Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change in Bahria Town Lahore Non-Construction Charges Policy

Bahria Town Lahore management imposed Non-Construction charges of Rs.500,000/= per year for 1 Kanal plots with effect from February 28, 2016. This is applicable to all projects for which possession was announced more than 3 years ago. Bahria Town Lahore Sector C and Bahria Orchard phase 1 members are specially affected by this decision.

Bahria Town Lahore announced possession of its Sector C plots around 7 years ago. As per Bahria Town policy the non construction charges were applicable after three years of possession announced (without an affect whether an owner applied for possession or not). This decision of Bahria Town is a tactic to populate the area. With the start of construction activity in the area, the business activities boost up followed by increase in the market rate of plots.

We should understand that Bahria Town is not a missionary organisation. It keeps on taking steps and measures that investors and buyers are attracted to its projects. When members are in the position to earn high, it is then Bahria Town's time to take its share from their high level profit.

The ground reality is that the rates of Bahria Town Sector C possession plots have increased at least Rs.15 Lac during last one year. This trend does not seem changing in near future due to limited supply and high demand for Sector C plots. The uncertainty issue of Lahore Ring Road Route has made the Sector C and other possession plots first choice of contractors and residents. Bahria Town management understands this fact and wants to take its share either from profit, construction fees or transfer fees. Whatever decision an owner of possession plot takes, Bahria Town will be earning at least Rs.500,000/= from a 1 Kanal plot.

This non construction fee is likely to increase in coming years. If members have no plans to construct a home on its plot, it is better to shift the investment in other projects. Even within Bahria Town projects there are many options where non construction charges are not yet applicable.

I have already written on the subject. You may go through this post if needed.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Second Balloting of Sector F Bahria Town Lahore residential plots is announced

After a long wait, there is a good news for Sector F members who are still waiting for balloting of their file after making full and final payments.

After a protest of members, Bahria Town Lahore management issued an official document about it yesterday. The video clip of Protest by Sector F Bahria Town Lahore member could be seen by clicking HERE.

Following is the information regarding 2nd balloting of Sector F residential plots.
  1. Bahria Town is going to hold 2nd balloting of Sector F Residential plots on March 15, 2016.
  1. All those clients who have cleared their all installments and could not get plot numbers will be included in it.
  1. The development work on these plots will be started on the same date and will take 4 months approximately to complete.

March is not very far nor the next four months about which Bahria Town Management has made commitment to deliver the plots its Sector F members. Lets hope that Bahria Town Lahore honours this announcement and does use it as another tactics to collect funds from unpaid installments.

Following is the response  from Assistance Manager Customer Relations Bahria Town Lahore (Updated January 26, 2016)

Lhr CRO 
9:41 AM (35 minutes ago)

Dear Member,
This is with reference to your email regarding ballot of sector F, you are informed that ballot is not announced yet. Once it is announced, all members will be informed accordingly.

Abdul Aziz,
Assistant Manager
Customer Relations. 
Bahria Town, 
Contact # 042-35451574-9
UAN # 111-333-888

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The protest and meeting of Bahria Town Lahore members affected by Lahore Ring Road

Members of Bahria Town Lahore who are affected by Lahore Ring Road had a meeting for a protest (January 20, 2016) at Sector C. Bahria Town officials came to meet them.

  1. Bahria Town officials (Mr Amjad Bhatti and Azam Bhatti) confirmed that Lahore Ring Road is passing through Bahria Town Lahore
  2. Around 400 members are affected by Lahore Ring Road route
  3. Bahria Town management offered to Lahore Ring Road Authority change to route and Bahria Town would manage its construction on new route
  4. Bahria Town Management could not succeed in changing the Lahore Ring Road route
  5. Bahria Town Management was clear about the situation even then it sold the plots and passed the maps for construction of houses and plazas.
  6. Bahria Town officials was of the view that it is the choice of members whether they want to get plots against their plots or want to register case against Bahria Town.
  7. Bahria Town Management now wants the members to make the matter legal by providing written application.
  8. Bahria Town Management also presented the matter in Lahore High Court now.

Video Recording available here.