Monday, October 15, 2012

Bahria Town Lahore Construction Bylaws


I need some Help from the forum Members who recently Constructed house in Bahria Town Lahore.
I am thinking of Buying a grey Structure House in Bahria, My Question is if I leave it like this For Long time what will be implications.[ In form of any penalty etc from Bahria office]
It is necessary to Get Completion certificate From Bahria? Do they Give Compensation certificate to grey structure?
Is It possible to defer connection Like Water Gas Elect etc for Long period.

ZNS replied on Monday, October 15, 2012 05:21 AM PST

Jameel Bhai, best thing is to call Bahria directly and ask them all these questions. Hussain Kaisrani or Kashif Chohan may be able to answer also on this forum. Policies change so best thing is to call Bahria Care

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, October 15, 2012 10:22 AM PST

Dear Jameel Sahib,
I was waiting that some one who have recently constructed a house in Bahria Town Lahore will reply but this did not happen yet.
As per construction rules and regulations you need to complete your house in a specified period and get a completion certificate. After this period your map is not valid any more. This is the main penalty. But practically it does not happen.

Yes it is necessary to get completion certificate.

I am not aware of any compensation certificate. If you mean completion certification then the answer is no.

Utility Connections:

  • Electricity: The construction is not possible to start without electricity connection. It is already there when you buy a grey structure house in Bahria Town Lahore.
  • Water: Bahria Town provides water connection after completion certificate. The water expenses are included in monthly charges.
  • Gas: Bahria Town has no concern whether you get a gas connection or not. Generally Gas company will not bother to disturb you for connection for years even if demand notice amount is paid. But it is recommended that an application for gas connection should be submitted as soon as possible.

The Practicality of the issue:
It is normal if you keep grey structure (without residence) for three years (I do not have an up to date information so please confirm it with Bahria Town Lahore office before making any final decision). In case some residence will be kept in this house then there will be following problems/penalties:
  1. Electricity unit rate will remain commercial (it is kind of penalty).
  2. No water connection will be provided (Again use of electricity on higher rates)
  3. Bahria Town may start charging its monthly service charges Rs.1,500/= to Rs.3,000/= depending upon the size of plot.
  4. No connection for sanitation will be provided.

In case there is a genuine reason (short of funds etc etc) then one can apply to Bahria Town for granting some extra time to complete the house. In this situation all the connection will be provided on normal basis but monthly charges will be applied.

Hope it will help you to make a better decision. GOOD LUCK.


  1. Anonymous4:07 am

    hi, i am looking for construction/ building bye laws for commerical projects of bahria town,..... i cant find them on the net.... plz help me find them

    1. Bahria Town Construction / building by laws for commercial projects are not available online. Bahria Town keep on making changes in these as well to facilitate its members. Last month a new set of by laws was introduced.
      I do not have copy of it with me. If interested, you can get related information from Bahria Design Wing. In Lahore, it is situated in AlFalah Plaza, Bahria Town Main Office Lahore.

  2. Assalam o Alakum I search Building by laws of residential building by laws i can't find anywhere in internet .