Monday, October 15, 2012

Bahria Town Lahore Construction Bylaws


I need some Help from the forum Members who recently Constructed house in Bahria Town Lahore.
I am thinking of Buying a grey Structure House in Bahria, My Question is if I leave it like this For Long time what will be implications.[ In form of any penalty etc from Bahria office]
It is necessary to Get Completion certificate From Bahria? Do they Give Compensation certificate to grey structure?
Is It possible to defer connection Like Water Gas Elect etc for Long period.

ZNS replied on Monday, October 15, 2012 05:21 AM PST

Jameel Bhai, best thing is to call Bahria directly and ask them all these questions. Hussain Kaisrani or Kashif Chohan may be able to answer also on this forum. Policies change so best thing is to call Bahria Care

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, October 15, 2012 10:22 AM PST

Dear Jameel Sahib,
I was waiting that some one who have recently constructed a house in Bahria Town Lahore will reply but this did not happen yet.
As per construction rules and regulations you need to complete your house in a specified period and get a completion certificate. After this period your map is not valid any more. This is the main penalty. But practically it does not happen.

Yes it is necessary to get completion certificate.

I am not aware of any compensation certificate. If you mean completion certification then the answer is no.

Utility Connections:

  • Electricity: The construction is not possible to start without electricity connection. It is already there when you buy a grey structure house in Bahria Town Lahore.
  • Water: Bahria Town provides water connection after completion certificate. The water expenses are included in monthly charges.
  • Gas: Bahria Town has no concern whether you get a gas connection or not. Generally Gas company will not bother to disturb you for connection for years even if demand notice amount is paid. But it is recommended that an application for gas connection should be submitted as soon as possible.

The Practicality of the issue:
It is normal if you keep grey structure (without residence) for three years (I do not have an up to date information so please confirm it with Bahria Town Lahore office before making any final decision). In case some residence will be kept in this house then there will be following problems/penalties:
  1. Electricity unit rate will remain commercial (it is kind of penalty).
  2. No water connection will be provided (Again use of electricity on higher rates)
  3. Bahria Town may start charging its monthly service charges Rs.1,500/= to Rs.3,000/= depending upon the size of plot.
  4. No connection for sanitation will be provided.

In case there is a genuine reason (short of funds etc etc) then one can apply to Bahria Town for granting some extra time to complete the house. In this situation all the connection will be provided on normal basis but monthly charges will be applied.

Hope it will help you to make a better decision. GOOD LUCK.

Bahria Town School System

i want to take information from brothers living in bahria town .
we overseas came from abroad and are worried about the schooling of our kids in pakistan .what is the standard of bahria school????
how you people will grade bahria school with compare to lahore grammer and roots...
my kids in grade 4 and grade 1 ..what will be fee structure in bahria ????

amin replied on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 08:22 PM PST

pakistan may schooling system bohat he acha ha dnt worry abt it atleast bachay ko apne moral values ka pata hota ha magger plz bachay ko kisi gov k school may admit karwaiee so dat us ko pata chalay k faqeeree may nam kasay pada kartay han

Faizan replied on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 08:56 PM PST

Amin sahab you tell mr in which government school your kids are studying so he may visit that school and meet your children who are there making name in faqeeri.
Mr. standard vise bahria school is quite good. It is quite better than roots. It's at level of Lahore Grammer, Beaconhouse etc. I am not aware about fee structure currently there in Bahria town school

AMIN replied on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 11:37 PM PST

bezconhouse lgs may kya hota ha we all know jitnay fazool or illmannered bachay idher hotay han kahee pay nahi hotay ,jis k monthly fee 10000 ho ge us ko kya pata k baaap cn say paper bal kar pasay kamata ha , goverment school k bachay na masib halat k bawajood appnay maa baap k ahsas kartay han un ko pata hota ha k hamara baaap kasay pasa kamata ha ,double standard ko chorna ho ga dohra nazam taleem kabee b nahi chal sakta agger o / A LEVEL KAR K BACHAY UET PUNJAB UNIVERSITY KEMC JE JATAY HAN TU Y THEY HAVE TO PASS THROUGH O AND A LEVEL ,UET PU AND KEMC FJ SAB SARKAREE INSTITUTE HAN ,AND I KNNOW AS A TEACHER BOHAT SAY SARKAREE SCHOOL K BACHAY IN INSTITUTE SAY PARH KAR PAKISTAN K NAME ROSHAN KARTAY HAN

Saeed, Dubai replied on Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:44 AM PST

Mr Amin,

We did study in government schools but your perception about beaconhouse, city, roots kinda school is not correct. If sarkari schools were producing good citizens and teaching good moral values then the nation would not have become morally corrupt today. Our attitudes and moral corruptions in society speak of the failure of the government and its education system, especially schooling.

Mr. SM Chaudhry: my suggestion is put our kids into Bahria school as it will save hassle of commuting and kids will feel relaxed as well.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Thursday, May 10, 2012 02:11 PM PST

Dear SM. ch.

Though you have not mentioned in which Bahria Town you are interested in. Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad's education system is one of the best in Pakistan. No need to worry about your kid's education if you are planning to live over there.

I assume that you are asking about Bahria Town Lahore School.

I agree with Faizan Sahib that Bahria Town Lahore School is generally a good school.

I have no idea in which country your kids are studying nowadays. From my experience of UK (and Europe) schools where my kids attended year 1 and 4, I can surely say that Bahria Town Lahore School is FAR MORE better than the state schools of the UK. Grammar School in the UK could be compared with Bahria Town Lahore.

If you will not be satisfied with the standard and quality of education in Bahria Town Lahore School then you can send your kids to other famous grammar schools where some students commute from Bahria Town Lahore.

The fee structure for primary school is around Rs.6,000/= per month which is almost 1/3 than grammar schools in Lahore. This fees also includes stationary as well as pick and drop facility from your door step.

This topic is also discussed on following link, if interested you may go through it as well.

amin replied on Thursday, May 10, 2012 02:30 PM PST

saeed bro sarkari school jo b ha jasay b han appna kam kar rahay han ,achay boray insan her jaga hotay han , u know hota kya ha jab koie ameer admee apnay bachay ko city school ya beconhouse may dalta ha tu jo scallbus wo parta ha wo amm sarkaree school ka bacha nahi parhta logg jo k already depress han wo samajtay han k beconhouse jasay school bohat achay han aur wahan par education bohat he zaberdast ha iss tarhan un k zahan may beconhouse aur city school jasay schools k ack standard set ho jata ha ,ageeer wo gareeb admee kabee apna bacha udher admit karwanay chala b jaiee tu us ko admission nahi milta agger koiee safaaad posh kabe apnay bachoon ko wahan admit kara b day tu saree tankho udher laga daata ha kya faieda dohray mayar taleeem ka

Query About Residential plot in Lahore

I would be highly grateful, if someone advise me, I want to buy plot in good housing scheme. I am a salaried employee can invest 25,000/- per month.
I need 5,7 or 10 Marla plot in housing scheme.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, June 4, 2012 01:00 PM PST
It is good that you are thinking to have a plot for your family in some good housing scheme of Lahore. As per your monthly savings, you can only go for some scheme which introduces plots on installments. For any reliable housing project in Lahore you needed AT LEAST following amounts:
Advance or Down payment: Rs.400,000/=
Monthly amount for installment: RS.70,000/=
As per your present situation it seems very difficult but it is not impossible. Please keep dreaming and trying your best to save more funds. I assure you brother that you will find some solution.
I have passed through same process and by the grace of Allah I was able to have my dream home in Bahria Town.

Khan replied on Monday, June 4, 2012 04:05 PM PST
Mr.Hussain. I regularly read your posts. You are such a rare species and blessed with so much of positive mind that I wish and pray Allah that if there were just a few thousand like you in us, we would be a different nation. May Allah bless you and keep spreading optimism.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, June 4, 2012 04:19 PM PST
I am really impressed by you as you have great sense of appreciation. Very much obliged for your wishes and prayers. I wish the same for you.

Overseas replied on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 07:13 AM PST
I have 35 lacs and want to invest for short term 1-2 year can you suggest some good options.

Headliner replied on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:01 AM PST
Go for Dream Garden Located on Main Defence Road opposite Comsat u can get a plot on installment in your budget.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 12:18 PM PST
In real estate investment short term means (three years) because when one buys a plot the cost goes significantly up on the same day from the market rate. Reason is that a buyer spends lot of time and money to finalize the deal. This extra spending (commission, tax and transfer fee etc) are generally not covered within a year. If you can afford to wait till three years then any ON GROUND (physically existing) and good location plot in Bahria Town will give you a reasonable profit. Thanks.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lahore Property Rates Update From Lahore Real Estate Oct 13, 2012

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DHA Lahore Phase 6 Allocation Files Available.... 10M = 34.50, 1K = 56 (Very Rarely Traded)
DHA Lahore Phase 7 Allocation Files Available.... 10M = 21, 1K = 36.50 
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Z Block Allocation Files Available ... 5M = 15, 10M = 23.50 & 1K = 40
DHA Lahore Phase 9 Files Available ... 5M = 10.60, 10M = 18.80
DHA Lahore Phase 9 Allocation Files 1K = Buyers at 30.00 & Seller at 30.25 
DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Extension Files Available.... 1K = 7.75

Bahria Town Lahore Sector A Residential Plots Available ... 10M = 25 To 30, 1K = 45 To 55, 2K= 80 To 120
Bahria Town Lahore Sector B Residential Plots Available ... 5M =14 To 19, 10M = 32 To 40, 1K = 55 To 75
Bahria Town Lahore Sector C Residential Plots Available ... 10M = 17 To 33, 1K = 38 To 65, 2K = 90 To 110
Bahria Town Lahore Sector D Residential Plots Available ... 5M = 13.50 To 16
Bahria Town Lahore Overseas Enclave A+B Residential Plots Available. 10M = 24 to 35, 1K = 45 To 65
Bahria Orchard Lahore Orchard Residential Plots Available.... 5M= 6 To 6.50 10M= 13 To 16
Bahria Nasheman Lahore Residential Plots Available.... 5M =11 To 13, 8M= 13 To 17

DHA Lahore Phase 1-2-3-4 Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction)... 5M = 38 To 55, 10M = 68 to 80, 1K = 75 To 165, 2K = 200 to 375
DHA Lahore Phase 5 Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction) ... 5M = 35 To 42, 10M = 60 to 78, 1K = 95 To 160, 2K = 200 To 375 
DHA Lahore Phase 5 Extension Residential Plots... (No Development Yet) 1K = 53 to 65
DHA Lahore Phase 6 Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction) ... 5M = 30 To 32, 10M = 42 to 65, 1K = 65 To 115, 2K = 175 To 260
DHA Lahore Phase 7 Residential Plots Available (Be Ready For Construction Soon).... 10M = 26 To 38, 1K = 40 To 75, 2K = 110 To 125
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Residential Plots Available (Development Started)... 5M = 21.50 To 23, 8M= 31 To 33, 10M = 37 to 42, 1K = 55 To 95
DHA Lahore Phase 9 (A, B, C and D Blocks) Residential Plots Available (Under Development,50% Complete)....5M = 19.50 To 25, 8M = 28 to 32, 10M = 40 to 45 ,
DHA Parkview Lahore Residential Plots Available (Ready For Construction)... . 10M = 50 To 55, 1K = 65 to 95, 2K = 120 To 175 
DHA City Lahore Residential Plots Available.... 5M = 8.35 To 9.75, 10M = 16.79 to 19, 1K = 35 To 37.5 
DHA Rahbar Lahore Residential Plots Available.... 5M = 10 To 15, 10M = 20 To 26, 1K = 40 To 50
Central Park Lahore Residential Plots Available (Ready For Construction)... 10M = 6 to 15, 1K = 13 To 25,
Fazaia Lahore Residential Plots Available.... 10M = 14 To 18, 1K = 25 To 35 
NFC Phase 2 Lahore Residential Plots Available (Under Development).... 5M = 4 To 6.50, 10M = 7 to 12, 1K = 12.50 To 19 
Park View Villas Multan Road Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction) 5M = 14 To 18, 10M = 22 to 30 
Lake City Lahore Residential Plots Available…… 5M= 9 To 14, 10M=18 To 23, 1K= 25 To 35 
State Life Lahore Phase 1 Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction).... 5M = 20 To 24, 10M =21 to 33, 1K = 32 To 60 
State Life Lahore Phase 2 Residential Plots Available (No Development)... 5M = 4.50 To 5.50, 10M = 6.50 to 7.50, 1K = 9.50 To 17
Valencia Town Lahore Residential Plots Available (Ready for Construction) ... 10M = 32 To 38, 1K = 48 To 65, 2K = 85 To 125
Wapda Town Lahore Residential Plots Available (Ready For Construction) ... 5M = 30 To 38, 10M = 40 To 65, 1K = 60 To 90, 2K = 85 To 125

Bahria Town Lahore Ready Commercial Plots Available... 5M= 75 To 85, 8M= 95 To 125
DHA Lahore Phase 1 to 8 Commercial Plots Available... 2M= 30 To 70, 4M= 115 To 430, 8M= 200 To 1000

Bahria Town Awami Villa Lahore Available... 8 To 9
Bahria Town Lahore Villas & Houses Available..... 5M =35 To 37, 8M = 55 To 62, 10 M= 80 To 95
DHA Lahore Phase 1 to 6 Houses Available...... 5M =55 to 90, 10M =100 To 150, 1K= 160 To 350, 2K = 400 To 700

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