Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Serious security flaw found in Microsoft INTERNET EXPLORER

Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer are being urged by experts to switch to a rival until a serious security flaw has been fixed.
Windows Vista has already failed to fulfil its user's expectations. Though Windows as an operating system is most favorite of vast majority of computer users but its problems are also uncountable.
Its Explorer is the main source of Internet crime. It is the paradise of hackers. Microsoft has not been able to fix the explorer problems more quickly. Lets see how the expert feels on this present situation:

Richard Cox, chief information officer of anti-spam body The Spamhaus Project and an expert on privacy and cyber security, echoed Trend Micro's warning.

"It won't be long before someone reverse engineers this exploit for more fraudulent purposes. Trend Mico's advice [of switching to an alternative web browser] is very sensible," he said. (courtesy BBC)

We already had Firefox to get the best alternative of Explorer. But now Google has lanched its browser "Chrome" which is far better than FireFox and has no comparision with Internet Explorer. 

Its beta version for windows Vista and XP SP2 is available free to download.

Google's Jessica Powell explains Chrome's new features.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bahria Town Lahore Sector C, Gulmahar Block - The Latest updates

Many friends have sent me emails for getting information about their plots in Gulmahar Block of Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore.

I have gone through all the available record to get following information.The following plots No.s are safe.

Hopefully these will remain on their actual place as per map already issued by Bahria Town.

Plot No. 1 to 13
Plot No. 64 to 82
Plot No. 83 to 193
Plot No. 321 to onward

The following plots Nos. are unsafe.

Plot No. 194 to 320

I am afraid that these plots will be shifted to Nargis Block if contacted with Bahria Town without delaying any further time. Otherwise they may be pushed to Bahria Town project on Raiwind Road.

I am here to confirm that there is going to be a Gardenia -1 (A project of constructed homes of size 5 Marla and 7.4 Marla) in Gulmahar Block. I have already written in my previous posts that Bahria Town is planning to have its constructed homes project (say Safari Villas 2) for uplifting its Sector C.

Gardenia - 1 project will have 16 homes (plot Nos.113 to 122) of 7.4 Marla and 160 homes of 5 Marlas. Both of these homes will be double storey with 3 beds attached baths. There will be a 10 K size park.

It is to confirm that Bahria Town Lahore Raiwind Road project physically exists and most of its area is already developed. The construction of homes is also started over there.

Disclaimer: All these information are based upon my personal research. Bahria Town Lahore offices neither approve nor disapprove it. The only purpose to produce information here is to keep our members updated.
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Healing System: Allopathic or Homoeopathic

From yesterday my daughter Zarwa is suffering with big health problems. She had a skin problem and we tried to treat the matter under the guidance of a skin specialist. The matter was always resolved with antibiotics but after some time it was there again. We kept on changing skin specialists and they kept on changing antibiotics but health condition of Zarwa did not change.
I am strong believer of Homoeopathic and I tried these Doctors as well as remedies as well but the result was not satisfactory either.
As it is not possible to use antibiotic in short span of time so I finally decided to remain on Homoeopathic treatment. It aggravated so badly that she is not able to move now. Her skin is badly affected but we will wait and see the results.
After studying too many cases, books and articles I have reached to conclusion that allopathic system of medication has no solution of skin and mental deceases. It is worth mentioning that both of these problems are very much interrelated with each others. A specialist will only give medication to control the symptoms and the actual problem will not be addressed. This suppression will ultimately cause some thing serious.

My behavior --- Is it right?

I receive emails in which people from all over the world share, discuss and ask some thing. There are generally related to the office for which I work websites which I moderate and information which I have and share on different forum.
These queries and emails are written in a very nice manner. I try my best to reply each and every email.
Today I got an email from some one (Potential buyer) who has not mentioned his name. He/She wants me to write on three different questions. I sent an email of reply as follows:
“Salaam! I do not feel comfortable to share my time, energy and information
with a person who avoids to share his name with me. Sorry! Regards, Hussain Kaisrani”
Now I am thinking whether my reply was right or not. Any suggestions or comments?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Sitting with Malik Riaz Hussain Sahib, The CEO of Bahria Town

Last Sunday (October 19, 2008) we had a sitting with Malik Riaz Sahib in his villa in Bahria Town Lahore. Though he was very busy in meeting with delegations but he spent about an hour with us. It was our third meeting with him (as usual) without getting any appointment in this regard. It is very kind of him that he always gives importance to Safari Villas Lahore residents. During this sitting two of State Ministers talked to him on phone and shared few points and he gave them suggestions and his views on different matters of present days and situations. We discussed practical problems of Safari Villas living. He listened to every one and every point very carefully. He said that Bahria Town will try its best to solve problems but every thing can not be done.The matter of Bahria Town Lahore School was brought before him. He said that fees can not be decreased rather it will be increased every year but the quality of education and standard of school will be improved as per suggestion of parents. It was decided that two administration officer and educationist (already working with Bahria Town) from UK will visit the school every month and will also meet parents for feed back and required changes (if any) will be adopted from next month. He was requested to provide some concession in fee for second and third child. He agreed to consider it.Residents thanked him for providing electricity round the clock. He said that we are spending more than ten millions per month to maintain the system and no Housing Project in Pakistan takes care of these important matters. He was requested to reduce unit rates of electricity but he excused to do so. Residents found him justified in this regard.Regular Bus service was sanctioned from Bahria to Thokar Niaz Baig.Maintenance and Repair Work was discussed with him. He said that he has already released sufficient funds to address the issues related to termite, seepage, tiles changes and repairs. The complaints related to these issues will be received till next two years. Col. Naeem (Office Villa No. 231) and Maira (Office Villa No. 1) are the responsible to deal with these matters. He was informed that the incharge of these offices are not easily accessible to residents. He ordered to his manager for issuing a circular with contact Nos of official with their office timing. It was decided that a monthly meeting with residents will be held. The complaint service office of day to day affairs was appreciated by the residents.He assured to the residents that a gas station with tyre shop and workshop will start working within this year. The community Club will be functional within next six months.Water purification plants for Safari Villas was approved which will start working within December 2008. Security matters will be checked more carefully. It was informed to us that security cameras are installed on every possible place to make the place more secure and safe.He added that a world class level hotel with 60 rooms (in the beginning) will start its operation soon in Bahria Town Lahore.At the end he was asked about the rumors whether he is becoming next Governor of Punjab or not. He said that neither it is true nor he is interested in it. He said that he is happy to be a Governor of Bahria Town. He confessed that Bahria Town is not being managed as per his vision and plans as he has very high plans which are still under process. He assured that great positive changes will be seen in near future. He urged the community to take some steps for managing the matters as per its own requirements. For example, he said, I can provide bus or van for Safari Villas which will take members to city and will bring back to Bahria but some one should manage its driver, monthly expense etc. A lady in the meeting accepted the offer and she will start managing a van for College University going girls. Malik Sahib agreed to provide her a van on monthly installments acceptable to her. ( ........... And no man including me accepted any task to do). Of course meeting was concluded when the matter of taking any responsibility was raised.
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