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The School and life in Bahria Town Lahore


Dear All
I am an overseas Pakistani and I am coming back in July next year. I have planned to live in Bahria town purely for it's security. I checked schools in Bahria but could find only one. Can somebody guide me about the standard of the school, as my kids would be going to class 8 & 7 and they both can't read or write Urdu at all, or is there any way they can avoid Urdu as a subject altogether.
Please I need your help and suggestions. I chose Bahria because of it's security only, I am not from Lahore but I want to settle down here
Kindly advice. Thanks to all of you in advance.

Aamir replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 08:26 PM PST

Urdu and Pakistan Studies are exempt for student who have foreign nationality in most schools like beaconhouse.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 08:31 PM PST

Welcome to Pakistan Mazhar Sahib.

You are right that there is only one school in Bahria Town (Bahria Town School) Lahore. It is a good school and many people like me are satisfied with it though some people in Bahria Town are not satisfied with the standard. Unlike UK & USA, parent's/home role in Pakistan is more important than teacher/school in the success of kids.

Bahria Town school offers alternatives (Easu Urdu) for overseas students who are not at home with Urdu. You may contact school office on phone number 00924235341641 or 00924235341643 to confirm it.

Bahria Town Lahore School is also discussed in following posts:

Mazhar replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 08:35 PM PST

Dear Aamir
Many thanks, that's wonderful. Now friends any information about Bahria school, how is it?

Mazhar replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 08:41 PM PST

Thanks Mr. Kaisrani. I posted my reply before I saw your answer. It is truly an excellent website, where you can have so many friends even if you don't know any of them personally. Hats off to everybody at LRE and CMY for providing such a platform

Khan replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 11:04 PM PST

I think this site is fortunate to have people like Mr. Kaisrani, who are willing to invest their time and help others. His advice has always been down to earth. God bless you Mr. Kaisrani. I am your unknown fan.

AG replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 11:32 PM PST

I also have my collection of friends from LRE which includes Hussain Kaisrani.


asim replied on Monday, December 19, 2011 11:47 PM PST

plz dont cum back here in Pakistan

Qasim-lahore replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 01:53 AM PST

good decision,best choice(bahria town lahore).I think according to your circumstances bahria school is best choice(atmosphere &security)wish you best of luck.

Nadeem replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 03:41 AM PST

@ Mr asim, if you don't like Pakistan... its your choice but please don't disheart others. U don't like Pakistan.. please go and live where u like(then eventually we all have to go to another not ending world).

Mazhar replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 04:06 AM PST

Dear friends
I can understand the frustration most of my Pakistani brothers have, but living abroad is not easy as well. One can't imagine the isolation and pain of living away from the loved ones. Even money wise it is not as rewarding as you think. One thing I have experienced myself is, I am a much better Pakistani now than before.
I sincerely thank everybody on this forum especially Mr. Kaisrani and Mr. Aamir.

Asif replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 10:20 AM PST

Dear Mr. Mazhar

Have you considered Askari 10 or 11 in Lahore. I also live outside Pakistan so I am not sure but I was made to understand during my last visit that security in these two housing schemes is also good. You will get a few very good schools near these societies as well.

If there is any reason for not selecting Askari 10/11, please do share since I am also considering to relocate to Lahore and was thinking to get a house in Askari 10.

Imran replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 10:55 AM PST

Mazhar Sahab!

the standard of Bahria town school is just normal.

ddd replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 11:53 AM PST


I fully agreed with mr Mazhar ,living abroad is not easy/if u are earning on the other hand u are loosing a lot,,specially ur home land ,occasions ,and many more,, i am also a overseas pakistani,,living abroad,aerned money but lost much ,,

according to me the people living in pakistan are much better then us,,

i would like to say that if we choose right candidates for govt,its the best country in the world to live for..

any how salam to all

HS, Dubai replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 12:45 PM PST

As long as GCE O level is taken from Pakistan, Urdu and Pak studies are not exempted. refer to http://www.ibcc.edu.pk/. I would also recommend Askari because of its security and priximity to best schools like BHSS and city. A friend of mine from Dubai has family in Askari and they are extremely satisfied with the security and schools are nearby as well. Bahria is good too, but you will have to have a driver + car for schooling if in case u did not choose the school is Bahria.

Tahir replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 01:59 PM PST

Quality and standard of daily life necessities (Schools/shopping Malls) are much better around the area of ASKARI-10 area.

Pardesi, Jeddah replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 02:49 PM PST

Lahore is my love, Jeddah is my wedlock.

Javed replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 02:55 PM PST

The price of 10 marla house at Bahria Town sector-c is about 60-70 lac (20 lac plot price + 40~50 lac construction cost) while in Askari-10 the house price is over 110 lac with poor construction.

Gauhar replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 02:56 PM PST

certainly Askari-10 was secure in past, but robberies & decoities in askari-10 is not a news now a days.as far as schooling in askari-10 is concern,you will have to have a driver for children for school also.

Aamir replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 09:25 PM PST

If your considerations are Education of children and security then consider Paragon City where, LGS,LACAS at present and City School, Beacon house, Islamic school in future will be at 5 minutes walking distance, while living at a secure place.

boss-sk replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 09:58 PM PST

yarrrrr i wil sugest that u should get them admitted in a scholl where environment is open..there should be no burden of studies or u can say shugLi maholl ...i Love my clg 2much jst bcz of this rzn ,,we enjoy so much there...
parhai to ho jaye ge laiken ye time phr nhe aye gaaa nawwwwwwww...:)

Aamir replied on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 11:00 PM PST

@boss-sk: I think that's why you couldn't ever become a boss. Now you have to label yourself by this title.

misaq ali replied on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 12:43 AM PST
bahria town lahore is the most secure & safe place for expatriates even better than any city of europe(specially security & SAFETY OF YOU,YOUR CHILDREN,YOUR WEALTH)
Courtesy: LRE

Saturday, September 03, 2011

A request for guidance to visit France and Switzerland

Dear All,
I am planning for a family trip (2 adult and 2 kids of age 9 and 6) to Norway, Sweden, Paris and Switzerland from London from September 14. The arrangements for Norway and Sweden has been made. But traveling to Paris, Switzerland (or any other country) and then to London is not being finalized due to insufficient information. I will be obliged if some friend can provide guidance/tips for travelling and stay in these countries.
Hussain Kaisrani
London - UK

Shahzad replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 01:01 AM PST

I've been to all these countries. The best way would be to finish your norway, sweden journey and then go to italy instead of france. and from italy go to switzerland.

Reincarnated replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 01:11 AM PST

Hussain sb
Best would be to travel by train. If you had booked earlier then Easy Jet (www.easyjet.com) would be a economical way too. But its rather late for that.

Stick to the trains. Get the ticket from station. Scenic trains in French and Swiss Alps are damn expensive and that means spending lots of cash to get to places like Chemonix (base of mont black) or Zermit (base of meterhorn). It costs about 70 Euros for single train ticket from Geneva to Chemonix. Geneva to Interlaken city is about 60 Euros one way.

Getting a Euro rail pass for three countries would also be a good idea. That would be even economical.

Booking.com is a good web site to look for decent but economical hotels. Although another much cheaper alternative way (albeit an unusual one) would to buy a family tent for about a 100 Euros. And camp at your destination. All cities in Swiss and France have a camping site accessable from train/buss station. Costs about 20 Euros per night to pitch ur tent and all camping sites have clean washrooms and showers. Some of them (like ABC site in INterlaken city) even have anti-rooms with TV and refrigrators also.

When I was backpacking through Europe, I did this (was with friends) and saw a lot of families doing the same which included many Indian families also. Its a much cheaper alternate to hotels.

Of course this is not suitable for all types of families and temperaments. Booking.com would be the other alternative to find a hotel.

Have fun in Alps!

shahid khan replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 11:51 AM PST


Fahad replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 04:01 PM PST

Dear Hussain sb,

Sir make sure that your question is precise. If you want to go to Paris you have four good options, first is Ryan air, the cheapest one, the second best option is through rail eurostar and the third is euroline bus and fourth is covoiturage mean you can share car with some one.On internet you can find covoiturage.com.
In most of the europe étap hotel is best option as the rent start from 30 euros for a couple and if you want to book youth hostel hihostel.com is another best option and you can find a separate room around 40 to 50 euros. Formula one is another nice option but the disadvantage it is alway away from the city. The other option is bed and breakfast hotel is also nice one. From paris you can go to switzerland, in interlaken Bonigen is a nice place to stay. But I will recommend you the eurorail pass and make an advance booking from uk because this is cheap one. you can get discount while visting tourist place in switzeland on this pass. you can search eurorail pass. you question does not show what sort of information do you want. Presently I am living in France and I have visited almost all the europe for my doctorate reseach. you can share any other query. Wish you best of luck and in french Bon voyage. Monseiur damme. Merci

Advise replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 04:09 PM PST

It is very easy to travel from Paris to any where in Switzerland.
At times, last minute plane tickets can be cheaper than train but it may not suit your schedule.
Therefore, i advise to buy train journey.
Swiss train company offer various type of tickets incl. day ticket for all Switzerland and also cheap holiday packages.
Use SBB.ch and you can buy complete package from Paris to Switzerland and back to UK.

BTW.. I live in Bahria Lahore and i believe you also live in Bahria!

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 06:37 PM PST

Dear Brothers, thanks for your guidance though I am still under process of planning so my questions are not very clear.
I have understood the process of travelling from London to Norway. It was very cheap to travel with Ryan Air so I have finalized my booking. I can do the same from Norway to Paris. I am stuck here. How to manage booking of cheap hotels as it is not a good idea to spend much money for spending only nights.

@Fahad, I will be needing further guidance from you. I will be obliged if you can email me your email / phone contact on KAISRANI@GMAIL.COM

@Advise, Yes! I am a resident of Safari Villas,
Bahria Town Lahore but I am in London nowadays. Thanks for your guidance.

Fahad replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 08:32 PM PST

@hussain e mail sent to you sir.
Kind regard

Shahzad replied on Thursday, September 1, 2011 10:51 PM PST

Try hostelworld.com for cheap hotels and hostels. ryan air is the cheapest available option but keep in your mind that ryanair usually operates at the airports that are far away from cities.

Salman replied on Friday, September 2, 2011 02:49 AM PST

Try www.kayak.co.uk for price comparison

Atif replied on Saturday, September 3, 2011 01:57 AM PST

I visited Italy, Switzerland, and France last year. Landed in Rome and then took trains to all cities of Italy, to Zurich, and from Zurich to Paris. The trains were excellent. As far hotels are concerned, I used www.booking.com to book hotels in all cities across Italy, Zurich, and Paris...bargain details and no issues.

jjk replied on Saturday, September 3, 2011 03:44 AM PST

I don't know how long you will be in Europe, but you have a VERY busy agenda. Sounds exhausting. I prefer to stay in only 1 or 2 places and see them in depth.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How critical is entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities for driving bussiness successfully in global recessionary economic conditions?

Dear All,

I would like to request to give some input in regard to my dissertation project on:

How critical is entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities for driving bussiness successfully in global recessionary economic conditions?
(A case analysis of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan)

Could you please complete the student survey by using the following link or CLICKING HERE:


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.



Hussain Kaisrani
University of Wales (UK)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well done Pakistanis! -- Asif Noorani

On my three official visits to Chennai, I had nothing much to do in the evenings except catching up with my reading and watching the idiot box in the river facing rooms that I was ensconced in at the Madras Club, until I made some good friends. My one big grouse was that Indian TV channels believed that only bad news about Pakistan was worth covering. But soon after I returned to Pakistan and started watching our own news channels more intently, I found, much to my horror, that our own TV journalists were doing the same not just when covering India but also their own country.

Sadly, there is hardly a TV news channel which gives coverage to the excellent work that some charities are doing in Pakistan. No other country in the Third World has so many non-profit organisations that help the downtrodden in so diverse fields and on such large scales.

Everyone, at least in Pakistan, knows about the great job the Edhi Foundation is doing in different spheres – from running cancer hospices and ambulance services (Edhi Foundation has the largest fleet in the world, as the Guinness Book of Records mentions) to providing shelter to battered women and education to poor children. Mr Edhi, who deserves nothing less than a Nobel Prize for Peace, is everywhere despite his old age. Wherever there is a calamity, he rushes to the site to provide help. If an unwanted child is left in one of his centres, he (and his wife, Bilqees) is there to take the infant under his protective wing.

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore is doing a remarkable job too. Most of its patients are poor and unable to pay for the long drawn and expensive treatment provided by the hospital. The model is being replicated in Peshawar.

A state of the art health institution, the SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) and the Indus Hospital are both providing excellent services in the health sector. What is more they don’t charge anything. That goes for the LRBT (Layton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust) as well. I remember an affluent lady who could have got ophthalmic treatment in any country in the West but she opted to have her surgery done at the LRBT, which is cleaner than most private hospitals in Karachi and where treatment can be described as state-of-the-art. Cured and satisfied, she gave a hefty donation to the institution and continues to pay from out of her zakat to the institution every Ramazan.

LRBT has 16 hospitals all over Pakistan, two of which – one in Karachi and the other in Lahore – are the best equipped ophthalmic institutions in the country. There are also 41 community centres where ophthalmic technicians examine patients and decide whether they can be treated as outpatients or are in need of surgery. As many as one-third of all OPD patients with problems of vision in the country are treated in one of the LRBT institutions and one-fourth of ophthalmic surgeries are done in the 16 eye hospitals run by the not-for-profit organisation.

There is no institution that I have watched more closely than The Citizens Foundation. Fifteen years ago, five or six friends from affluent families, who met every weekend, grumbled about the flaws in our country. Finally, one of them said “OK, enough is enough. Either we make a positive contribution to alleviate the miseries of the unprivileged people in Pakistan or we just shut up.” There was a pause and then everyone was convinced that they ought to join hands and work in one field. The one they chose was education, for the lack of it was the main cause of many ills that the country suffered from. They agreed on a target of setting up five schools for children of economically underprivileged parents in the first year.

The goal was achieved and the bar was raised. Today they have as many as 731 schools in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir (also Northern Areas). The fee structure is incredibly low because Pakistanis in and out of the country have been donating generously to TCF. Non-Pakistanis are also impressed with the institution and try to help it in many ways. The well known Indian novelist and columnist Shobhaa De donated more than Rs 50,000 that she had earned through her weekly columns for Dawn, when I wrote to her about the great job TCF has been doing for so many years.

Partnering TCF is the Honehar Foundation which provides vocational training to young men in Karachi. But that’s not the only place that they want to professionally help our youth. Construction on four such projects in smaller towns is on at a rapid pace. My friend, Nighat Mir, who is a member of the foundation’s steering committee, informs me that very soon work will commence on an institute meant exclusively for young women in Karachi.

Moreover, I recently learnt about the Aman Foundation and the excellent work that it is doing. It provides nutritious food to students at lunch time at 10 schools in Khuda ki basti. Patients admitted to the Indus Hospital also get free food which is cooked in the clean and spacious kitchen run by the Aman Foundation staff. The non-profit trust has plans to work in other social sectors too. Going by their past record one can be reasonably sure that they would excel in other fields as well.

Also, in an age when microfinance institutions are under fire, the Akhuwat Foundation has set up a model which should be shown to the loan sharks in the organised and unorganised sectors. They give interest free income enhancement loans to people who are already running very small scale businesses. Since they don’t charge interest their overheads are very low. In Karachi, as many as 1,400 families in the Landhi and Korangi areas have benefited from the scheme. Akhuwat doesn’t have an office. The committee members meet once a week in a school or a community centre, when heads of the families seeking financial help are interviewed. There are only three employees of Akhuwat in Karachi. Their job is to keep a tab on the borrowers and in rare cases help them professionally.

The Karachi chapter is only three years old but in Lahore Akhuwat is much more entrenched. It has been doing a fine job for 11 years. Compared to Rs 1,3m that the Karachi chapter has lent so far the Lahore office has Rs 1 billion in circulation.

All these organisations have their websites which provide much information about their working but there are many more which work quietly and on smaller scales. For instance, when I pass by Café Clifton, near Karachi’s Seaview Township, at 6 am, I find a large number of rag pickers, labourers, sanitary workers, not to speak of women and children, sitting in two separate lines. Each of them gets a paratha and a hot cup of tea. I tried to find out the name of the man who finances the breakfast without fail every day but I was told that he prefers to remain anonymous. All I could gather was that the philanthropist is a Pakistani who has a large business in the UAE.

Many people buy nihari and naan for the poor who sit outside nihari joints. Karachi is dotted with what are more than mere soup kitchens. Edhi Foundation and Alamgir Trust are the ones who run these centres, where curry and naan are served twice a day. In Ramazan the beneficiaries swell manifold.

I was told by Umar Ghafoor, Chief Operating Officer, LRBT, that of the donations that the charity gets, 55 per cent comes from Pakistan and 45 per cent from the diaspora. Similar viewpoints were expressed by people at the helm of other non-profits as well.

I am afraid many people will go for my jugular because I have left quite a few organisations which are providing laudatory services to our people, particularly the ones outside Karachi. But I would only be too happy if my readers would write a paragraph about the philanthropists I have missed out.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Future of PHA apartments / flats in Shabbir Town Raiwind Road Lahore

What is future of PHA Flats Shabbir Town Lahore?
Is it good for investment point of view? 
What is current rental income?
And finally what is an average price of these flats ?

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 03:41 AM PST

PHA Shabbir Town has two types of apartments:
B - Type (6 Marla apartment size approximately)
D - Type (3 Marla apartment size approximately)

Yes! It is a good investment if one has a B-Type apartment. The project is situated on main Raiwind Road Lahore and adjacent to Punjab University Employees Housing Scheme which is now on its final stage of development. Almost all the plots in Punjab University Project are of one kanal and are allotted to Professors.

University Of Lahore is also close by to B-Type Apartments. B-Type apartment has two approaches from Raiwind Road. The project is gated walled community, neat, clean and open as every apartment is a corner apartment. Also each plot has car parking facility as well as direct access to a park. This is a family oriented community.

The monthly rent is around Rs.12,000/= per month for a ground floor B - Type apartment.
Rs.25 Lac is an average price of a ground floor B - Type apartment.

All the utility connections (water, electricity and gas) are available.

D-Type apartment are not attracting investors due to its location and size. Moreover it is not a family oriented community as students are renting out these apartments.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Steel Grills on Glass Windows and Rules of Bahria Town Lahore

Steel grills on glass windows
Dear friends
I want to fix steel grills on all the glass windows of my house in Bahria Town Lahore. Can someone suggest some good workshop nearby and give little idea about the rates.
Does Bahria allow to put these protective grills outside or these should be fixed inside not disturbing the elevation. Tahnks

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Saturday, June 4, 2011 01:18 PM PST

Dear Limu,
Mubarik Ali (Ali Steel Works phone numbers 37592730, 03004248977 and email: mubarik1147@yahoo.com) is highly recommended person though his workshop is not nearby but his work can be seen in all over the
Bahria Town and Sukh Chayn Gardens. Simplicity with quality is his main edge but his rates may be on bit higher side. He is a professional and takes care of his commitments.
Bahria Town allows these protective grill inside but I have seen fixed outside as well which does not generally look good.

INFO replied on Saturday, June 4, 2011 02:09 PM PST


limu replied on Saturday, June 4, 2011 07:58 PM PST

Hussain Kaisrani sb, thank you so much for the info, you have always been very helpful.Would you recomend someone living in Bahria to go for such protective grills ?

@INFO, do the rates include painting charges also?

Khan replied on Saturday, June 4, 2011 08:22 PM PST

I second the recommendation of Mr.
Hussain Kaisrani. I took lead from him and got help from Mubarak of Ali Steel. I found him a rare specie. He is forthright and a satisfaction to deal with. I liked his tough bargaining stance which comes only from those who know what they are talking about.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Sunday, June 5, 2011 03:04 AM PST

Thanks for your kind words.
I know many homes in
Bahria Town where Mubarik Ali Sahib's work can be checked. I am afraid that owners of these houses will not like it. you have seen my home in Ali Block and you can check my home in Safari Villas. It is now locked as my family is visiting UK nowadays but you can see the grills. The best option is to contact him directly. You may give him my reference if needed.

@Khan, Nice to hear from you about Mubarik of Ali Steel.

limu replied on Sunday, June 5, 2011 04:12 PM PST

Thanks a lot Kaisrani sb, i will do as suggested.

Amar replied on Sunday, June 5, 2011 06:43 PM PST

Dear All above,Mr.
Hussain Kaisrani, Mr. Limu and Mr. Khan,
I live abroad and nowadays planning to develop my 10M plot in Overseas Block Lahore. Would you please be kind enough to guide in the following: Please note that I would have all the construction done by someone trustworthy and well known to me.
1. Map approval - Does it require POA in the name of a person in Pakistan for seeking approval of Map from BT management. And also, how the procedure goes on. Let us assume that the drawings are made and are to be submitted.
2. Is my presence required for the earth breaking stage?
3. Would I be required by BT management for any other process during the construction?
4. What is the present price structure in BT?
5. How long (approx.)would it take to build a 10 marla double storey house?
6. Since it is corner plot, I saw a small cut in the drawing on corner of two roads. I am told it is as per bylaws of BT. Do I have to give away this much land for the corner for smooth flow of traffic?
I hope to be enlightened with answers of above questions. Would do a great deal of relief.
Allah bless you and best regards,

AG replied on Monday, June 6, 2011 03:14 PM PST


1. You can get your house design done by BT Design Studio or an Architect of your choice.
2. If you use an outside Architect the design will be reviewed & approved by BT before you submit it to Town office for approvel.
3. You can authorise a contractor or any other person to deal with BT on your behalf. You don't need to be at site during the construction.
3. Chamfering (Cut) on one corner of plot is a standard practice in all societies. You don't give away any land. It is for beauty & convenience of the house.
Construction cost varies from 1200/- to 1600/- PRs/Sq.Ft depending upon your choice.
5. A good contractor can complete your house in 6 months.


Khan replied on Monday, June 6, 2011 05:00 PM PST

Mr.AG is fairly realistic,except for the completion period.I can not imagine if a house can be completed (livable) in six months. He apparently is talking about gray structure ie skeleton ( not livable). The finishing may take another year easily. It is very important that you or some one who is going to live in that house, like your begum, should be actively involved in that stage. Spending money is an easier part of house construction. Difficult part is the financial and construction management which includes different contractors. You may not like, but most of them are very hard to manage.If you are authorizing your some relative to manage it on your behalf and you are sending your "easy earned" money, be very very careful.And be willing to face serious conflicts and misunderstanding. You may think that you and your relatives are different, but it is not so.They are all the same. As they call it " you have been warned". Allah bless you in your project.

Amar replied on Monday, June 6, 2011 08:01 PM PST

Dear Mr. AG & Mr.Khan,
Thank you for sparing some time for my queries. Points from both of you have been noted well. Mr. Khan is right about the difficult part of finishing in a house building. I would somehow manage this hardship of dealing with contractors as well as relatives. I have personally seen such incidents where brothers do not speak to each other after being involved in similar monetary activity.
I would have another question about chamfering(cut). Can I install the main gate of the boundary wall on this chamfer? Is is allowed by BT?
Thank you for you input.

khan replied on Monday, June 6, 2011 11:39 PM PST

no doubt its a gud scheme all aspects ..
Disadvantage is that too far from main road .
It will take around 8 year to develop/
we can say gud scheme but on bad location so
prices will not go to0 high after development and possession coz to far from main road.and also have doubt that water problem will arise.
rental income will also be low.

AG replied on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 02:42 AM PST


I feel proud of Pakistanis like you who dare to warn their brothers of the evils in our society & guard their interests. Well done.
May Allah (SWT) bless you.


Length of the chamfered part is usually not enough for the main gate.
You can have a small gate at this location, if you like to.

--------------- Courtesy:
Lahore Real Estate

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lahore Property Rates Update From Lahore Real Estate May 30, 2011

DHA Allocation Files Prices
DHA Lahore Phase 5-Ext File Sellers At 25.75 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 6 10 Marla Allocation File Sellers At 27 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 6 1 Kanal Allocation File Sellers At 38 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Allocation File Sellers At 23 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 8 1 Kanal Allocation File Sellers At 34 Lacs

DHA Lahore Phase 7 10 Marla File If Sellers At 17.50 Lacs
DHA-8 Lahore Ex Parkview 1 Kanal Allocation File Seller(S) At 19.60 Lacs
DHA-8 Lahore Ex Park view 10 Marla Allocation File Seller(S)At 13.25 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 9/10 Allocation File Buyers At 15.20 Lacs.
DHA Town Lahore Phase 9 Five Marla Affidavit File Seller(S) At 9 Lacs.
DHA Town Lahore Phase 9 Five Marla Allocation File Seller(S) At 9.30 Lacs.
DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Extension 1 Kanal File Seller(S)At 6.60 Lacs.

DHA Phase 5 Plots Prices
Block A 70 Lac To 115 Lac
Block B 72 Lac To 120 Lac
Block C 85 Lac To 125 Lac
Block D 90 Lac To 135 Lac
Block E 105 Lac To 135 Lac
Block F 115 Lac To 145 Lac
Block G 90 Lac To 130 Lac
Block H 90 Lac To 125 Lac
Block J 75 Lac To 110 Lac
Block K 88 Lac To 115 Lac
Block L 68 Lac To 100 Lac
DHA Lahore Phase 5 2 Kanal Min Rate = 200 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 300 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 5 1 Kanal Min Rate = 68 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 145 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 5 10 Marla Min Rate = 52 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 78 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 5 5 Marla Min Rate = 32 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 40 Lacs

DHA Phase 6 Plots Prices

DHA Phase 6 Block A 58 Lac To 82 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block B 65 Lac To 85 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block C 50 Lac To 75 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block D 55 Lac To 65 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block E 50 Lac To 58 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block F 52 Lac To 62 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block G 63 Lac To 82 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block H 65 Lac To 83 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block J 62 Lac To 80 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block K 62 Lac To 75 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block L 60 Lac To 78 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block M 58 Lac To 67 Lac
DHA Phase 6 Block N 48 Lac To 68 Lac
DHA Lahore Phase 6 2 Kanal Min Rate = 150 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 200 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 6 1 Kanal Min Rate = 48 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 85 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 6 10 Marla Min Rate = 40 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 55 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 6 5 Marla Min Rate = 22 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 27 Lacs
Facing Golf Facing Park Large Roads Facing Boundary Commercial And Graveryards Could Have Higher Or Lower Rates.

DHA Phase 7 Plots Prices

DHA Phase 7 Block P 42 Lac To 55 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block Q 35 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block R 48 Lac To 58 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block S 43 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block T 36 Lac To 47 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block U 36 Lac To 47 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block V 36 Lac To 50 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block W 45 Lac To 55 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block X 35 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block Y 34 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 7 Block Z 30 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 7 DHA Lahore Phase 7 1 Kanal Min Rate = 30 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 58 Lacs
DHA Phase 7 DHA Lahore Phase 7 10 Marla Min Rate = 23 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 25 Lacs

DHA Phase 8 Plots Prices
DHA Phase 8 Block S 40 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block T 43 Lac To 57 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block U 42 Lac To 55 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block V 38 Lac To 60 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block W 56 Lac To 65 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block X 41 Lac To 50 Lac
DHA Phase 8 Block Y 38 Lac To 45 Lac
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plots Against land or militery files 1 Kanal Min Rate = 38 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 60 Lacs
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 2 Kanal Min Rate = +15 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 25 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 1 Kanal Min Rate = -6 Lacs & Maximum Rate = + 12 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 10 Marla Min Rate = +1.5 Lacs & Maximum Rate = + 2.5 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 5 Marla Min Rate = +1 Lacs & Maximum Rate = + 2 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 2 Marla Commercial Min Rate= -.50 Lacs & Maximum Rate = 0 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 4 Marla Commercial Min Rate= +8 Lacs & Maximum Rate = +15 Lacs Above Booking Price
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Installment 8 Marla Commercial Min Rate= -2 Lacs & Maximum Rate = Level Lacs Above Booking Price.

DHA City Lahore Prices
DHA Lahore 5 Marla Plots Available at 1.5 Lac loss on Paid Amount To DHA City Lahore
DHA Lahore 10 Marla Plots Available at 1.5 Lac loss on Paid Amount To DHA City Lahore
DHA Lahore 1 Kanal Plots Available at 3 Lac loss on Paid Amount To DHA City Lahore

DHA Rahbar Lahore Prices with development charges
DHA Rahbar Lahore 5 Marla = 8.5 to 13 Lacs
DHA Rahbar Lahore 8 Marla = 15 to 17.5 Lacs
DHA Rahbar Lahore 10 Marla = 18 to 24 Lacs
DHA Rahbar Lahore 1 Kanal = 35 to 45 Lacs

DHA Lahore Homes Prices
Two Kanal Old House RS= 350 Lacs To 475 Lacs
Two Kanal New House RS= 500 Lacs To 750 Lacs
One kanal Old House RS= 145 Lacs To 180 Lacs
One Kanal New House RS= 200 Lacs To 300 Lacs
Ten Marla Old House RS= 80 Lacs To 100 Lacs
Ten Marla New House RS= 120 Lacs To 145 Lacs
Five Marla Old House RS= 50 Lacs To 65 Lacs
Five Marla New House RS= 65 Lacs To 80 Lacs

State Life Lahore Phase 1 Ready Plots Prices
One Kanal RS= 26 Lacs To 42 Lacs
Ten Marla RS= 20 To 27 Lacs
Five Marla RS= 15 To 18 Lacs

State Life Lahore Phase 2 Not Ready Yet Plots Prices
One Kanal RS= 7.00 Lacs To 11 Lacs
Ten Marla RS= 5 To 6.5 Lacs
Five Marla RS= 3 To 3.75 Lacs

HBFC Lahore Ready Plots
One Kanal = 30 to 40 Lacs

Engineers Town Lahore IEP Ready For Houses W All Utilities( Best Buy )
Engineers Town Lahore 10 Marla = 12 to 15 Lacs
Engineers Town Lahore 1 Kanal = 17 to 27 Lacs
Engineers Town Lahore 2 Kanal = 28 to 40 Lacs

NFC Lahore Phase 2 Lahore (Plot Prices Without Development Charges)
One Kanal RS= 5 Lacs To 6.50 Lacs
One Kanal 100 Feet Road RS= 7 Lacs To 9 Lacs
One Kanal 150 Feet Road RS= 16 Lacs To 22 Lacs
Ten Marla RS= 3 lacs To 5.50 Lacs
Five Marla RS= 2 Lacs To 3.75 Lacs

Central Park Lahore Current Prices With Development Charges Included.
Ten Marla Non Possession = Rs 6.50 Lacs To 8 Lacs
Ten Marla Possession = Rs 8.5 Lacs To 14 Lacs
One Kanal Non Possession = Rs 12 Lacs To 13 Lacs
One Kanal Posession = Rs 16 Lacs To 28 Lacs
Two Kanal = Rs 35 Lacs To 45 Lacs


Bahria Nasheman Lahore Current Prices With Development Charges included.
5 Marla Possession = Rs 8.75 Lacs To 9.75 Lacs
Ten Marla Possession = Rs 11.75 Lacs To 12.75 Lacs


Bahria Town Lahore Plots Prices
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 4 Marla Commercial Plot Prices From 18 To 24 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector C 5 Marla Commercial Plot Prices From 35 To 47 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 8 Marla Shaheen Commercial Plot Prices From 75 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 8 Marla Safari Commercial Plot Prices From 32 To 34 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector C 8 Marla Commercial Plot Prices From 63 To 68 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector A 1 Kanal Plot Prices From 32 To 37 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 1 Kanal Plot Prices From 40 To 50 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector C 1 Kanal Plot Prices From 24 To 40 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Overseas Enclave 1 Kanal Plot Prices From 34 To 40 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector A 10 Marla Plot Prices From 19 To 22 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 10 Marla Plot Prices From 22 To 25 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector C 10 Marla Plot Prices From 12 To 21 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Overseas Enclave 10 Marla Plot Prices From 15 To 23 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 8 Marla Plot Prices From 13 To 19 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 1 Kanal House Prices From 130 To 160 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 10 Marla House Prices From 62 To 72 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 8 Marla House Prices From 48 To 52 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Safari Villas 8 Marla House Prices From 42 To 48 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 5 Marla double Story House Prices From 36 To 38 Lacs
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B 5 Marla Single Story House Prices From 25 To 28 Lacs

Valencia Town Lahore 1 kanal Prices
Valencia Town Lahore 5 Marla = 18 to 23 Lacs
Valencia Town Lahore 10 Marla = 27 to 35 Lacs
Valencia Town Lahore 1 Kanal = 40 to 55 Lacs

Wapda Town Lahore 1 kanal Prices
Wapda Town Lahore 5 Marla = 26 to 32 Lacs
Wapda Town Lahore 10 Marla = 35 to 48 Lacs
Wapda Town Lahore 1 Kanal = 50 to 85 Lacs

(Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lahore Real Estate Market Direction May 2011 (CMY)

(This article is written by CMY of Lahore Real Estate)

Lahore property market is expected to be sluggish for next 3 months. We saw good gains in past 3 months in DHA 6 7 and 8 Bahria town and many other schemes in Lahore. But next three months please dont expect any gains at same pace as this is a slow time of the year for property market. During this period buyer stop buying due to new taxes talks etc. Buyers want to wait until the budget is announced before making any new investments. Buyer don't take chance cause their investments can lose big if some thing funny is announced in budget. Also very hot weather in May June make it impossible for many buyers travel to Pakistan for vocation etc. Also this year there are 95% plots in market that are on baina. If blood shed starts prices can lose big. Until now no major concerns yet but people are getting very worried as buyers are extremely hard to find. Also many baina deals are getting into trouble due to plot location changes. People are getting relocation letters for much worst location than their current plots. So If a plot is on baina a relocation kills the deal. A new much cheaper worst location plot come to market for sale. People are getting plot relocation for DHA 6 DHA 7 and even DHA8. I got calls from people that got relocation letters for their plots in DHA 8 U and x blocks. All 2 kanal plots in X block MAY be turned into Commercial plots. May be all 2 kanal plots will be turned into commercial. If you remember well before DHA 8 ballot and map released I have strongly suggested here on LahoreRealEstate.Com that on DHA6 MB side part of DHA 8 DHA admin should make all commercial plots of large size. It means all 2 kanal plots should have been made commercial plots. This could have earned DHA billions more and could have added lot of value to DHA6 and DHA8 plot holders because this area would have 6.6 KM long 500 feet wide blvd with small and large business in Lahore. This could have been the largest commercial hub in Pakistan. DHA Lahore still have time and could do map change. May be they are trying to catch up to my this idea now . Just kidding.

Think about it DHA is going to get only 1.4 crore for residential 2 kanal plot and same 2 kanal commercial plot with 500 feet open space in front of it will get DHA above 7 to 8 crore each easy.

DHA Lahore Phase 1 to 4

I believe DHA phase 1 to 4 have seen their growth. Most people that come to DHA Lahore dont want to make a house in DHA Lahore phase 1 to 4 as they dont want to move from their old Mohalla to another new Mohalla type setting in DHA phase 1 to 4. Roads are smaller in DHA 1 to 4. Utilities are not under ground in DHA phase 1 to 4. There are just too many cables/wires poles transformers in each street. So people get turned off dueto these things. They dont want to spend two crore on a new house plus plot and still want to have a pole or transformer in front of their houses. Also if you make a new house in DHA Lahore phase 1 to 4 chances are house next to you or in front of you and on back of you will be in bad shape because it was made 15 to 20 years ago. People want to see brand new houses on all their house sides so they prefer DHA 5 or 6 for that one very important reason. DHA phase 1 to 4 prices will gain in future but DHA phase 1 to 4 prices will rise at slowest percentage conpared to DHA 6 7 etc as they have already gained well by now.

DHA Lahore Phase 5

Price of blocks F G E D have seen a lot of rise and is priced at most in all current DHA Lahore phases. A little more growth is still possible in A B J blocks of DHA 5 due to opening of Lahore ring road interchange between now and July 30 2011. For people with lot of money blocks F G E D are highly recommended to start new house today. If you have less budget than go for A B J blocks of DHA Lahore phase 5 or go for best location plot in DHA Lahore phase 6 B H J C G blocks in same budget of DHA5 worst blocks. For commercial investment you can still make a new investment in DHA 5 commercials plots and they are much better than DHA 1 to 4 commercial.

DHA 5 Extension

Recently DHA Lahore have given 100 acres of DHA Lahore phase 5 extension land to Askari 11 for expansion of Askari phase 11. Lot of prime land have gone to Askari 11 from DHA 5 extension area. If DHA Lahore still have enough land to accommodate DHA 5 extension all files than its the best possible options for people with 25 to 30 lacs budget. DHA 5 ext is far better than DHA 7 very weak location plots in Z block near Ganda Nalla that cost under 30 lacs. If DHA Lahore dont have enough land in DHA 5 extension area than file holders are likely to get plots in best area of DHA 9 on upper side of DHA Town Lahore phase 9. Plots there in DHA 5 ext will also have good value but not as good as if they were close to current DHA 5 on back of Askari phase 11. We have no control or knowledge of what DHA have in mind or thier plans in future. We have to change our projections or plans and advice with changing situation. We only buy and sell properties and cant force DHA or Bahria or Eden management to do some thing or not to do some thing.

DHA Lahore Phase 6

DHA Lahore phase 6 is a Jewel of DHA Lahore today and after 1 to 2 years not only it will be priced at highest level or at least at equel footing of DHA Lahore phase 5 it will be the best choice of every new house builder as DHA Lahore phase 6 have best town planning. Have largest and most parks. Have largest commercial areas. Have most leveled land. Have largest golf course in Pakistan. Have best most modern school in Pakistan. Have largest DHA public school. Other phases will never match the infrastructure size and look of DHA phase 6. What DHA have done in DHA 6 is never going to be done in other new phases of DHA Lahore.

DHA Lahore have become smarter and want to make more money in future phases. DHA Lahore is going to make more 5 to 8 marla plots than 1 or 2 kanal plots. As the people with low budget pay installments more easily on timely bases and generate more transfers revenue etc for DHA Lahore daily running budget. For example DHA 8 one kanal plot was sold at 55 lacs. Same one kanal peice of land was sold in 5 marla plots at 19.50 lacs each. DHA got nearly 80 lacs for same one kanal land when they sold 5 marla plot. Now people with 55 lacs are having hard time to pay 4.5 lacs installments every 3 month. But people that hold 5 marla plots are making all installments on time at 1.5 lacs every 3 months. So future DHA Lahore phases will not have large plots or parks or schools and other major facilities like golf course stadiam etc they have in DHA 6 today.

For budget of 75 to 85 lacs you should go for DHA 6 B H J block. For budget of less than that you should buy plot in C D G and than L and M . On last you should go for F G and N block. If you have 45 to 55 lacs budget instead of buying a very weak location in DHA 6 you should buy plot in DHA 7 R or P blocks.
Current rate of DHA 6 is 45 to 95 lacs. 45 lacs means near boundary or facing village or graveyard plot and 95 means a corner plus facing park plot in A B or H block. 2 kanal plots on 150 feet roads are now selling at very high price and a pair of one kanal will save you lot of money in case you want a 2 kanal plot for your dream house. Commercial 4 marla plots on MB now cost 2.15 to 2.5 crore. I think back side of MB commercial are better choice for new investment at 1.05 crore to 1.15 crore.

DHA Lahore Phase 7

DHA Lahore phase 7 blocks R S T U Q have maximum development work done. DHA Lahore have recently started to relocate plots from pockets or litigation area in all blocks of DHA Lahore phase 7. Normally this relocation thing is a final step for handing over possession of plots. We are waiting for DHA lahore admin to announce the possession of DHA Lahore phase 7 R S T Q blocks and possibly P and U blocks within this year. DHA Lahore Phase 7 V W Y Z block plots are now under rapid development. All people that have plots on pockets and litigation areas may be relocated to clear plots within next 1 to 3 months. To make a new house in upper part of R and P blocks is the best part. For low budget of 35 to 45 lacs I suggest you buy a plot in T or U block instead of Q block. If you own a plot in upper part of W V or lower part of X block you must visit DHA7 asap and think about selling your plot asap as there are some pockets of land or village that are not in possession of DHA Lahore at this time.

Blocks Z and Z-1 plots near W block , Plots in lower part of W near 150 feet road, Plots in Upper part of U and T , Plots in Q near S 100 feet road, Plot in S near Q 100 feet road Plots in upper part of R or P are the best places for maximum investment gains or for making a future home on best possible location

DHA Lahore Phase 8

DHA Lahore phase 8 town planning have disappointed many current holders. This phase was darling of most people but since town planning map have come out people are able to see many villages and graveyards and high tension power line and electric grids stations in this map and the plot holders are now loosing faith in this phase 8 of DHA Lahore. Land is too deep in most part of DHA8 and can cost 33% more to build a house here on very deep plots. Any new buying should be done with extra care. Your new plot should be away from villages graveyards high tension lines or boundary etc. Please call me on phone before you finalize any deal in DHA Lahore phase 8 to make sure you are getting a right plot at right market price. Installment plot purchase on 5 to 10 lacs profit in DHA8 is a wrong thing to do here today in my opinion. If you hold more than one plot on installment in DHA Lahore phase 8 please consider to sell it to lock the gains before they disapear. With payments of each installment all plots on installments are getting less attractive to buyers. Block W an T plots nearest to Broadway are most sought after. In my opinion people should also consider much cheaper plots on back of 2 kanal plots in X W T or even S block of DHA8.

DHA Phase 8 Parkview Files

There are hardly any transactions in Parkview files in market. Location is not known for plots and ballot date is also not available. Sellers are very few and same time buyers are extremely hard to find here. Until location or ballot date or location is not announced a sale or purchase in Parkview files is not recommended. If we get a good location this could be a big lottery. If location is in front of LSE on Berki road it could still be worth to hold Parkview files. New buying is not suggested but hold to files you already own until location is announced.

DHA Lahore Phase 9

DHA Lahore phase 9 is a good long term investment for people with budget under 20 lacs. Constant supply of new files with not many new buyers have kept price lower for past few years. We think DHA9 price will fall to 15 lacs plus minus Rs 10000. Best time to buy a DHA 9 file will be last two weeks of June 2011 as currently there are no buyers in market due to new taxes fear politicl situation and hot weather effect. Not many buyers like to come to Pakistan in this hot weather with lot of load shedding here etc. DHA 9 is a good long term investment. Ballot could be reasonably expected within next 2 years time as last major ballot was held 1 year ago and miltary officer benifit plots need a major ballot every 3 years. And plot in DHA 9 Lahore will not be ready before 5 years time in here.

Air Avenue Lahore

A good place to make a 10 marla house. For one kanal you could get much better choice in DHA6. There is a large village next to it. Make sure your plot is not near or facing village. Not much gains are expected in Air Avenue Lahore from current levels in near future. Try to buy only DHA transfer letter plots to avoid trouble in starting a new house.

Parkview Lahore DHA

Also a good choice to make a house. People looking for 2 kanal plot should prefer this over DHA5 or DHA6 as most 2 kanal plots are on great location. One kanal plots must be bought after making on site visit as many one kanal plots either too close to villages around Parkview and facing towards those villages. There are also litigation and possession problem in Parkview. In my opinion you must pay DHA Lahore Rs 650 and get a verification done on each plot in Parkview before making deal final. This will save you from lot of headache. Also in this phase please please dont pay left over merger fees or dues on behalf of seller. Let the seller pay them and you pay full amount only after transfers.

State Life Lahore Phase 1&2

Phase 1 of State life is highly recommended for new investment gains or to make a house for people with budget of under 45 lacs and if they want to start their house today. Dozens of houses in State Life phase 1. Many dozen peole living there in State Life Phase 1. We recommend that you avoid State Life 2 new plot purchase. Please dont fall for merger with DHA Lahore line from few State Life dealers. It is possible to have a merger in future but ratio of merger will not be in your favor. DHA will never ever de value its DHA 5 ext or DHA 9 files to lowest level of State Life phase 2 price of just 7 to 10 lacs. You should be smart enough to figure out what ration will be used for merger. I think it will be min 3 to 1. There are serious issues in SL management these days and land is not enough and not in single piece either. Just too many small pockets same like in phase 1 of State Life Lahore.

Divine Gardens Lahore

A best choice for people that want a house on installments and also want to enjoy a location in middle of City of Lahore and DHA Lahore. A best choice for pilots air hostess and other airport staff. A gated safe place to live with all facilities available 24 hours a dat. Only houses are available here. Development wok is in full swing and some houses hand over will start from Dec 2011. One on the most modern best located housing scheme in DHA Lahore Cantt area. Houses are extremely hard to find from resale market. 10 Marla are now good only If you want to live there in next 2 3 years. 5 Marla are best choice for new buying for investment or living purpose.

DHA Rahbar Lahore Phase 1

Yes this a true DHA scheme of Pakistan rangers. Not run under DHA Lahore but is run and supervised under Defence housing authority. DHA Rahbar phase 1 could have possession this year. Price is still low and one day its price will be higher than Valencia in future. Safe for living or investing. Please buy plots away from Ganda Nalla.

Park view Villas Lahore Multan Road

A good safe scheme for very low budget people. You can buy a 5 marla or 10 marla plot here and start building your house today. Scheme is fully developed with all utilities. Location is very very good as its on main Multan road and right in front of DHA EME sector. There is a great chance in future this scheme may get merged into DHA city Lahore. You can have 24 hours transport service and do have good schools in your reach in DHA EME Lahore from here and can do all your shopping in DHA EME sector from Parkview Villas Multan road Lahore.

Lake City Lahore

Well developed and large size project that is fully developed and ready plots are sell in here at very low price compared to Bahria Town and Sukh Chayn etc. Lake city Lahore is developed better than Sukh Chayn or Bahria Town and better than even DHA. Over 500 houses under construction or near completion here. Your money invested here is safe in my opinion. Money invested here will give you most return when work start of southern loop of Lahore Ring road. There is an interchange planned near of Lake City Lahore.

NFC Lahore Phase 2

Very low priced. Have all needed land. Have a boundary wall in place and development work is on going on site. Have very good approach from Main Multan road and canal back road. Very next to Bahria Town sector C. One day in future chances are it will be connected directly to Bahria town Lahore so you could enjoy all the benefits of Bahria town as well. This is a long term investment. Please dont buy a plot here if you dont have a holding power for 3 to 5 years time.

Bahria Town Lahore

One of the most beautiful well developed well kept well protected housing scheme in Lahore. A best place to live with all facilities that are un matched by any other developers. They have the best parks best schools best hospital best cinema best shopping mall and best mosque in that area. In my opinion plot prices in Bahia town Lahore are still very low for ready plots and may see a lot of rise from current level. Too many house under constriction in even sector C and overseas block. Bahria town will see tremendous growth in price when southern part of ring road is completed in next few years.

When you are buying a plot in Bahria Town It is strongly suggested that you buy a ready for possession plot only. We dont recommend you to buy a file in Bahria town because there could be un expected map changes or extra development charges in future etc.

Central Park Lahore

Great location at current very low price. Good approach. Many houses under construction. A good buy for investment gains or to make a new house. A ready for house plot of one kanal can be had at near 20 lacs. With all under ground utilities and location on main Ferozpur road this is best choice for new investment or for living for low budget people.

Pargon City Lahore

Very good location that is just 5 minutes away from Lahore airport. Many blocks are ready for possession. Dozens of beautiful house and commercial building are under construction in here. Best Lahore schools like LACAS etc are functioning in Paragon City Lahore. In some location even possession plots were changed recently in here. Buy only a possession plot and after you buy a plot you must build a chardewari on plot to be 100% safe as there could be more than one person claiming same plot as your plot. Map changes are common and causing lot of trouble so a ready for possession plots are the only plots that are recommended to Lahore Real Estate clients.

Formanites Lahore

Almost every person that have invested here have major major headache right now. Not able to sell any plot as no buyers in market here. No development work in past 5 years and new extra development charges even for possession plots etc is causing too much trouble for people invested in here. There are many complaints of extra allotments than available land. Some one called me recently on unknown phone numbers (No caller ID) and told me he is from NAB and said NAB is after Formanites and scheme may be taken by NAB soon. If that is the case people invested in it get their investment stuck for a very very long time.

I am proud to say Lahore Real Estate never sold a single plot to our clients since we opened this business and I am happy for this and sleep well at night for this reason.

Bahria Nasheman Lahore

Bahria Nashemen lahore is loacated on Ferezpur road in front of Central Park Lahore(Main entrence of Bahria Nasheman is 300 meters away from Main Ferozpur road)

Bahria Nasheman Lahore is fully developed ready for house construction today. You can buy or book a plot today and pay only half of total amount and you get the possession to start your house today.

Bahria Nasheman Lahore mosque Zoo park are under development and Bahria Town is pouring in lot of money in this scheme beautification so they can make it a model scheme to show and sell other bahria town projects on Ferozpur road in future.

Bahria Nasheman Lahore has all the utilities. You dont have to wait years and years to get a ready plot to start your house. here you can build your dream house today.

Bahria Nasheman Lahore have 24 hours transportation. You can reach it from Kalma Choak (a true current city center of Lahore)in 15 20 minute on bike car or public transport and reach here safely at any time of 24 hours a day. Ferozpur road is not deserted or dangerous to travel at night like Raiwind road/canal road/Sui Asal road where robbery chances are much greater every single night when its dark. Living in safe society is important but its also important that you reach that safe scheme safely during any time of 24 hour each day. You cant afford to land in your safe scheme in helicopter and you cant afford to have security guards with you in your car each time you travel out of your safe schemes.

In future all private and Govt schemes will be developed around Ferozpur roads as no other cheap enough land is available along canal road Multan road and Raiwind road. Bahria Nasheman Lahore and Central Park Lahore will be leaders in that area and will get populated much faster due to easy access to central Lahore and DHA Lahore. Please don't forget 1/4 of Lahore is now DHA Lahore and all good jobs shopping areas schools colleges universities and restaurants are in DHA Lahore. Most people work in DHA and for them it much easy to reach from Ferozpur road than Multan road Raiwind road caanal road etc.

Bahria Nasheman Lahore current map plots or scheme is just a show piece of Bahria town. They have huge other lands in area to extend Bahria Nasheman and luanch other new project by serveing them from Ferozpur road Bahria Town Nasheman office.

Last week Punjab chief minster signed deal with China to for Lahore Mass Transit Project worth 1.75 billion dollars. This rail service will run on main Ferozpur from 2-3 km away from Bahria Town Nasheman to Shahdara Lahore. 7 km stretch will be under ground. Construction on this project will start this year as china is funding 85% of this project. This project will be completed with 2 to 3 years and will change the future of all current Ferozpur Lahore schemes.


Dear friends since past few years I am begging you to first try to buy only in DHA Lahore. If you cant afford or don't want to live in DHA than I requested you again and again to buy on ground plots. With Bahria Nasheman Lahore you get ready plots at a very cheap price.

DHA City Lahore

DHA City Lahore is a project that us run under supervision of DHA EME sector. DHA EME and DHA Lahore are separate organization and both are under watchdog of Defence Housing Authority.

People that have booked plots in DHA City Lahore are very uneasy these days. They are heart broken and some very angry and thinking they were robbed of hard earned money with using of DHA Lahore name. They disparately want to know location of DHA City Lahore. DHA Lahore admin is still not willing to announce the actual location of project. Transfers are also not open yet so there is not buying selling possible in DHA city Lahore at this time. I have 300 plus sellers of DHA Lahore that want to sell plots at 1 to 2 lacs on paid amount but none of the buyers in DHA City Lahore as there is no transfer allowed yet. I dont want or recommend you selling or buying a plot on stamp paper sale deed alone as It could cause major headache for me or the buyer if seller fail to show up transfer. Transaction in DHA City Lahore will be possible only if transfer is open.

I believe 5 marla or 10 marla plot price may improve or could go in profit 'IF' DHA City Lahore admin does allow transfers or disclose its actual location. People are joking DHA City Lahore is not making a missile site here so they should disclose the location because half the amount is already paid to DHA City Lahore. Expected location is near Parkview Villas Multan road but I want DHA City Lahore to officially announce the location. Once they announce it price of 5 to 10 marla should get better but one kanal plot holders will be big looser as booking price of 37.50 lacs was just too high. Matter of fact 22 lacs higher than DHA9 where an on duty Brig supervise the projects and transfers in DHA Lahore Proper . If you own a one kanal plot in DHA City Lahore you must sell it immediately after transfer are opened or you are at risk to loose more than half of paid amount. 5 marla and 10 marla plot holders are requested to keep their trust in DHA name that they had at time of booking. In DHA things normally move too slowly. DHA is allowing it name to be used so DHA city Lahore got to be a legitimate project. DHA admin come very hard on any person or organization that try to use their name and in DHA City Lahore case thousands of people have invested due to DHA name and DHA should in theory keep watch and supervision on this project. Its simply not possible to keep using DHA name for this long without DHA approval. In the long run 5 marla or 10 marla may win but 1 kanal will still lose in long or short term unless they give extra ordinary locations to one kanal plots holders on future DHA City Lahore map.

If you dont pay installment you run the risk of cancellation If you pay the installments you run the risk of loosing money on open market. Lets hope DHA City Lahore admin come to your rescue soon and announce transfer open or DHA City Lahore location disclosure.

How Can You Help Lahore Real Estate ?

Lahore real Estate is helping you free of cost to make right investment choices. We are trying our best since last 8 years to keep you more updated than 99% property dealers in Lahore. We are taking fear out of you about Lahore property market to invest in better Lahore Pakistan property. We are saving you not millions but billions of Rupees by alerting you about many fake fraud unsafe unwise investments. We don’t run any ads from any developers here to keep this an open and fair place to discuss all property matters. No newspaper & no property website or blog take the amount of risk from developers or loosing business and let you read and write so much truth here, good or bad about developers or schemes etc .

How you can help us at Lahore Real Estate? Buy or sell your property through Lahore real estate at better prices than most dealers and even 30 - 40 years old estates. We strongly recommend our clients to double check the market value of their property from other sources too so they know how much they are going to save by dealing through us but we are also sure enough at same time we will buy or sell your property at better price than market due to our larger network, hard work and honesty. Instead of loosing few thousands to few lacs from a dishonest property dealer offering you lower commission you will get much better price and service from us by paying 1% of settled amount. We don’t give discount in this 1% commission but we save you lot of money that many middle men dealers were going to eat up from your pockets or plots. We prefer to have face to face deals with buyers and sellers. Running an honest business is only possible when I have enough direct buyers and sellers like you. Promise me that you will give us a chance to serve you in future and we promise you to get you best value for your property and buy a plot that is at best safe secure location at best possible market price. We charge just 1% of settled amount and that is not much money to have an honest deal in this very very dishonest market. Any one offering less commission is going to cheat you one way or the other guaranteed.

It dont do any harm to call us also before you buy or sell through any other property dealers. I believe as a long time friend Its my right that you also give me chance to serve your needs in property market where Lahore Real Estate actively deals. No dealer in Lahore is going to serve you free so why not Lahore Real Estate? Your own estate agency in Lahore

At last plz forgive me for my Gulabi English in here. I wish I had more education but fact is I had to leave my education very early age as I had to go for work in Saudi Arabia.

Information provided here on www.LahoreRealEstete.Com is to help you and not to hurt your pocket or investments. If you lose money I will feel bad too. You should confirm above info/research from your own sources and please please dont buy sell any property based on just my research/info for you in this post. You MUST do a lot more research on your own. Please be responsible for your own actions in future after your own research.


Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)