Sunday, February 10, 2013

P&D Fort Housing Scheme, Lahore - Whether to Invest in it or not?

I tried to get information from marketing staff member of P&D Fort Housing Scheme, Lahore but was not satisfied from him. Actually almost every society hire new staff on the launch of new project. And the booking staff is generally not seen after some time. Their information about the project is always superficial.
Having said that I understand that it is a Cooperative Society.

You may think to invest in it if:

  1. You can wait for at least 6 years to see your plot on ground or sell it on reasonable profit
  2. You are ready to pay a handsome amount for development charges (as this price is only for land purchase)
  3. You have no problem wherever the location of this project would be
  4. You do not have more funds for investing in bit better project.
  5. You understand that dealers would not take much interest in this project (and sale of plot may be a serious issue) as the price is too low.
The last date to submit application forms is February 20, 2013.  The location of P&D Fort Housing Scheme is not clear but following map gives some idea.

It is worth mentioning that The Punjab Planning & Development Department has announced that the name of P&D Department will not be linked up with the name of “P&D Fort” housing scheme of the P&D Department Employees Cooperative Housing Society Phase-II Lahore. While this P&D Fort must be considered as a PRIVATE HOUSING SCHEME.


  1. Thanks Husnain....
    I planned for investment there but when I visit there there is no sign, board or any advertisement there. That's why Now I have changed my plan. Can you please what Society should I prefer for plot for investment purpose.

    Please advise.

  2. Dear Ishaq,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I second you that the location of P&D Fort Housing Scheme is not clear yet.
    It is not possible for me to suggest you any society without knowing your requirement, budget and future plans.
    For general investment purpose, I would recommend NFC Phase 2 as it is still under priced as well as risk free.
    Please do more research before making any decision.

  3. i also planned for a plot here but confused what to do. the main reason is that either the managment is able to deliver the plots after 4 years and the sencond main thing is that no one knows the actual development charges one representative tell you 25000/- per marla and the second one said that it might be 35000/- the third one depends on time. you are right the the location is also not clear but the rumers are that that it comes after habib bank society almost 5 km far from Bahria.The charges are almost reasonable but the main issue is that either phase-ii will be established or not because phase 1 is launched in 1990s.

  4. Anonymous3:31 a.m.

    What is the confirm balloting date of P&D phase 2.

  5. Anonymous5:01 p.m.

    So Development charges are Rs. 60,000 per Marla, with no balloting confirm yet.

  6. I have no new updates about P&D phase 2 available. When any further information would be available, it would be provided here.

  7. Anonymous3:23 a.m.

    Hi, I have recently heard about P&D Fort Phase 2 plots being sold. The price being offered is 4.5lac for 5 marla. My question (which may sound stupid as i have not much experience in buying plots) is are development charges over and above this price? If yes, then how are they paid and any clue on what they are exactly? I read 60,000/marla above so it will be 4.5lac+3lac for 5 marla? Is this society a worthwhile long term investment?

    Some guidance will be highly appreciated!

    1. Salaam,
      No question is stupid dear.
      Development charges are paid when balloting is announced and land is purchased. Generally these are paid in quarterly installments. At present there is no confirm information available but it would not be less than 5 Lac for 5 Marla.
      It is a LONGGGGGG term investment and will take at least 10 years to offer plots to the members or good return.