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Tips and Guidance for Construction of your dream home in Lahore Pakistan

  1. The construction of your dream home – Part 1
  2. The construction of your dream home – Part 2
  3. What does Gray / Grey structure mean in construction? What is included in GRAY STRUCTURE and what is NOT?
  4. Latest House Construction Cost, Rates and Estimated Time of Completion in Lahore - Pakistan (Updated on November 05, 2014)


(Please NOTE that following rates and information are of 2009)

Labour Costs only in DHA Lahore

Rs 140 to 185 Per Sq Ft Covered Area. Boundary walls and garage etc cost extra.
Best house labour contractor is Mr Shafi 03224418638 or 03334206144

Electrical work

Rs 10 to 15 per sq foot covered area. Best Electrical work is done by Mr Ilyas 03004057753

Plumbing work

Rs 12 to 18 per sq foot covered area. Best ploumbing work is done by Mr Farooq 033344787963

Best steel is Model Steel 1/2 inch 40 Grade Rs 54000 per ton
Best steel is Model Steel 1/2 inch 60 Grade Rs 56000 per ton
Other low quality steel bars are sold as low as Rs 50000 per ton. You risk losing lot of money due to improper wighting and cheating by many other dealers.

Best dealer is Basra Steel on Walton road, Lahore

Bricks Rs 3350 to 3500 per 1000 for Awaal.
Best Dealer is Khalil 03224050244 or 03004335892

Sand is Rs 7 per Sq foot for Ravi and Rs 13 for Chanab Sand.

Bajri Rs 30 Per Sq foot to Rs 32 Per sq foot
Best Sand Bajri dealer is Mian Building Meterial 03004994824

Cement DG 330 t0 333 Per Bag
Cement Mapleleaf 335 to 338 Per Bag.
Best Cement dealer is Ch Zaheer 03018431731or 03028431731

Ch. Mujahid Yasin (CMY)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 01:28 PM PST

Sir can you please advise in Defence who sells the best quality / price bricks? cement, steel and what are the on going LABOUR rates - any details would be appreciated.

CMY replied on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 03:53 PM PST

Kamran sahib this information is for DHA Lahore area only.

Who sells the best quality /price steel?
Basra Steel at Walton road is best with quality weight and is little higher in price. Lower priced guys cheat you in weight and your net cost will be much higher.

Who sells the best quality /price bricks?
Khalil 0322-4050244
Faisal 0321-4221404

Who sells the best quality /price sand or crush?
Mian Building Material 0300-4994824

Who sells the best quality /price Cement?
Ch Zaheer 0301-8431731

Who is the best quality /priced Plumber?
Farooq 0333-4478796

Who is the best quality /priced Electrical work?
Ilyas 0321-4287225

Who is the best quality /priced steel grills?
Ijaz 0321-4287225

FAHD replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 02:47 AM PST

I want to share some useful information with my fellows who what to have some idea about construction. First of all i want to mention here that all the information i would be sharing with u people is based on the personal experience as last year i started the construction of my 1 kanal house in dha phase 5.

1 year back we negotiated the contract for labor on 150 per sq. ft only for civil work.

But being a lay man at that time about the construction we missed some points as in this rate they dont included the contruction of boundary wall, spectic tank, under and over ground water tanks. construction of shades on the windows, khacha floors etc. if i add all these expenses then rate becomes 195 per sqt.ft instead of 150 per sqt.

So my brothers the idea behind telling u this thing is that obviously contractor would be charging for these things but u should clear them before and specially ask for them as usually these are hidden things we dont bother about at that time.

About electricity rate we went for lump sump contract @Rs.75000/-(each and every work like pipe fitting in the walls and roofs, stwitch and back box fittings, wiring, light fitting etc).

About sanitary again we went for contract Rs 75000/- (all sanitary work like sewerage lines , wash and kitchen water points, fitting of all sanitary fixtures, water supply pipeline, gas pipeline and contactions)

Wood work @ RS.250000/ (All doors with wardrobes in 5 bed rooms and two kitchens)

I would say that u should hire separate contractors for electric and sanitary instead of joint contarct.

In the end i want to conclude my discussion here by saying that u cant define overall per sqt. ft rate as it purely depends on the fixtures u r using e.g u can buy one wash room tiles @ Rs. 200000/ and in the same price u can easily have 4- 5 wash room tiles. so its relative question deepened upon the taste and buying power of people, one cant generalize. u can complete ur house in 1200/ sqt and u can also do it the same in 2500/ sqt.ft.

About brothers who wanna want to go for turn key contract please should take into account this particular fact and go for detailed contract about deciding each and every detail.(type of material used in finishing)

khan replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 04:25 AM PST

Great input Mr.Fahd. What about the managment.Did you have a professional like architect or some friend/relative who supervised that work for you. How about the time line. Did the contractor meet that. How to ensure the work meeting the promised/agreed time line.

irshad replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 09:23 AM PST

dear Fahd
very detailed info and nice picture of construction. can you please tell that in the contractor's cost of 195 per sq foot electricity bill of 75000 and sewerage bill of 75000 was included or not.

CMY replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:03 AM PST

Thanks to Fahd bhai for detailed post. His info is 100% accurate and rates are same currently too.

I hired a civil contractor at Rs 135 per sq foot covered area. Basement is at 175 per sq foot covered area. Boundary wall, main gate , shades, septic tanks, water tanks, garage floor, floor on street are not included in price. My contractor is a great person with a lot of experience in dozens of houses constructed in DHA Lahore Sui Gas phase 1 Valencia etc. He says he cant afford new contracts under Rs 150 per sq foot and for basement Rs 185 per sq foot. His Name is Shafi 03224418638 and 03334206144. I would recommend this guy to all friends. A good person should be referred to every one in my opinion.

I would suggest some cautions for new house builders. When they unload bricks make sure they don't leave gaps in brick being unloaded to increase the count. Don't ever buy bricks from trolleys on road sides.They guys cheat you big time in count and quality buy giving you lower rate. Buy bricks from kiln owners or their agents. Never pay advance money to these guys until you get the bricks of the quality you were promised. They unload first three four loads of good brick than start cheating you. Change brick supplier immediately after first bad bricks supply.

Dont buy steel from small dealer or from Badami bagh. These giys cheat you big time in wieght. Buy steel from largest dealer in DHA called Basra steel.

Dont buy cement from small dealer. Their cement is OLD and most of the time wiegh less and they charge you for carriage too if you dont ask them from free carriage. Buy cement from larger dealers. They get fresh load from factory and have warm cement most of the time because their circulation is too much. Larger dealer give you best rate and carriage is included too if you order 100 bags min. Best cemenet is Maple leaf and 2nd best is DG cement. There is largest cement dealer on Ghazi road near airport infront of Devine center. His name is Ch Zaheer. His is the least expensive and is mainly dealer of DG but also will give you lowest rate for Maple leaf too. When ever a large cement dealer tells you a rate chances are you can get Rs 5 less than the rate you are told.

Try to give min advance amount to grills maker plumber electrician wood worker aluminum worker etc. They guys do disappear with your money if you give them large advance or give you hard time and delay the work for many days. When you give advance to any guy take a receipt and must check their NIC and try to get a copy. Do a written agreement for things decided.

Khan bhai a watchman and a supervisor is must needed and pay is responsibility of owner. A watch man should be paid 7000 to 10000 and supervision pay is from 10000 to 15000. Supervisor buys all the supplies and keep the work in rhythm.

Irshab bhai Rs 75000 each for plumber and electrician is not includer in construction contractor. Its separate from civil work contractor.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)

CMY replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:35 AM PST

I need help of friends that bought the wood and marble recently. I have done very little research for these. Lets help each other and share your experience and knowledge.

Best steel is made by "Model Steel".
Best Anti termite treatment is done by "FMC Corp".
Best Cement is made by "Maple Leaf".
Best Paint is made by "ICI".
Best electrical plastic pipe and fittings are made by "Popular"
Best electrical wires are "FR Cable"
Best plumbing pipe and fitting are made by "Dadax". Dont use Turky made pipe and fittings or you will get leaking complaint latter.


Thank you especially to CMY.

All noted with GREAT THANKS from everyone.

Please advise which is a good place to buy Bathroom Tiles, Flushes, Tiles, Taps etc etc

Also CMY Sabib what are you estemating your per SQ FT cosnt will be Approx [I know it depends upon Mateial etc].

(Ahmad) Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 02:06 PM PST

Salaam CMY!
After reading recent posts of brother CMY, I can easily predict (though I NEVER announce predictions) that he is entering in construction business as well. After getting these minor details and information he should not have any problem in constructing another home.

I agree with CMY that a good person should be referred to every one. I want to recommend a very nice person Mr. Mubarak which deals in grils and related work. He has a good aesthetic sense and committed person with his clients and work.
Mr. Mubarak can be contacted at Ali Steels 03004248977.

M.Yousaf replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 05:56 PM PST

CMY/Kaisrani Sahib:
Any idea about the good carpenters, tile fixers, Aluminum windows/steel windows makers, interior/exterior decorator in Rawalpindi/Islamabad?
I am sure your best guys in Lahore will recommend some good trade persons or they themselves may be having their own businesses in twin cities!

CMY replied on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 06:04 PM PST

Hussain Kaisrani bhai many friends do request us that we enter in this business but we are reluctant to get into this field because its a very tough job. An old man like me with largest belly in town cant handle this type of hardship anymore :). If We ever get into building houses business we will must need help from many good friends like you. It cant be done alone.

Just got this little experience with building my own house (My house is in very early stage so I got no knowledge of wood and marble yet).I wanted to share my experience so far with others. I want to let them know what I learned the hard way. May be some one some where could benefit from it.

Fahd replied on Thursday, April 23, 2009 02:02 AM PST

First of i want to thank all my brothers who appreciate my this know in pakistan ,very few people have the courage to appreciate some body input.

I would start from answring some questions my brothers ask here.As Mr kHAN asked about the managemengt control i personally supervised the whole project as i have spare time these days.we hired an artichet Mr .perviaz mughal,his office DESIGN ZONE and is located in L Block, DHA. He is true professional with over 16 years of experience on hand. he provided all the drawings of civil work,electricity points, lay outs for wash rooms and bedrooms, drawings for marble and tile fixing, false celing etc.

As for as time line for completing the project is concerned typically 1 kanal house take atleast 12 months to get complted , if the work is carried out without any break. if festivals are coming in between then obviously it would be delayed coz labour come back only when they are fginished with the money (e.g two eids then for sure they would be delay for 1 month).it all depend upon the provision of material(noo delay should be occured from ur side).AS for as delay from contractor is considered , normally good contractors complete the projects in the anticipated time frame but it depends on mutual cooperation.

Mr IRSHAD 195 sqft is exclusive of sanitary and electricity charges.

Fahd replied on Thursday, April 23, 2009 02:51 AM PST

WELL CMY BHai as u asked to share information about buying material especially wood and marble and fixtures i would recommed the follwing places:


Haqeeq Marble and Granite , ATARI Industrail area, Ferozpur road.

The most commonly used marble in the local market here are BOTISENA CREAM and CHINA VERONA.

The rate of marble depends upon its thickness, normally two sizes are therei-e 4 sutar and 6 sutar. 4 sutar material is less expensive as comapred to 6 sutar and the differenece between the prices very much visible.

both 4 sutar botisena cream and verona cast u @ Rs95-125 sqft for sizes up to 1*1 and 1*2 depending upon the lot. some points that detemine the rate here are colour variation, meaurement of size etc.Another problem with 4 sutar is that the shop keeper would sell u this as 1* 1 size but acually when u measue it u would find it as 6 inch less from both ends.i dont know the science but its the norm of market here.

Both 6 sutar botisena and verona cost u from Rs 280 - 350 sqft for the size u want. no matter whther u want 2*2 or 4*4, ACTUALLY it is known as slab material in the market the benefits of getting is no colour variation, actual size etc.


Some of woods that are availble in the market with there rates are as follows"

TEAK WOOD RS 4800 - 5200 per cubic feet.

Diyar Wood RS 1500 - 3000 per sqft
Note (in diyar ther is very big issue of knot and thats why there is so much variation in the rate. Knot free diyar would avaialble in the market nealy @ RS 2500 -3000. I would recommed if ur going for diyar then go for medium grade from which u can easily have fine wood for ur doors but have to compromise some how on ur wardrobes may be u would use it in inner side.I t would cost cost u apprximately RS 2100 -2300.)

ASH Wood Rs 1900 - 2100 sqft. ( unseason is also available even in 1700).

Overall very good wood when it come to its grains, price is also very attractive but one problem is that it shrinks in inital few seaons and sometime doors struck in between.

Maghony Wood Rs 2500 - 3000 sqft.

Latest edition in the local market and so for very few people are using it according my knowledge. but i strongly beleive that this wood has its future.

Beach Wood is also available in the market but i am not in postion of quoting its rate.

The most famous wood dealers in DHA are

Punjab Timber
World Wood

I would recommend u to go for WORLD WOOD ghazi road. The owner is Ashraf sahib very nice person, prices are compartively low than Punjab timber (not much difference). i personally dont recommend for punjab timber rest is left on u after visting both the places make ur own decision.

In my next post i would try put some light on santiary ware etc

(Ahmad) Hussain Kaisrani replied on Thursday, April 23, 2009 08:48 AM PST
Fahd Sahib!
Your post is very useful and informative. Due to this page many people like me have started understanding real estate philosophy but no proper and practical information on construction of home was available. Your input may guide friends of other cities to provide information with contacts of professional sound people in this business. Keep it up please!

There are many solutions of heat proofing being offered in print media ads. If you or any of friend can share his experience in this regard. Any easy and economical solution (without involvement of MISTREE RAJ etc) for my own home (4 Year old) is personally requested.

CMY replied on Thursday, April 23, 2009 01:34 PM PST
Fahad sahib once again your very good info is highly appreciated. It will be a lot of help when I will be looking for wood marble and sanitary ware.

Sajjad replied on Thursday, April 23, 2009 08:15 PM PST
Dear Sir !
Thanks to all gentlemen contributing to this very informative post.
I would like to second Mr CMY's reccomendation for "FR Cables".
I believe this is "Fire Resistant Cable". A few days ago their team came to our office for a presentation.
They gave a practical demonstaration of their product. They put the sample of cable on flames and it did not burn. There was no smoke either. They said their cable can reist fire for 9 hours, while officially they claim for 3 hours resistance. The price of the cable is quite reasonable, not more than a good quality normal cable.
I write here the name and phone number of their representative in case any friend wants to contact him for information or to buy the cable: Mr. Qamar Yasin (0303-482-3705)
Courtesy: LRE


  1. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Thanks for putting up such a valuable piece of info. I'm a freshly graduated architect and was browsing for some detailed information on current construction rates and rates of finishes. Luckily i landed here. Thanks again.

    1. dear have you required false ceiling labour ?

  2. AoA

    A good and informative site. I would like to know some thing relating to construction. Now days there is a trend of white cement coating over plaster. Does any one explain the benefits of this?

  3. AoA

    An informative place. There is a trend of while cement coating over plaster of newly construction. Is there any benefit of this? Please give expert opinion.

    1. I am not an expert as my experience related to construction is very limited.
      As per my understanding, it only makes the paint work easy and smooth.

    2. Anonymous1:09 am

      Dear Salam, The anonymous PHD did not give the cell number of Mr. Naqi. Can you please pass on to me?

  4. Anonymous2:35 am

    Dear Hussain Kaisrani,
    Nice Blog. Now it's end of 2014. Any Recommendation for current prices?
    Or may you please recommend me some trustable contractor for building my house in Bahria Town, Lahore. Please!
    Thanks in Advance

    1. Anonymous3:14 pm

      I am phd in civil engineering and teaching in university since 20 years.I want to share my experience of my life.When i was 25 years old i had constructed my fathe house with labor rate.That period and experience with sub-contractor Mr. Naqi was wonderful.He has completed my all work,He was alone with his labors but i found him one of the best among al in his working method.Then after 15 years of my life i had constructed a 12 marla home in Johar town.I hired a lahore most famous sub contractor Mr. Tariq.He was very cheat,liar and unprofessional as well.I made more than a loss of 100000 rupees even in labor rate.In middle of the project i kicked him out and was very worried.At that time i completely forgot about my 1st sub contractor then my Mother one day remembered me about him.In that time i had taken so many sub-contractors,all were giving me different rates.He was above 60 years of age and I was stunned that he is still doing work.He came to my project and started working on it.At that time he was working with material rate..Whatever he asked i gave him that rate coz i knew about his truth,selfless,professional and reliable personality.I am 100% sure u cant find such people who has no greed in this life and who does their work not for wealth but for passion.He completed my work with best service.I said that you are not better than me but from all civil engineers as his wish was always to be a civil engineer.He has taken all work with material but yet he always came and gave me material rates.And i was always surprised that his rates are even low then market rates whenever i check then rates are only high in which quality is concerned,because he was the guy who really dont compromise in his quality and work and i m recommending you that hire a professional like him as rates and prices does not matter because in the end bad and cheap material and work costs you more.Still he is the one who always asks you before taking any material that whether you want it or not.Now the story ends in an emotional way,i am now above 50 years of age and on January 2014 i need to make upper portion of my home.There was none but one Mr. Naqi so i visited him again,he is above 70 years now & still very energetic and lively,He stood up and embraced me for honour,i was really weeping when i saw him as old man with white beard.He said i dont work now.That was a word which made me cry out then he hold me up stood me with happiness that his only youngest son out of his 4 daughters Mashallah became Civil engineer from uet lahore,a great pride moment for him and his son has taken his farthers company on his footpath of truth,diligence,hard work.I talked to his son and given him my all work with material rate.He came to me day by day and only in couple of meetings i noted he is the second Mr. Naqi in both work,quality and sincere,I couldnt believe that he worked with me like its his own house and was giving me again rates,material qualities,specifications and much more varieties in his products.God has given him his fathers prayers.He completed my all work in 1800 rs/sqft and what a home has he made for me in that price.This looks me very unreal whenever i see other sub-contractors especially in our construction field then there are Angels like Naqvis in this earth.May Allah helps them for their wealth and health.They are working for 30 years in lahore and still they are very normal Haq Halal persons who earn only reasonable profit thats why Haq halals can not buy bunglows big cars and rich life in my Country Pakistan.Alas !!I am recommending you all that these are true Changers whom if u meet only one time in life you will give them work blindly and whenever u ll check them in their work,quality and even market price rates you ll be surprised.I can give you people his son number if you ll want to have any civil engineering related work.As working for complete construction & finishing works you ll not need even to go market for doors,windows & paints.I suggest to hire him even for consultancy in const. or material rates.

    2. Anonymous6:56 am

      Dear Sir,
      I read your article. I am really impressed with Mr.Naqi and his son's honesty & integrity.

      We want to construct our home, so please give us his son’s telephone number so that we can contact him, as we are thinking to hire his services.

      It would be so nice of you.

      Ms. Sana

    3. Anonymous4:54 pm

      dear sir thanks for sharing above,i hope we find him as u describe him,could you pass on his contact details,or ms sana if u hv pls pass on his hv to start house construction soon.thanks n regards

    4. Could any one of above please share with me the contact details of Mr. Naqi and his son ?. My E-mail ID is

    5. Anonymous1:15 pm

      Dear Sir,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. Could you please pass on the contact information of Mr. Naqi and his son for our benefit? We will be highly obliged to you.

  5. Best qualified Architects around Faisal Town Lahore ?

  6. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Hello fellow brothers.
    i live in abroad.i need to build a agrecultural farm house in distt.gujranwala.
    I will be so thanksfull if some one can help me to find a honest contractor and all other
    requirements for building.i am totally new for this field
    thanks Imtiaz

    1. Hi borthers my name is Mohsin Raza i m a Contractor and belong to Gujranwala i m also working some porject in Gujranwal Cantt ans Gujranwala housing city if neend any help plz contcet my GM Nadeem Raza Khalid +92 324 5015874 and Email

  7. Very informative blog.
    Can any one upload rates of various areas of house building in islamabad for today, when 2015 undergoing twilight.