Saturday, January 05, 2013

Property purchase in the name of a minor / The purpose of nominating a Nominee

DHA Plot Purchase in the name of a minor

Can anyone please advise if I can buy a plot in DHA Lahore in the name of my child who does not have a CNIC but only B form?

If yes, will it be jointly with an adult?

Thank you.

Qamar Pasha. replied on Friday, January 4, 2013 11:25 PM PST

Dear Zubair,
I had the same situation like you are also willing, however have this sound experience, that buying a plot in DHA, would be in your name not on minor or using form-B, although i know in form B there is ID card mentioned by Nadara for that child. DHA Accepts only ADULT not an nominee.And in case of death of a parent, the child has perform legal way of transferring that plot by Islamic law by court, to see who is legal and how many children from the demises.
In Bahria town, property buying papers, they are accepting A FORM B, of the nominee, and the plot will only go to that children, but even of buying a plot in BAHRIA TOWN, it must be first register to parent or Adult buyer....!!!!
I talked this issue one of senior major, in the DHA office, and they are considering this same option in future to add on the form, until now they are using the same Bank policy, and Islamic law of finding each individual legal holders of the main person, like how many that deceased person have kids, boys girls, and then follow up Islamic law and property division decided by court.
Hope this clears a little vision to you, as just couple of months back i had the same issue, anyways my intention was already buying a plot in Bahria town, to i nominated my kids, and attached the FORM B, as form requirement, and now i am happy on this..!!!
All the best.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Saturday, January 5, 2013 12:27 AM PST

Qamar Pasha Sahib,

Thanks a lot for providing such an important information.

I am happy to that Bahria Town has confirmed that the plot will go to nominee only.
Few year ago when I discussed it with Mr Ahsan (the in charge at Bahria main office), he informed me that nominee is only a formality (I remember the word used was ALAMTI) and in practical any transfer will be made as per succession certificate.

Kashif Sherazi replied on Saturday, January 5, 2013 04:58 AM PST

Dear Folks,
Thanks for your comments, just to add up little more for your
information for your interest.
The Same remarks one of my property adviser gave it to me, that
it is just a formality, and only the court succession letter is workable. However my very personal meeting with one senior rank official of Bahria Management has cleared a vision more practically, which really make sense, He told, we gather this nominee information as per decision made by Plot owner, and in the time of need, i.e if Plot owner is deceased, and i.e His family members like wife, Brother in law, or etc file the claim of the plot, all cases must be refer to Islamic court, however we must first check the records of the plot file, and will ask for the Nominee, presence whether alive or dead.
And the court will further verify the legal issues, such son, daughters, or who is else, so bottom line is nominee will have the value on papers, unless others claim and fight with court, to prove.
However the official advice you could fill the stamp papers and clearly mentioned the name of the nominee, and why you are willing to particularly transfer your property into that nominee, remember legal will must be written on stamp-papers, while filling up the plot form at the time of buying-or new transfer of the plot. If you leave blank, that portion, that means let the Islamic court decide your legal siblings at the time they will follow-up after in case you are deceased.

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