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Lahore Real Estate Market Direction Update January 2011

Its been a long time since we had a long detailed discussion on Lahore property market. In past few months I was avoiding making any posts here because too many people get upset when I say some thing they dint like about a developer phase or scheme they are holding and at same time If I said any thing good about any phase or scheme many people also accused me of trying to increase the prices in that scheme phase etc.

Normally these type of things cheap tricks don't hurt me but since I was too busy in other things and over worked and always gave my fair honest statements I got tired and started to avoid posting here and chose not to post my view as often. People that wanted to have my views either emailed me directly or called my on phone or free skype etc to get info they wanted. But this practice left many good people still searching for basic help in Lahore property market as not many other friends here answered all the posts in time.

Now I have decided to post my views from heart once again and have decided not to listen to just a few people or few angry property dealers that have nothing else to do or contribute in good positive manner here. There is so much info here that any helping person can help a new comer by searching past few post and guide the new person in just 5 or 10 minutes but only a couple of friends did tried to help others. I expected that more and more people should post their views here and help new persons in buying the property in safe and sound schemes. Only less than 5 people that always have very negative view of property market kept posting here. I wonder why they are here on first place. If property is not good investment they should not be visiting this page 30 times a day.

In past 5 years Lahore Real Estate have tried our best to give you best possible investment advice free of cost and without any strings attached even when that advice would clearly hurt our own property business. We tried our best not to deal in unsafe housing schemes. If we just wanted to make money you could have seen us promoting every new project in Lahore like every other property dealer but We tried our best to recommend you only schemes where we could safely invest our own hard earned money. We are proud to date we recommended and only deal in good housing schemes.

Keeping the same honesty in mind today I kept my Sunday off day reserved to help my overseas friends and decided to update you about all good current projects options and places where your money is safe and can have good chance to grow and I want to share with you how I personally feel where should we be standing in next 3 to 5 years. Today before this post I spent 5 hours to get maps ready for you to make thing more clear to you. No one have to agree with my view and no one is requested or forced to invest or not to invest in any of these projects. This post is only to discuss current property market and future expectations.

Lets start with DHA first and than we will discuss Divine Gardens, Lake City, NFC 2, State Life 2, DHA Rahbar,Bahria Town etc. We will talk about best residential and commercial property investments only or for construction.


DHA Lahore Phase 1 to 4
I think this area have seen all the growth and property held in this area for investment or any new investment here don't make any sense to me. With the amount invested here or to be invested one can get twice the return in DHA 6 A B H J C G D or DHA 8 V W or T blocks for residential investment or for commercial property they can get far better return in DHA 6 MB or CCA in DHA phase 5, phase 6 or phase 8. People have already started to move to DHA 5 and some even have started to build 2 kanal houses in DHA 6 to move new much better looking DHA phases. For a new dream house in DHA I highly recommended DHA 5 A B H J blocks that are still low priced compared to F G E D blocks etc. If you have 2 years plus time before you want to move in new house please visit DHA 6 before you start a house in DHA phase 1 to 4. You will feel the difference the moment you enter DHA 6. If you want to move in new house before 2 years your best choice should be DHA 5.

DHA Lahore phase 5
I feel there is enough gain in price of blocks F G E D etc but some growth is still possible in A B H J blocks of DHA 5 as they are going to start rising when the interchange on ring road is opened between April 1st to July 30 2011. For people with lot of money and can afford 1 crore + for plot block F G E D are highly recommended to start new house today. If your budget is 75 to 100 lacs than go for A B H J blocks of DHA 5. If you lass than 75 lacs please dont buy a bad plot in DHA 5 and instead buy a best plot in DHA B H J C G blocks of DHA 6. For commercial investment you can still expect better return in DHA 5 commercials than DHA 1 to 4.

DHA 5 extension
Look at this attached map
Ponit 3 blue area is your DHA 5 extension. Can you see how good this location is?. Its proper DHA project with half the price of its true worth. After ballot this year plot here will Insha Allah start selling at min 40 lacs to max 65 lacs immediately after ballot. This price will include the 10 to 12 lacs development charges too. After ballot this phase 5 ext will be either ready with DHA 8 or well before it because its development was held for very long time due to construction of ring road Lahore. Since ring road is now ready here development can be started here some time during next 12 months. DHA construction company may complete this very small block of less than 1000 plot by itself.

DHA Lahore phase 6
DHA Lahore phase 6 is going to be Jewel of DHA after 3 to 5 years at max. One of the best planned phase with huge parks and largest commercial areas larger schools and Golf course etc not other phase will ever match the goodies of DHA phase 6. What DHA have done in DHA 6 is never going to be done in other new DHA phases. For example please check the size of Parks in DHA 8. Other than one Park all of the parks of DHA 8 will fit into just one park of DHA 6 H block. DHA 6 is far better planned than DHA 1 2 3 4 5 7 and 8. If you can afford Rs 62 to 75 lacs please buy a plot in B H J C G. If you can afford only 55 to 62 lacs please go for DHA 6 F D or L. If you have less amount than 55 lacs I would say instead of going for a near village or facing commercial or overhead tank facing plot please buy the best plots in R block of DHA 7.
Please take a look at this link:

You will notice the Interchange on point A in this map is going to be most used and a center point of all DHA proper phases. The inner circle indicates the best blocks of DHA 5 ext DHA 5 DHA 6 and DHA 8. I believe since B H will have direct approach from DHA 5 so they will be the most sought after for years to come. These block of DHA will also be the first choice for rich people that will want to live close to Airport. Keep in mind first livable decent place that will have best shortest route will be DHA 6 in next 2 months when interchange will open. Between Airport and DHA 6 there are no livable ready for construction plots. Air Avenue and
Park view dont have direct access to ring road so you will have to take a service road back to those from airport and if you coming from air port on ring road you will reach DHA 6 in less time than Air Avenue or Parkview. For commercial plots investment in DHA Lahore phase 6 MB have much better chance to gain than Broadway commercial or any other phase commercial. DHA 6 MB and CCA area going to serve DHA 5 DHA 6 DHA 7 and DHA 8 plus DHA 9-10 as its the largest commercial area in entire DHA and have 6.6 km long line of commercial plots plus CCA and multi billion dollars projects reserve area for commercial high rise buildings in A and N blocks of DHA 6. look at this map again and compare dha 6 MB 6.6 km long red line commercial with a very small sized Broadway commercial area on point 18 in this map.

DHA Lahore Phase 7
DHA Lahore phase 7 blocks R S T U Q area ready for possession. DHA may announce the possession any day now. P block is also under development and will be ready for house this year too. W V X Y Z are having very fast development that recently started. I expect these blocks to be ready June 2012 to Dec 2011. Most price gain is experted in DHA 7 R S T U Q P blocks in next 1 to 2 years. Commercial plots in CCA7 are selling at 70 lacs and in my opinion way over priced and dont have chance to rise until DHA 6 or DHA 8 commercial plots rise first. You do expect people from DHA 7 to be doing buying in DHA 6 or commercial but why would some one from DHA 6 or DHA 8 will drive to DHA 7 CCA?

DHA phase 8
I think DHA 8 installment plots are now very over priced and may loose money in next few months as people are ignoring ground realties that DHA 8 is not developed yet plus has very deep pits in most areas so it will be hard to develop and will cost many more lacs to make a house here with basement. DHA 8 also have too many villages and grave yards in it and have a power line in middle of it. Some foolish people are paying 65 lacs for these undeveloped plots and may loose lot of money in near future. DHA phase 8 best blocks to hold a plot are and T and I think DHA 8 S block with price of just 40 to 45 lacs is far better investment all DHA 7 plots. If one want to buy a plot in DHA 8 he must go for cash plot in my opinion because as more and more installments are paid DHA 8 installments plots will loose their installments factor charm. DHA 8 cash plots do have some room to grow and before you buy a plot here please check with me if that location is good for you or not. No dealer will give you an honest answer like me. I ca guarantee you that.

DHA Phase 8 Parkview files
Price of these file has fallen too low and selling them here dont make sense to me. One kanal file of Parkview is a better buy than 10 marla file. Todate i tried my best to find out if any ballot is going to be held soon but I got no clue from any one. Most people are saying DHA 5 ext ballot will be held first than DHA 9 and DHA 8 parkview ballot may be held togather. Location is not clearly comunicated by any one in DHA. They are not even willing to give a hint but where ever they will give you plot it will insa Allah be worth a lot more than Parkview files are worth today.

DHA 9 Lahore
DHA Lahore phase 9 location importance is very visible here in this map. 98% land of DHA 9 is in possession of DHA Lahore and full or partial ballot will be held some time this year as application from military are being submitted for DHA 9 1 kanal plots for May 2011 ballot. DHA 9 one kanal file plus 10 to 12 lacs development charges make it one of the least risk nd one of the highest rewarding investment in entire Pakistan.Do you remember few months ago 1000s of people paid 37.5 lacs for land cost of DHA city plots. DHA 9 is land cost of 15 lacs less than half of DHA city and DHA 9 is proper DHA phase with a know location. I dont understand why people fail to see these things and ignore good opportunity when they are told about it. People dont want to buy these files when they were at 13.75 lacs but will love to buy when they will cross 20 lacs soon.

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Broadway Commercial
I dont think DHA phase 8 commercial is a good investment any more. Most of Broadway commercial is going to be cut off from lot of traffic from Air port. Broadway commercial was going to be a good option because It was suppose to connect to Ring road or Airport road. But now Its going to have only service road access just like Air Avenue or Park view. I dont expect people from City or Airport now doing shopping on Commercial Broadway. Only people from DHA 8 will do the shopping here in future.Only people that will live in DHA will travel through Broadway in near future. Since there was no ring road so many people were using Broadway for now until dha 6 interchange is opened for traffic. After DHA 6 interchange is opened Broadway traffic will be completely dead until DHA 8 plots are ready.Why how would some one use service road of ring road to reach Broadway as there is no ramp yet to connect that service road to airport.

See this map Red area will be most affected as no direct access to ring road and only a service road will be connected here. Ring road interchange ramp for DHA 8 proper in front of Metro will land in the middle of Red and green area. Ring road interchange is on left of Red area but access will be just above green area. So green area is where some commercial investment could be made keeping in mind since there is no population yet in this area and ring road will cut off Bhatta choak side from Broadway commercial traffic on Broadway will be reduced 90% in next 2 months at max. Poeple from DHA 6 or seven are more likely to use DHA 6 interchange as too many robberies happen on Broadway because for many km you dont see a single house. People would want to travel through populated area and Broadway become practical only after DHA 8 proper is developed and populated.

Other thing I dont like about Broadway is that its in the middle of villages. Why would some one want to rent a multi start building when he will only have old villages view all day from all floors. A good company would want to build a 72 feet high 5 story plaza on DHA 6 MB where he will have a view of good looking two kanal houses. DHA 6 MB on corner have huge plots to serve very large business as well.

Recently dozens of plots that were held by Urban developers were taken of the market from commercial Broadway. Urban developer had bank loans and these plots were taken by bank so recently there was some price increase but it may start seeing decrease soon again if bank start off loading these plots to get some cash.

Air Avenue Lahore
A good small area to build a house today. Dont expect too much gain here on investment but its ok for starting a new house. Try to buy a plot away from very large village next to Air Avenue Lahore. Commercial property here is not going to serve any one buy Air Avenue residents so not much gains expected here either.

Parkview Lahore
A good place to build a new house. Not good for investment as too many village in your view and poor access. Very small area compared to DHA 5 and DHA 6 7.Commercial property here will only serve the residents in Parkview as no good access from any other phases.Avoid plots in blocks closer to Berki road and plots that are in litigation areas.

Other recommended safe investments are:
Ready for house construction. Approach is getting better soon. Many houses and people living in them. Few shops now open. Price is still very low as plot are available under 45 lacs for one kanal.

Divine Gardens Lahore
Only houses here and on installments too.
One on the most modern best located housing scheme in DHA Lahore Cantt area. 10 Marla are now good only If you want to live there in next 2 3 years. 5 Marla are best choice for new buying for investment or living purpose. See the scheme all roads are now developed and 100s house are under construction as off today.

DHA Rahbar Phase 1
A very good scheme of Pakistan rangers. Rahbar phase 1 could have possession any time. Price is still low and one day its price will be higher than Valencia. Safe for living or investing.

Park view Villas Lahore Multan Road
A good safe scheme for low budget people that can buy a ready plot of 5 marla at 11 12 lacs and start construction of their dream house tomorrow. Scheme is fully developed with all utilities.Location is great as its on main Multan road and right in front of DHA EME sector. You can have 24 hours transport and do have good schools in EME and can do all your shopping ion EME sector from Parkview Villas. If DHA city does come on back of it Parkview villas plot holders will hit a Lotto.

Lake City Lahore
Very well developed and good size project. Fully developed and ready plots at very low price compared to Bahria Town and Sukh Chayn etc. Lake city Sukh Chayn Bahria Town and Divine Gardens Lahore are the best looking highest standard constructed projects in Lahore. Even DHA dont come close to these 4. Lake city will be hot hot and hot when phase 2 of ring road is built in future and until than it may rise slowly buit will insha Allah rise from current level.

NFC Lahore Phase 2
Scheme is very low priced and have lot of clear land in its possession with boundary wall around its land. Main boulevard is now complete and looking good. I heard from dealers in the area of NFC 2 Malik Raiz is buying NFC2 plots slowly and that some kind of talks are going on in Bahria town to merge NFC2 into Bahria town Lahore as it have almost same size undeveloped clear land in its possession very next to Bahria town. Bahria town overseas B block is barely 200 yards away and Malik Raiz will love to have the NFC 2 and develop it further. Bahria town is mainly popular in people coming from Multan side and people coming from Motorway so after merging NFC 2 into Bahria town will have lot of land and will have direct approach from Multan road and better approach for overseas B and C sectors. Since Bahira town already have mosque school and other stuff It wont have to spend too much money and time on NFC 2 development. With NFC 2 merged into Bahria town Bahria town Lahore will become much larger twice the size its today.

Bahria Town Lahore
One of the most beautiful well developed well kept well protected housing scheme in Lahore. A best place to live with all facilities that are un matched by any other developers. They have the best parks best schools best hospital best cinema best shopping mall and best mosque in that area. Please buy a ready plot here if you have money for investment. I don't believe in any schemes files any more other than DHA files because DHA files are made against land but other schemes buy land after issuing files for many years so I request you to buy on ground ready plots for construction. In my opinion plot prices in Bahia town Lahore proper are still very low for ready plots and may see a lot of rise from current level. Too many house under constriction in even sector C and overseas block. Bahria town will see tremendous growth in price when southern part of ring road is completed in next few years.

Continued .........

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Which Block in Bahria Town Lahore is best for immediate construction of home?

Dear Hussain Kaisrani sb
Sir i want to make one Kanal house in Bahria Town this year.Plz advice me whick block is better Oversease Enclave,Bahria town A or Bahria town c.If bahria town c,then plz also advise me which block is better for immediate construction.

Cheif Guest replied on Saturday, January 22, 2011 12:24 PM PST

According to my opinion,
Sector B is better. Choose any block near the Safari Villas.

stn replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 11:32 AM PST

Sir only i m interested in above given options.

limo replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 11:51 AM PST

sector c

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 01:36 PM PST

Dear stn,
Thanks for remembering me.

Keeping in view the price of plot and future prospects, I would suggest
Sector C Bahria Town Lahore is the best option. Overseas Enclave A is also fine if the price is not higher than Sector C plot but the location should be close to Sector C instead of Executive Lodges.

The construction activity is on full swing in starting blocks of Sector C. You or your family can better decide where will you be comfortable to live. Thanks.

stn replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 03:19 PM PST

Sir what do u mean by starting blocks of
Sector C.Can u take names of these blocks.Thanks

anwar ahmed replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 03:36 PM PST

mr stn kissrani sahab means
gulbahar, jasmine and gulmahir blocks of sec C

Amar replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 05:02 PM PST

Dear Mr.
Hussain Kaisrani,
It is good to see you on this forum again. Would you please clarify "but the location should be close to Sector C instead of Executive Lodges".
I got concerned because I have a 10 Marla corner plot in Overseas A and it is behind the Executive Lodges.
Would appreciate your response.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Sunday, January 23, 2011 09:24 PM PST

@stn, anwar ahmed Sahib has rightly put the names of block. Blocks are not much important but it is the location of plot within the block which matters. A plot in
Gulbahar Block may not be good for living but a plot in Janiper block close to main mosque area may become more better. When you are constructing your home on one kanal then you should visit the area at least thrice in different timings. One of these visit should be at night. It will help you to make better and final decision.

@anwar ahmad Sahib,
Thanks for making my point clear.

I am always there on this forum though I am living in London nowadays.
There is nothing wrong in Executive lodge area of Overseas Enclave A. As stn is planning to buy a plot for immediate construction of his/her home so I have suggested him Sector C area.
Good luck for your corner plot in Overseas Block A.

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate