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Malik Riaz Hussain, The Chairman Bahria Town

Malik Riaz is a name who has come up really well. Entrepreneurship has itself found new meanings in the personality of Malik Riaz Hussain.

He attributes his success to his hard work and faith in Allah. He recalls his friend who gave him money for investment and advised him to set aside 2.5% from the profit and to disburse the amount as charity. He adhered to that and believes that one cannot imagine how much he gets in return by giving in Allah’s name.

Malik Riaz’s Vision and the determinants of Bahria Town’s Success:
Malik Riaz’s brainchild: Bahria Town has come up well, in fact very well. His vision of “Quality Living for all” has translated into one of the country’s largest housing schemes. Bahria Town stands for:
- Commitment
- Dedication
- Top of the line services

It's easy to forget about political assassinations, fears of loose nukes and the specter of Islamic militancy from a bench in Hill Park. Nestled in an idyllic neighborhood where children play in the streets and homeowners stroll to the local health club or mini-mart, the park and its manicured grass overlook a sliver of a vast gated residential development of the sort you might see in southern California. But the area, named Bahria Town, is located just outside Islamabad. At 45,000 square acres it is, according to splashy international ads, the largest private development in Asia, and despite Pakistan's well-publicized political and security problems, people are signing deals for six-figure houses, condos and apartments faster than they can be built. "These are changing times for Pakistan," says Salman Ahmed Khan, the development's director of marketing and operations, whose main job is to court prospective buyers away from Dubai and to Bahria Town. "Pakistanis are traveling, they're seeing nice things abroad and we want to provide that for them at home."

This unlikely playground for wealthy Muslims is the vision of Khan's boss and father-in-law, Malik Riaz Hussain, a 59-year-old billionaire Pakistani contractor. Set between the capital Islamabad and its sister city Rawalpindi, Bahria Town is the "masterpiece" of his 40-year career, a $6 billion project he has funded solo to avoid having to deal with outside investors. The nine phases: too vast to fully appreciate without standing on one of the plateaus that overlook them, will one day mesh together into a planned residential city for 1 million people. The project broke ground in 1996, and already, many of the 50,000 luxury properties in the development are owned by wealthy Pakistan expatriates who swooped into Bahria Town after 9/11 to buy second homes amid fears they would be driven out of places like London, New York and Los Angeles. Equally important was the security and serenity that Bahria Town provides, which drew Pakistan expats and a smattering of wealthy Arab Muslims away from places like Dubai.

The complex offers amenities (24-hour armed security, schools, hospitals, a fire department, retail shopping, restaurants and entertainment centers) that go above and beyond those in many of the gated communities that have become so popular in countries from the United States to Brazil. Given the nation's security issues, it's especially easy to understand why the rich here want to cloister themselves. Rival Pakistani developers, including one owned by the military, have begun copying Malik Riaz's vision, constructing their own gated communities in the suburbs of major Pakistani cities such as Karachi. He himself is developing a second such site in Lahore, where former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif already lives in a gated community called Model Town.

Malik Riaz's original inspiration for the mega-community came from the pre-planned town of Reston, Virginia; just outside Washington, D.C. Materials and design inspiration have been imported from everywhere. In the center of roundabouts sit giant Spanish fountains costing $500,000 a pop; the main streets are lined with palm trees brought in from Thailand; grass for the local golf course comes from the U.S. state of Georgia; the education expert for the 1,100-acre university being built is from Seattle. "When I see America, when I see Britain, when I see Turkey, when I see Malaysia," Malik Riaz says, "the only thing I think is, 'Why not Pakistan?' "
This is Malik Riaz's key notion—that Bahria Town is a world away from Taliban and Qaeda militants, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and weekly suicide bombings. "This is the real Pakistan," he believes.
Bahria Town has retired Army officers as security advisers and former foot soldiers on its police force. And independent power supply and private street cleaners also save residents from maddening daily electricity shortages in cities like Islamabad and garbage fouling the streets.

Familiar with Re-invention:
Malik Riaz is familiar with reinvention. Although born into a wealthy family, his father's contracting business collapsed, and he was forced at the age of 19 to start his career as a lowly clerk in Islamabad. He remembers vividly, three years later, having to sell some family silverware just to buy medicine for his sick 2-year-old daughter. "I've never forgotten being poor," Malik Riaz says, pointing out that Bahria Town also includes thousands of low-cost prefabricated houses. Still, there's no missing the fact that his dream city is mainly for upper-class Pakistanis who "want the good things in life," says Khan, the marketing manager.

Malik Riaz says Bhutto's death has only increased his motivation to push forward his groundbreaking development projects. He claims that Pakistan's instability has not affected sales at Bahria Town. Pakistani economists like Qaisar Bengali aren't so sure: "There are many housing schemes stuck in the middle because real-estate prices have dropped in the last year or so." Nonetheless, Malik Riaz says he's optimistic about the future.
Malik Riaz himself maintains close ties to the military establishment; his early business success was due in large part to construction contracts with the Pakistan Navy. ("Bahria" is Urdu for "naval.")
But he and others hope the country is at a turning point—one that will fuel private projects like Bahria Town. Pakistan certainly has no shortage of natural resources or cheap labor; now that elections are settled, economists believe FDI will flow back into the country. Investors from the Middle East (including regional giant Damac, based in Dubai) have already been knocking on Malik Riaz's door, looking to put money in joint ventures here. With the return of civilian government and the removal of the shackles of stringent, military-led development, Malik Riaz is free to ponder his next megaproject: digging a traffic tunnel through the Margalla Hills on the northern outskirts of Islamabad, and putting up a new bedroom residential community in the valley on the other side. If he builds it, says the developer confidently, foreign investors will come.

Ensuring Quality with Economy:

Quality is maintain at ‘all costs’, in all designs, across nation-wide massive developments and beyond the customer experience. Bahria Town’s product range contains a fit for everyone, every taste and every pocket. This is why our communities truly depict a balanced community representation.

A Satisfied Entrepreneur:
Generally Malik Riaz is satisfied, yet, there is much more to be achieved, many novel ideas to be conceived, and a great many horizons waiting to be discovered. Bahria Town looks forward to inspire the world more than it inspires Malik Riaz and his fellow countrymen.

Sultana Daku’s Strategy:
Malik Riaz says that he is pursuing the ‘Sultana Daaku’ strategy. He earns from the rich and facilitate the middle income group.

Advice to the young businessmen:
Malik Riaz says that there are no shortcuts in life. You have to work hard, hard and hard. You should learn from your experiences. This is how one can achieve success in life.
Interesting Facts about Malik Riaz’s Bahria Town as narrated by him:

• We operate Pakistan’s largest private sector fleet of heavy earth moving equipment and the service workshops.

• We also have over 20,000 inspired, largest workforce with any private real estate developer

• Bahria Town’s management strategy of hiring highly qualified individuals and of further training them is unique in this industry.

• If we line up the bricks that Bahria Town consumes in a year they will go around the world 5.5 times!

• Largest Private Sector Development in Asia

• Single largest fulfillment house to the yearly national housing needs

• The only housing society in Pakistan with standardized international infrastructure standards

• The first ever housing project in Pakistan with underground provision of utilities and supplies

• The first Company in Pakistan to introduce low cost housing project “Awami Villas” deploying the steel patent pre-fabricated modular structure technology.

• Bahria Town is a self reliant venture which has never sough any government funding for financing its infrastructure and developmental initiatives.

• Bahria Town pays millions of Rupees in direct and indirect taxes. Conducting its business as a progressive corporate member of the society it provides opportunities to many in form of project management and customer driven initiatives.

• The organization provides employment opportunities for over 1,500 local suppliers and creates another 17,000 jobs associated through supply chain network in Lahore and Islamabad.

• 100,000 households are dependent on Bahria Town for their sustenance and development trough direct, indirect and supply chain associated development.

• If the direct indirect employees of Bahria Town are lined up with their arms stretched wide open with the Bahria’s company equipment they will form a line from Lahore to Rawalpindi.

• He is the 9th richest man of Pakistan

• His assets worth $ 800 million.

• He is the first one to drive Bentley car on Pakistani soil

• Bahria Town has been in the forefront during the recent devastating earthquake that struck our nation. Their support and relief teams were among the first few to reach out to the victims

• Bahria Town has been in the forefront during the collapse of Gakhar Plaza Rawalpindi.

• He said that Bahria Town caters to all the segments.. We constructed a lowest cost house for 350000 and maximum for 22 crore.

• He said we people are not sincere with our country. We can pay our debts just by selling 2 sectors of Islamabad to overseas Pakistanis.

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Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore - Living Experiences (Part 1)

(We shifted in Safari Villas Lahore in July 2006 and started sharing living experiences in a series of articles which were appeared in Lahore Real Estate page in the start and were reproduced in many websites. The first part is being reproduced here for information and future record. This article was written in August 2006 - Hussain Kaisrani)

All the friends are welcome to ask any practical question about Bahria Lahore specially Safari Villas.
We are still in the process of setting our home but we have started practical living there. Whenever you have planned to visit Safari Villas, please email me one day earlier along with your contact No. We will be happy to welcome you there. Thanks.

Following are my findings and replies to your questions.

Can any body throw light on Actual living experience at Safari Villas Lahore ie Quality of life? Real life problems?
Thanks for asking Real Life Experiences in Safari Villas. Of Course the experience varies from family to family as every one has ones own back ground. Personally me and my family are enjoying it as Bahria has made daily life very easy and hassle free. No problem of electricity shut down. They only have 5 minutes shut downs if and when needed. Every thing of daily use is available. All kind of work force (electrician, plumber, carpenter etc) is available on your demand. Cleanliness is at its highest level in Safari Villas. Kids parks are on walking distances from all the Villas. Security is amazing. No need of any special locking etc. Even if you are going out of the area for some days a special care will be taken of your Villa without any extra charges. Whatever our daily based necessities are, have been arranged there. Safai Wali, Dodh Wala, Qari Sahib etc are ready to work on less labour than in the city. In short, my wife and two small kids spend their full day without any problem. School bus takes our son (age 4 years) at fixed time and leaves him on door step. In Gulberg, I have to take care of many matters of the house during my office timing.

Education quality at School?
It seems very nice but as it has started recently so I can not make any thing sure at this stage. Also my son has joined it during last week so we have to wait for more time in reaching to some conclusion in this regard. School building and its appearance is second to none in Lahore. The course seems to me very good but how they will manage teaching it is not yet clear.
I am not happy with one thing though it is morally VERY appriciateable. Bahria Town School management decided to open admissions for the students from surrounding villages. Their language and expression are obviously not civilized. I do not know the quantity of these students. If they are in good Nos then atmosphere of the school will certainly be disturbed. I was astonished to hear when my son used abusive language first time in his life. On discussing with him, it was found that he learned it from his class fellow. Besides this he also learnt Jinn Bhoot concepts which are not discussed in our family. I have a plan to see his teacher on next Monday for knowing the reason of these negative learning.

Availability of medicines and specialized medical treatment?
Medical store is also available in the market. I have seen patients (mostly from the villages) waiting for their turn to see the doctor. As me and my wife (both) are Homoeopathic Doctors so we have not much thought to have information about medicine availabilities and treatment. I have a plan to visit hospital during next week for getting these kinds of first hand information. Bahria Town Claims that it has 24 hours functional trauma centre in the hospital. They have all kinds of medical facilities in the hospital close to Safari Villas. They also claim that their first aid team on ambulance will reach at the spot within only FIVE minutes any where in Bahria Town Lahore and only in THREE minutes in Safari Villas. Personally I do not think that Doctor practicing in the market is able to provide specialized medical treatment but hospital seems up-to-date in this regard.

Transport arrangements especially at late night return?
No problem if one has personal transport. Otherwise this is the weak area of Bahria Town even during day time. After 7 PM no transport is available for visiting city.

Practical layout defects in Asian and European villas?
It is very hard to explain as it varies with the need of family requirement. Personally I think that Serena Villa (Asian) is the best option for a middle (size and class) family as it has proper garage, gate, servant quarter, laundry and extra entrance from kitchen door etc. Other than that European Villas are very open, stylish design, relatively better fixing and close to main areas (park, Main road, mosque, market etc).

Availability of CNG (fuel) & tyre shop? + Availability of motor car repair workshop?
This facility is not available. Although an unofficial Tyre shop is available in the back but practically CNG and Tyre shops are NOT there in Bahria Town. The provision for these kinds of facilities is made in Bahria Town on Canal Road but it will take some more time to be ready to serve. The residents have to go to Multan Road for these facilities.

Will European style villa is successful in Pakistan environment as no fresh air can circulate in these?
Fresh Air is not a problem in Bahria Town. Even first floor of European Villas has facility of Air ventilation. Buyers (as well as people seeking villas on rent) are more interested in European Villas so the rates and rent of these Villas are bit more than Asian Villas.

`````` Only some people get what they want. Those are the people who show up to get it ``````

sbm replied on Thursday, August 31, 2006 09:55 AM

Very nice
explanation, Mr. Hussain Kaisrani.

tzk replied on Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:06 AM

thanks for your detailed and nutral post. I agree with you that people who moved in earlier will have to face some issues like tire shop and management trying to increase school population by allowing village students but these are temporary issues. There will be waiting list for the school when bahria is populated and there will be no room for the village kids. Gas station, tire shop etc will start also as it is a requirement. I visited bahria end of july. I saw a lot of people are constructing houses. I have plot in Ghori block. There are some houses being built near my plot. For example 44 Ghori is complete and people are living there. 3, 4 more houses are under construction. On top of that those big houses being built by bahria are not too far from there.


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Latest Lahore Master Plan and Lahore Ring Road Map (Updated June 25, 2010)

Special thanks to Lahore Real Estate for providing online map of the Latest Lahore Ring Road and Lahore Master Plan with all main Housing Schemes locations. The map also shows the interchanges on Lahore Ring Road along with future interchanges.
It also shows Shahpur Kanjra where DHA City EME SECTOR location is expected. A detailed post on DHA CITY, its pros and cons, expected Development charge, Application form for confirmed booking is available HERE.
Interactive map of location of Housing Societies in Lahore is placed HERE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Park View Villas Multan Road (Opposite to DHA EME Sector) Lahore

It was a new name for me when Lahore Real Estate started introducing Park View Villas, Multan Road Lahore. I decided to visit the site thoroughly. When I reached there it was a great surprise for me as it used to be RIVER EDGE but now there was no sign of it. The site has not only changed the name but also changed the management as well as working methodology. It was amazing to see that society is fully developed and finishing touches are being given before a proper launch in the market. Park View Villas is also constructing few villas which seems to be Model Villas. Few villas are already constructed (may be) by the owners. The Society has wall around all the project. Plots are on ground level in general but boundary plots are bit deeper. Roads network is finalized.

The management is very well known and experienced in Housing project. The location is ideal for the people who want to live near the city area.

River Edge did not have a cut on Multan Road if coming from City but Park View Villas has controlled the matter by getting a service road from DHA EME Sector crossing.

Though it is not yet being advertised and Society has not yet managed its marketing offices properly but a significant number of visitors were seen there. I am sure that Park View Villas will have no problem in selling its plots and villas due to its edges i.e. fully developed, good location and best possible price of plots.

usmani replied on Monday, May 24, 2010 09:33 PM PST

Good work Mr. KAISRANI, keep it up,very positve think.

Khawaja Ilyas replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:34 AM PST

Hello, Please tell me what is the
prices of the villas in this society ? what is the price of house in 5 marla house and 10 marla house ? and the plots ?

M. Shafi replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:32 AM PST

Yesterday I too visited
park view villas Multan road after reading information here. I am very happy to know such a good 5 Marla ready plot bargain is still available at Rs 1075000.

LRE I am looking for a 5 Marla pair to build a house for me and my brother. Do you have any pairs available?

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:08 AM PST

@ Khawaja Ilyas Sahib,
The Society has not announced the booking (and price) of villas. The detail of plots along with price is as follows:

Project Features

  • Approved by LDA Vide Letter #: CMP/LDA/518-S/493. Dated: 02/09/2006

  • Great Location with Direct Access from Multan Road

  • Only 3 KM from Thokar Niaz Baig Fly Over

  • Only 2 KM from M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway Interchange

  • Only 2 KM from Lahore Ring Road

  • Inside the Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 4

  • In front of DHA EME Sector close to the junction of Canal Road and Multan Road

  • Development Standard equivalent to or better than DHA EME Sector

  • Bye-Laws Standard and Enforcement similar to DHA Proper

  • Major Renovation, Upgradation and Enhancement of Scheme in progress

  • All utilities available except Sui Gas which is in final stages (work from the society side done)

  • All land shown on map is in possession of the society and boundary walled

  • Many houses finished or under construction

  • Expected to be heavily populated very soon due to Great Location and Affordable Price

  • Gated Community

  • 24 Hours Patrolling and Security

  • 24 Hours Public Transport

Plot Features

  • Immediate Possession

  • Great Price: Rs. 10.75 Lacs Only ( 5 Marla Plots in EME are priced at 30 to 35 Lacs )

  • All Development Charges Included in this Price

  • Very nominal transaction fees and society charges to encourage genuine home makers & builders (Tranfer Fee: Only Rs. 16,000: Demarcation & Possession Charges Only Rs. 500 per Marla)

  • Appx. 12 KM closer to the city compared with another great option: Bahria Town Sector B

  • No Hidden, Unexpected or Escalation Charges as the plots are already fully developed &
    with immediate possession

  • Almost no downside risk due to Construction Activity and Very Affordable Price

  • LRE Offers Best 5 Marla Locations in Jade Block near Model Homes & only 300 Meters from Multan Road

  • Buy Today Build Today

Directions to Visit

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate