Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The protest and meeting of Bahria Town Lahore members affected by Lahore Ring Road

Members of Bahria Town Lahore who are affected by Lahore Ring Road had a meeting for a protest (January 20, 2016) at Sector C. Bahria Town officials came to meet them.

  1. Bahria Town officials (Mr Amjad Bhatti and Azam Bhatti) confirmed that Lahore Ring Road is passing through Bahria Town Lahore
  2. Around 400 members are affected by Lahore Ring Road route
  3. Bahria Town management offered to Lahore Ring Road Authority change to route and Bahria Town would manage its construction on new route
  4. Bahria Town Management could not succeed in changing the Lahore Ring Road route
  5. Bahria Town Management was clear about the situation even then it sold the plots and passed the maps for construction of houses and plazas.
  6. Bahria Town officials was of the view that it is the choice of members whether they want to get plots against their plots or want to register case against Bahria Town.
  7. Bahria Town Management now wants the members to make the matter legal by providing written application.
  8. Bahria Town Management also presented the matter in Lahore High Court now.

Video Recording available here.


  1. I'm writing from overseas. Thanks for sharing this. I've a plot in Johar Block Sector E. As i understand, this LRR will not effect this block. what should be the impact of LRR on this block or rest of the Bahria town. should I keep/sell the plot in Johar Block.

    Also, for this Johar Block, Plot I called bahria and they said, this plot is ready for possession. should i take the possession even i don't have plan in very near future to construct a home or keep it as it is. kindly advise.

    1. Johar Block Sector E, Bahria Town Lahore does not seem physically affected by Lahore Ring Road.
      It is difficult for me to suggest you whether to keep or sell the plot as I have no idea of your requirements, future plans and limitations.
      I am in favour of taking possession as soon as possible. Your property and its location gets more secure. There is no benefit of not taking possession if you are not selling it in near future.
      Good Luck!

    2. AoA
      I hope you are enjoying good health. I need your valuable comments regarding construction of house on 10 marla plot in rafi block sector e. Moreover I confirmed that my plot near to LRR current route but not crossed it.My plot is almost 700 feet away from current LRR route.
      I already applied in desing wing for map.

      Please help can I start the construction or wait?
      Please tell me one more thing can I do construction in parts....



    3. Asalam o Alaikum,

      Dear All, can you tell me that how much JINNAH BLOCK - BAHRIA TOWN - LAHORE will be affected by Lahore Ring Road. or is there any source from which atleast i can get an idea the range of LRR passing through Bahria Town. Please respond

    4. @ Muhammad Najam,
      Practically speaking, it will be very difficult to live in the area when construction work starts on LRR. Theoretically, it should be no problem if you want to construct your home if it is clear.
      Yes! You can do construction in parts.

      @ haseeb amin
      You can get an idea from any property dealer working in Bahria Town Lahore

  2. I am also from oversees. How about sector D block DD any effect w.r.t latest LRR southern loop

  3. I am also from oversees . How about sector D block DD , any effect to this block due to latest LRR map ?

    1. No direct effect. Good Luck!

  4. Rizwan11:21 pm

    Please tell authentic source from where i can chk my plot in rafi block is safe from LRR. Thnx

    1. No authentic source available in my knowledge yet.

  5. AoA. Hussain bhai can you please email me your contact number on I am overseas and need a small property advise. Thanks. Salman.

    1. WOA,
      Thanks for your comment dear Salman Sahib.
      I have emailed you my contact number.
      Best regards.