Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bahria Town Lahore Sector F - Is it a good investment?

It is a good project but price wise on higher side. It is a safe and good investment if some one
  1. can not afford to buy a property on lump sump cash
  2. can wait for longer time (at least three years)
It can help to make a compulsory saving as one can save Rs.32 Lac during next two years if (worst cum worst) the price does not increase much. Bahria Town Lahore Sector F is certainly a good option for making a home as there is no chance to get a plot of 10 Marla in this price any where in Bahria Town Lahore after two years. The prices have already gone significantly up after the launch of Sector F.

In case you have cash available then it is not a good investment at all. Also it is not a best option for the people who have limited cash availability and want to get out of it after two three installments.

Location of Sector F Bahria Town Lahore
In Bahria Town Lahore proper (Not Bahria Orchard or Bahria Nashaman etc) installment buying there is no problem of location at all. Only two years ago hundreds of plots were thought bad located (on boundaries etc) and now these are considered very good location plots.
We should keep it in our mind that Bahria Town Lahore is an ever growing project and it has great potential to grow even further so the matter of location does not matter much (in case of installment plots).
As per my information and knowledge, Bahria Town Lahore has already sold almost all of its plots in Sector F before the official launch on Rs.31 Lac (or less) per Marla. Advertisements and announcements are being made in favour of these investor's or dealers.


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  6. KSA replied on Thursday, February 7, 2013 06:10 PM PST

    Hussain Kaisrani sb
    Sir your assesment about Sector-F is very realistic. thanks for clearing the doughts in minds of many people.
    Also, can you please suggest the best investment in Bahria with cash availability of 40 laks.

aslam replied on Thursday, February 7, 2013 11:31 PM PST

is price included development charges ?kindly expedite.

Guest replied on Friday, February 8, 2013 04:12 PM PST 

@Hussain Kaisrani Sahib, Will you please throw some light on P&D Coop Housing Society? They claims to be a PED Deptt Society whereas somepeople say that P&D Deptt has no concern with it. If it is a private society, the how come someone is using the Govt Deptt name so openly and bravely ? Regards

Please visit following post for my review about P&D Fort Housing Scheme, Lahore
Hussain Kaisrani

Arshad Rao replied on Friday, February 8, 2013 04:18 PM PST

Thanks for this type of information.
Its really useful for all peoples

Hope you will guide in future as well.

Sab sai pehlai Pakistan replied on Saturday, February 9, 2013 05:41 AM PST

Thanks for good analysis. I would say for the people who are looking for good investment opportunities and can not afford lump sum payment its a good opportunity to either own a piece of land for construction or investment.


  1. Dear Hussain Kaisrani you are really helping people in your blogs "Jazak Allah"
    i need some kind of information for me and also for others who have invested in Bahria Town Sector "F" Lahore.
    Now a days LDA Warning via Public Notices don,t buy plots in Bahria Town Lahore Sector D,E,F due to these Sectors are not authorized from any institute or Authority.
    Kindly give us your realistic opinion in this regards.
    Thank You

  2. Dear Waqas,
    Salaam and thanks for your comment and kind words.
    Today Bahria Town has made a detail announcement about its legality and status in national newspapers.
    LDA also made these kinds of announcements when Bahria Town Lahore started its projects of Safari Villas (in 2004) and Sector C (2005).
    Bahria Town Lahore has nothing to do with LDA as it is not situated in LDA controlled area.
    I have personally passed through all the experiences which are related to buy, sell, transfer, tax payment, utility connections, construct,leasing from bank (Home financing), map approval, completion certificate of home in Bahria Town Lahore and Registry of property (and any other possible matter related to property) in Bahria Town Lahore.
    During any of these process, there was no need to involve LDA. Instead of LDA, an other authority TMA is always involved in above mentioned matters.
    Meaning it is some game in between LDA and TMA. Practically it has no effect on plots or plots holder. It can only little bit affect to new comers or price of plots.
    By the way all of these Sectors are already sold by Bahria Town Lahore.

  3. hello i need your opinion. i am going to buy 10 marla plot in bahria town lhr. which bahria town project is good for investment.
    bahria orchard or bahria town sector E