Saturday, October 25, 2008

Healing System: Allopathic or Homoeopathic

From yesterday my daughter Zarwa is suffering with big health problems. She had a skin problem and we tried to treat the matter under the guidance of a skin specialist. The matter was always resolved with antibiotics but after some time it was there again. We kept on changing skin specialists and they kept on changing antibiotics but health condition of Zarwa did not change.
I am strong believer of Homoeopathic and I tried these Doctors as well as remedies as well but the result was not satisfactory either.
As it is not possible to use antibiotic in short span of time so I finally decided to remain on Homoeopathic treatment. It aggravated so badly that she is not able to move now. Her skin is badly affected but we will wait and see the results.
After studying too many cases, books and articles I have reached to conclusion that allopathic system of medication has no solution of skin and mental deceases. It is worth mentioning that both of these problems are very much interrelated with each others. A specialist will only give medication to control the symptoms and the actual problem will not be addressed. This suppression will ultimately cause some thing serious.

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