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Lahore Ring road from Bahria Town Lahore - Plots in Ring Road area in Bahria Town Lahore (Ahsan Ali, UAE)

Please Click HERE to get an idea of The Official Map of Lahore Ring Road in Bahria Town Lahore area (Updated on January 26, 2016)
Plots right after the Grand Jamia Masjid came in Lahore Ring Road area. So the following plots will be taken by Govt. for construction of Lahore Ring Road.
  1. Side A: 01 to 24, 59 to 106, 149 to 172
  2. Side B: 01 to 16 and 47 to 81

Above are the commercial plots. Residential plots behind these commercial plots will also came under the area of Ring Road.

How Govt. Will Pay?

If Govt. pay according to DC rate i.e. Rs. 200,000/- per marla then everyone will be doomed. If Govt. pay according to the market price which is nearly Rs. 600,000/- then people would be sated. We also have the promise of Mr. Ali Riaz of paying as per market price. Let’s hope for the best.

Short Term Effects

All those people who have plots in following blocks are really worried because of this Lahore Ring Road
  • Iqbal block
  • Rafi block
  • Jinnah block (little area)
  • EE block
  • Overseas B Ext.

Except for Jinnah block, all other plots are in possession. People have started to constructing houses in those areas and even started living in it. It will be really hard for them to leave their houses.

Secondly during the construction of Lahore Ring Road, that area won’t be accessible. It will create problems in movement and consequently in investing areas away from Lahore Ring Road (Sector E and Sector F).

Lastly if Lahore Ring Road pass through the Bahria Town Lahore, it might temporarily slow down the investment. I’m using ‘might’ because once you start living in Bahria Town, it’s become hard to live anywhere else. This is because of the uncountable valuable services like 24/7 electricity and sui gas, security etc. So those people whose plots will be taken by Govt. will also search plots in Bahria Town or Bahria Town management will adjust their plots in any other blocks.

Long Term Effects

Prices will rise real high.

There are two kind of people; one who like to live and invest in Bahria Town Lahore, others who don’t. Let think from other’s point of view: What is the first reason of not living in Bahria Town Lahore? Ans: Duur buhut hai (It’s far away). Lahore Ring Road will erase this very and only negative point of not living in Bahria Town.

Now think one getting all the extraordinary facilities with connecting to the Ring Road (which is connected to whole city). You are on a 20 minutes drive from Lahore International Airport. What else do you need.


Lahore Ring Road is a very good project for Lahore and for Bahria Town as well. There are only two options
  1. Lahore Ring Road pass through the Bahria Town
  2. Lahore Ring Road not pass through the Bahria Town.

If Ring Road pass through the Bahria Town, it might decrease the interest of investors for little time but eventually Bahria Town will experience the boom because of this.

If Ring Road doesn’t pass through the Bahria Town, it will pass from nearby. No one will have any problem and prices will also rise high.

Jameel replied on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 01:54 AM PST

Looks very unlikely LRR cant pay that much amount, Payment is not as per DC rates but Court rates, Court decides the rates of different segments, It is lengthy procedure. Only in Bahatta Chowk widening govt paid billions.

Lahore Ring Road Map replied on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 02:19 AM PST

99% Of Final Lahore Ring Road Route Is Same As This Map Uploaded By Lahore Real Estate Many Years Ago. Only 1% Fine Alignment Detail Is Different.

We have the final map but not allowed to post it online. So Use This Map For Now.

question replied on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 02:44 AM PST

Dear Jameel Sb or property experts
Can you advise how will LRR effect Pakistan Medical Cooperative Society. Is it a doomed society?
thanks and best regards

Akmal replied on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 10:38 AM PST

Whenever somebody talk about LRR or distance, they all give example of "Airport would be 20-minutes away". My question there is no other place in Lahore where somebody would like to go except airport? How many times in a month/year, anybody goes to airport?
I mean, if reltives or offices is located on Jail Road, Mall Road, Anar Kali, Gulberg etc Can LRR help him to reach there in 20-minutes?

humayun replied on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 12:15 PM PST

A very useful information abt Ring road. Plz tell abt Halloki interchange; is it still there in plan ?.thanx alot.

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  1. Anonymous5:01 pm

    I have plots in sector E Iqbal block which is coming under Ring road, I am just concern, what will be the alternative bahria town will give? do they have given any plan for those people? any update what will happen? please suggest any update?

    1. There is no information available in this regard. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous12:25 am

    Any idea about ring road path in EE block? and how would bahria connect area which will be divided due to LRR?

  3. I am living outside pak, i have plot in sector E iqbal block non possession area, do you have any information why this is not developed until now.

  4. Hi, i am living overseas. i have plot in sector e non posession area. do you have current information why bahria is not giving posession for this area. I would like to thank you if you provide some information regarding this.

    1. Atif Rafiq Sahib,
      I have responded to your email in this regard.

  5. I am planning to buy plot to build house for my family in bahria town Lahore.
    please guide me