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Sector F Bahria Town Lahore - Is it possible to save property dealer's commission

Salaam and thanks for your email.

I am also a salaried person so can fully understand your situation. But we also very well know that we can not get a return without taking a risk.

If you want to avoid property dealers, you can directly buy a plot from Bahria Town but in that case you will book the same plot in Rs.32 Lac. Bahria Town knows our fear so asks to pay more to remain mentally safe and secure.

Your views about property dealers are generally true. In this world of internet and free information, one can easily get all the information before making any decision. If some one can not manage to do proper research and wants to get expertise/services of a dealer then there is no harm in paying him for his time and services.

In case of Bahria Town Sector F,10 Marla plot booking you have only two options:
  1. Buy a plot from any dealer who can provide you a file which clearly mentions the plot rate as Rs.31 Lac
  2. Buy a plot from Bahria Town office directly which will cost you Rs.32 Lac

Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. has changed its business strategy recently. It, now, sells the majority of its plots to investors (they may be property dealers or general people like you and me) on wholesale basis. During this soft booking, investors buy 100s plots on special packages (discounts) from Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. When the project is launched officially then it is upto Bahria Town management, how much booking cost they announce for general public or on retail basis.

No one can change the total price of sale. It is clearly mentioned on the booking form along with installment plan. A dealer or investor may or may not leave some amount from his commission or profit. The down payment (Rs.610,000/=) is same for every one and the pay order is made in favour of Bahria Town Sector F (Meaning buyer's payment directly goes to Bahria Town). And Bahria Town pays back the commission or their profit when the booking process is completed. In this situation you are not paying any thing to the dealer or investor. It is Bahria Town who is paying them. Hope it gives you a clear idea of this business model. 

I have personally booked a 10 Marla plot in Sector F Bahria Town Lahore yesterday for one of my family member on Rs.31 Lac through Adil Saeed of Lahore Real Estate and made the pay order of Rs.610,000/= in favour of Bahria Town Lahore.

Hope you have gone through my review about Sector F Bahria Town Lahore.

Additional Information

Development charges are including in this price. These are for
  • Roads
  • Sewerage
  • Water Supply
  • Drainage
But the utility charges (which are not included in this price) are
  1. Electricity Connection
  2. Water Connection
  3. Gas Connection
  4. Telephone Connection
It is not a transfer but a booking of plot. The procedure is the same whether you buy it directly from Bahria Town, any investor or a dealer. You will submit the pay order and application form in Bahria Town office and will get the copy of your application form along with payment slip (either yours or of the first investor). The only care needed is to check carefully that the application form number is the same as mentioned on payment receipt and the application form copy given to you is signed and stamped. A professional dealer always takes care of these things by himself.

Required Documents for booking Bahria Town Sector F, 10 Marla or 1 Kanal Plot
For booking of Sector F, Bahria Town Lahore plot, you need following items:
  1. ID card copy of buyer
  2. 4 Photographs of buyer
  3. ID card copy of nominee
  4. Pay order of down payment (Rs.610,000/=) 

Hussain Kaisrani

On 19 February 2013 18:02, .................. wrote:
Kaisrani sb
I am writing after reading about you on Web. I am planning to invest in Bahria as a salaried person and opting for a 10 Marla in Sector-F. Being a salaried person, we always have fear in mind about the money we are going to invest. I have heard that Property dealers are always in a mood to loot you. I somehow came to know that there is a margin up to 1 lac for dealers in every deal. It means a 31 lac plot is actually a 30 lac plot. Is it so?
And I was wondering if this price can further go down around <30 font="" lac="">
Looking for your reply.


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