Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Merging facility announced in Bahria Greens, Sector F and Golf View Commercial Lahore

Bahria Greens lahoreDear sir

Bahria green valley project had started 2011 but after that no news of that-
Any knowlege wts plan of bahria and wt impact ll it have LLR on it
And any inside knowledge of this to anyone

dubai replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 07:36 PM PST

there are rumors that bahria greens will be located on raiwind road opposite bahria orchards behind HAIER factory. but first they will sort out sector F, then Golf view and im afraid bahria greens is last thing on their radar... yu might have to wait long time to bear fruits of this investment

Azhar replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 08:06 PM PST

Thank you duabi sab-

Ohhhh thats tooo late:-)

I have not deposited any instalment as yet-

Should strt paying it or wait n c before dust setle:-)

dubai replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 09:06 PM PST

dont pay any installments. bahria will also not demand any installments before they ballot and start development. just wait and see. if yu can bear loss then u can exit also. too much uncertanity in this project.

inam replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 09:29 PM PST

How about Golf View, should we continue paying installments, or hold??

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 09:39 PM PST

Dear Azhar,
Bahria Town Lahore is facing problems in managing its following projects
1. Bahria Greens / Bahria Green Valley
2. Bahria Town Sector F
3. Golf View Residencia

The main issue being faced is obtaining the required land. Bahria Town will take time to resolve it. On the other hand it will use tools and tactics to reduce memberships. Once things are under control only then some betterment is expected.

An important step with respect to tactics is already taken recently. It is the announcement of Merger facility in all three projects.
Hope this activity will also create some Halchal.

Azhar replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 09:56 PM PST

So thankful Hussain Kaisrani saheb and dubai sab
So great full for first time clear insight on this project

Overthesea replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:07 PM PST

Please share the merger news

E.A replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:40 PM PST

thanks for the info...
can you pls also share the merger news?

dubai replied on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 11:06 PM PST

kaisarani sb...good to see yu here. seems like yu have abondoned yur own website. i was a regular visitor and liked yur insights about bahria town but I guess yu are disappointed by dirty tactics of bahria :) i have a plot in alamgir block which is on map but not on ground.. are these also included in mergers or only files??

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Thursday, June 4, 2015 02:05 AM PST

Bahria Town Sector F
Bahria Golf View Commercial

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate


  1. Anonymous11:20 am

    these are dirty tactics.... dont know how will they sell their future projects?? or may be people are so stupid that Malik riaz will keep on milking them

    1. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Kaisrani sb, thanks for sharing the info, in your opinion will it be possible to adjust bahria green files with golf view residential plot outstanding installments.

      Pls advise.

    2. No, It is not possible (as per Bahria Town announcement). There is no harm to discuss the matter with Bahria Town officials. May be they can find some solution.

  2. Anonymous10:19 pm

    kaisarani sb...what do you say about this move by bahria??is this a sign that they want to deliver these stallede projects?? or its a sign that they are in trouble and desperate to reduce the number of files bcoz they have sold more files then land in hand??

    1. In my humble opinion - Both.

  3. Anonymous12:23 am

    Kaisrani Sb, thx for your efforts. I m from Karachi, I have 1 file of 5 Marla and 2 files of 10 Marla in Bahria Greens, could you pls guide me the whats the current market price of both the categories and should i hold or sell

  4. Shahzad8:16 am

    Aoa Kaisarani sb,

    Nice to see you back on your blog. I've a question about Bahria town sector F on Ground plots. I've a plot in Tipu sultan block sector F on Ground. As now a days all discussions are negative for bahria town for not delivering as per their promise. I want your opinion if should keep that on ground plot or move to some other option. Is there an chance possession is due in near future. I've visited the location and see roads and lighting but not sure how much time it will take.

    Please provide with your expert opinion what decision i should made regarding on ground plot in sector F.

    Thanks in advance..

    1. what about Golf View residential files??

  5. Anonymous4:06 pm

    with which plot I can merge with if I am holding a 10 marla plot in sector F in undeveloped area having left with my last installment. and what benefit should one be availing after exercising the merging option ?

  6. AOA, Dear Kasrani Sb what will happen with the people whom had payed all the installments in Abu Backer block Sector F. any guidance

  7. Anonymous9:16 am

    AOA, Dear Kaisrani Sb thanks for your valuable informations. What will happen with the people whom already paid all the installment in Abu Backer Sector F. Kindly guide

  8. AOA, I have 10 marla cancelled file of sector F. It has one installment paid. Any one interested to buy it?

  9. AOA, I have 10 marla sector f cancelled file. It is one installment paid file. I want to sale it. Can this be merged?

  10. Anonymous2:30 am

    Dear Kaisrani Sb,

    I have a 10 marla sector F unballoted File, it is fully paid file, please tell should I sell it or keep waiting, if waiting then for how long? can this file be transferred in any other project like Golf view, Orchad or Sector F on ground plots?