these requirements. If you have kids with you then take chips, biscuits and juices for him along with toys etc as time passing with kids is a serious issue.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Bahria Town Lahore Sector C

    Dear Hussain Kaisrani Shahib

    I'm interested in Bahria Town, Sector-c and will appreciate if you can provide updated info on the following:

    1- In secor-C, which blocks have been completely developed? Any home being constructed in these blocks?
    2- What are the price range for 10-M and 1-K plot in the developed blocks?
    3- How secure is the investment in Bahria Town for oversees Pakistani?

    My time frame for home construction is about 2-3 years.

    Hussain Kaisrani replied on Thursday, May 14, 2009 09:11 AM PST

    Dear ........ Sahib,

    Salaam and Thanks for remembering me.

    A. Following blocks are either developed or in process of finalizing development. The term "completely" developed can not be applied on any project of Bahria Town. It is always under development (generally) for the betterment. The first six blocks are almost in final shape.
    The construction in Gulbahar block is significant but will be witnessed in very near future in following first 6 blocks. Bahria Higher Management confirmed me that the owner can start constructing their homes in first 6 blocks.

    1. Gulmohar
    2. Gulbahar
    3. Jasmin
    4. Tulip
    5. Chambeli
    6. Janiper
    7. Irus
    8. Nargis

    B. You should have a budget of Rs.16 Lac and Rs.30 lac for good quality plot in good located block for 10 Marla and 1 Kanal respectively. For getting confirmed rates please contact Adil Saeed Sahib as my information regarding updated rates is limited and it is only to give you general idea.

    C. Fully secure investment without any doubt. Rates may increase or decrease as it is, of course, a business. 
    Courtesy: LRE

    Saturday, May 02, 2009

    The balloting of Awami Villas Bahria Town Rawalpindi

    The balloting of Awami Villas Bahria Town Rawalpindi is held on May 01, 2009 while the balloting of Awami Villas Lahore has been postponed which is likely to be held on August 14, 2009. Though it was not properly announced by Bahria Town but All of those villas were cancelled which were less than 8 installement paid. Their information centre on Toll Free Number 0800-00100 also confirmed it.I was trying to get some proper information regarding cancellation of Awami Villas Lahore and its location etc. It is very kind of Bahria Town Customer Care Officer that they at least replied me about my queries. These are being reproduced here:
    Dear Mr Hussain

    Asallam o alikum, 

    Kindly find the answers to your queries you sent us in your last e-mail as below:- 

    1. Please inform me whether my villa is being constructed or at least where will its location exist. Its worth mentioning that I am a regular writer on Bahria Town, its projects, plannings etc. You may visit my blog in which I have also discribed my meetings and interviews with Malik Riaz Hussain Sahib. The purpose of writing is that do not give me only stories. If you have any real information which can be varified then please pass on it to me.

    A) Awami villas, Lahore are to be constructed at our recently launched project at Raiwind Road named Bahria Orchards, Raiwind and as the recentl ballouting to be held on 1st may, 09 for Awami villas, lahore too was postpond. therefore we be intimating you with the new date and venue for the ballouting of Awami villas, Lahore shortly. 

    For further details regarding the Bahria Orchards, Raiwind do visit 

    2. When Bahria Town does not give me any information about any villa (its location, possession date etc) then how can it expects the payments of installments in time. And if I do not pay installment then without sending me any information you are putting surcharge. Please justify it. 

    A) Please be inform you that the Surcharge is implemented against the late payment of installment against one's Registration number of his/her plot which can be confirmed from the due dates of installments to pay off from the updated account statement attached with this e-mail for your confirmation in this regards. 

    However, kindly provide us with your  Surcharge Waive off Request (word document) which is to be is forwarded to our Concern Departmnt for further guidance in this regards.
    3. If I pay all installments then Bahria can give me my villa? 

    A) With the payment of all your outstanding dues you be made eligible to participate in the latest ballouting of Awami villa, Lahore to be held shortly. If you be the successful applicant in the latest balloting then an intimation letter be sent to your existing address within due course of time. So keep your fringers crossed and we wish you good luck! 

    Thank you and meanwhile should have any query regarding the same feel free to contact or e-mail us.