Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Bahria Orchard and Awami Villas Lahore - Latest Update and Pictorial Report

I have recently (on last Saturday) visited Bahria Orchard project thoroughly and was amazed to see the best possible development standard, vast roads, hundreds of Awami Villas (now apartments) under construction, main gates and entrances, school and world class Arena.
Bahria Town main office for all projects of Bahria Town Lahore, grand mosque, Hospital and a petrol pump, many monuments including Trafalgar square are under construction. The cleanliness and maintenance was simply amazing. There are lots of homes and villas constructed.

I was never fan of Bahria Orchard project but after spending few hours there I was mesmerized. I decided to remain there after sunset to see the atmosphere. The lighting and security was seen every corner of the project. The two way approach (Raiwind Road and Sundar side Road) is another positive of this project.

It is about 6 KM away from Lahore Ring Road interchange on Raiwind Road and quite possibly same distance would be in between Bahria Town and Bahria Orchard. Some knowledgeable friend can shed some light on this aspect.

It is still under priced mainly for the reason that Bahria Town is not offering possession of Low Cost Scheme and Overseas Block though most of the area is fully developed. I understand that Bahria Town is having problem of excessive memberships than available plots on ground. They need to manage the issue before offering the possession.

Few small changes has been made in present map (especially in Block C, J and G). Buyers should check the updated map from Bahria Orchard office before finalizing the deal.

For updated information about Bahria Orchard and Awami Villas, please visit the following link.

Bahria Town and Bahria Orchard - Non Construction time limit, Construction Time Limit and Future Prospects (December 2015)

dubai replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 06:44 PM PST 

@ Hussain Kaisrani sb ... good to see your valuable comments. can you further elaborate the current status of awami villas apartments?? like how much construction has been done and when do yu see them handed over??? i hold a file of awami villas for a long time...yur input will be highly appreciated...
Hussain Kaisrani replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 07:09 PM PST 

I am on same boat as bought an Awami Villa a year ago. I surveyed Bahria Orchard to make a decision about my Awami Villa (apartment).
Bahria Town's decision of changing Villas into apartment is a real deceiving for the investors who waited for around 10 years. After visiting Awami Villa construction and speedy work, I understand that one should wait for its possession.
The imposition of some development / possession charges are also expected which will again be a wrong decision.
The construction speed shows that (if Bahria wants) possession could be offered within this year BUTTTTT there are some problems again. As per my information there are 1,000 + members of Awami Villas project and numbers of under construction villas are around 600. If the reduction of membership would not be possible then there will be balloting for possession. Lets see how things moves on.
I have, however, decided to hold it. I see good return if sold after possession. Also one can easily get it rented out as hundreds of Bahria Town staff members and other staff of different offices in Bahria Orchard need residence in the area.
Good Luck!
dubai replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 07:57 PM PST 

thanks for the input... I guess its typical sketchy bahria business of overselling a project. im having good offers recently. may be its better to exit at this time bcoz if my file doesnt get balloted this time then the price will crash as bahria will take another decade to accomodate remaining files :)
Nauman - Abu Dhabi replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 08:00 PM PST 

Dear Kaisrani, Jameel and Optimist bhai

Do you think it is safe to invest in Fazaia and Lake city now before the final map of LRR? If the land comes under the route of LRR, will theplot holders be compensated? Please shed some light on this. Thanks
Ahmed Momin replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 09:03 PM PST 

Great analysis Kaisrani sab ... Thank you soo much. I have got to know Bahria Orchard possession is either at end of this year or start of next year hopefully.
Freedom replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 10:17 PM PST 

Thanks for detail answer Hussain Kaisrani Sahib,

Can you please let us know what's the current market price for these villas (Flats now may be) and how much covered area would be?
Hussain Kaisrani replied on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 10:43 PM PST 

@ Freedom - You are welcome brother.
I am sorry that I do not have an exact idea. It would be around Rs.18 Lac or so.
Brother @dubai has mentioned that he is offered good rate so I would request him to provide us information about prevailing market rates.

I am uploading photographs of my recent visit of Bahria Orchard and will be sharing the link here shorty.

An important point I noticed that Bahria Town has left using / calling it Bahria Orchard anymore. On few main places it was mentioned as Bahria Town. The board on Main Raiwind Road is showing it Bahria Town. Same is the situation when we see Telephone exchange and Sundar Road sign board etc.
As Bahria Town has a plan to link both Bahria Town and Bahria Orchard directly so there are many chances that both will be called Bahria Town, Lahore.

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate



  1. Anonymous4:14 am

    Hussain kaisarani sb!!
    I have heard Bahria town has imposed some development charges on awami villas lahore... are yu aware of this development?? if yes then how much are the charges, installment size and when is the first installment due?? thank

  2. I purchased Awami Villa Lahore in 2008 & it was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE... I would advise everyone not to purchase Awami Villa Lahore. All dues are clear & still no news of possession after 10 years of this Awami villa scheme commencement. The development you are talking about is almost the same as it was in May 2012. I have seen people living in Awami Villas (around 100-200 Awami villas) since 2010. How & when these villas were allotted or when THE BALLOTING was done ....no one knows...... The Balloting system is not transparent as it always happened in secret ( BANDAR BAANT would be more appropriate word for this CHEATED BALLOTING SYSTEM) I have made a Facebook group AFFECTEES OF AWAMI VILLAS BEHRIA TOWN LAHORE for people who are still waiting for the possession of their villas after 10 years... come & join this group to raise our voice.....UNITED WE STAND, UNITED WE WIN....

    1. Dear M I Khan bhai,

      I am also a victim of Bahria Orchard Awami Villa scheme. You did not mention the link of facebook page. I have bought a premium file long time ago keeping in mind that they will give 5 marla house but now as you know they have changed it to falts and still my file is not being awarded with allotment of a flat or house. I have heard that people who suffered from Bahria Greens fraud joined together on WhatsApp and protested against Malik Riaz and now they are being paid back. Can you please create a similar WhatsApp group where people like us come together and raise our voice so that we may put pressure on Bahria Orchard management and get our deserving houses/flats.

      Please reply...

  3. Anonymous8:58 am

    The latest news about awami villas is after my this afternoon visit, the construction and finishing process very slow and as per posted pictures above. The awami apartments are very conjusted and rooms very small, only for single bed. If you have front door neighbor with naughty kids, then your life is hell as place is ideal for singles only. No store room.. One washroom and of course no life for upper floors. So please don't stuck your money .. As we Pakistani people don't have manners to live in apartment esp just small area.

  4. Today I visited awami villas block A,Band E are fully developed and C and D door work and bath work under process May be complete in 3 months