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Effects Of Lahore Ring Road On Bahria Orchard, Lahore (Lahore Real Estate)

After the announcement of tenders of Southern Loop on Lahore Ring Road, many people are curious about their property investments in different societies. These kind of big projects like Lahore Ring Road changes the future of property. Earlier I’ve written an article about How Lahore Ring Road will effect on Bahria Town (Canal Road). Now I’m going to tell you that how it will effect the Bahria Orchard.

Bahria Orchard Introduction:

Bahria Orchard is a housing society project by Bahria Town. It is located on Raiwind Road, nearly 18 km from Thokar Niaz Baig. It is 2km away from Ada Plot (from where road turn to Nawaz Sharif Farm House). Bahria Orchard’s location is near to Raiwind city as compare to Lahore, but Raiwind city also came in District Lahore.

This is a small society consist of 2 phases. 1st phase has possession and nearly 200 constructed houses. 2nd phase is famous with the name of LCO or Low Cost Scheme. Bahria Orchard also have two blocks for overseas with the name of OLC (Overseas Low Cost).

OLC possession is expected at the end of this year.

How Lahore Ring Road will be Better for Bahria Orchard

Southern Loop of Lahore Ring Road will pass through the ‘Adda Plot’ which is 5 km away from Bahria Orchard.

1. Distance:

Bahria Orchard have all the extraordinary facilities which one can dream of. I’ll be not wrong if I say that Bahria Town is giving the best lifestyle in Pakistan. No one in Pakistan can give such a luxury in so less price. Bahria Orchard have the same luxuries of Bahria Town (Canal Road). The only negative point of Bahria Orchard is that it’s far away from city. It is suppose to be considered as suburbs of Lahore city. Southern Loop of Lahore Ring Road will waive away this only negative point.

2. Broader View:

Lahore is packed with housing societies, so it is expanding outwards. Two main areas where Lahore is expanding are Ferozpur Road and Raiwind Road.

Lahore Ring Road will give raise to all housing societies on Raiwind Road. Housing societies include Lake City, Fazaia, Chinar Bagh and many others. But Bahria Orchard will get the maximum gain due to it’s outclass facilities mentioned above.

Raiwind Road is already under construction. Ring Road interchange on Raiwind Road will give more broader and open look of the road. People travelling on Ring Road will get the chance to see the broad Raiwind Road and housing societies (especially Bahria Orchard) on it.

3. Easy Movement Of Traffic:

Traffic will move easily from any part of the city to Raiwind Road. It will help people to reach Bahria Orchard more conveniently, less time consuming and comfortably.

How Long It Will Take To Get A Better Profit:

Lahore Ring Road project will take some time, like 2 years (I believe Govt. will try to complete the project within their governing time). People do investment in property for long term, two years is not a long time for them.

Secondly Bahria Orchard is showing a upward graph well before the news of Lahore Ring Road. As I mentioned earlier it is not possible to get such high class facilities in such low price in Pakistan. So people are coming in daily for buying plots in Bahria Orchard. This buying and selling is creating a investment in market.

(Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate)

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