Thursday, February 21, 2013

LDA Versus Bahria Town Lahore - Is it only a game?

Today Bahria Town has made a detailed announcement about its legality and status in national newspapers in response to LDA allegations printed in the newspapers and distributed brochures widely throughout Lahore.

Strangely LDA spent lot of money in hanging banners in main city area and Lahore canal road.

LDA also made these kinds of announcements when Bahria Town Lahore started its projects of
  1. Safari Villas (in 2004) - Official Website of Safari Villas Lahore
  2. Sector C (2005).

LDA remained silent during last 7 years when Bahria Town Lahore kept on introducing one after the other project and sector.

Bahria Town Lahore is of the view that it has nothing to do with LDA as it is not situated in LDA controlled area rather it is situated in TMA Iqbal Town area as per Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001.

I have personally passed through all the experiences which are related in buying, selling, transferring of property, tax payment, utility connections, constructiong, leasing from bank (Home financing), map approval, completion certificate of home in Bahria Town Lahore and Registry of property (and any other possible matter related to property) in Bahria Town Lahore.
During any of these process, there was no need to involve LDA. Instead of LDA Lahore, TMA Iqbal Town is always involved in above mentioned matters.

Meaning it is some game in between LDA and TMA or Bahria Town Lahore. Practically it has no effect on plots or plots holder. It can only little bit affect to new comers or price of plots.

By the way all of these Sectors are already sold by Bahria Town Lahore.

MORE about LDA, TMA and Bahria Town:


  1. Dear Hussain

    I have two plots in Sector E and 1 plot in Sector F. What would you suggest to me. Should i keep it untill the dust is cleared. Its hard earned money from last 15 years working outside pakistan. Or just get out at this point of time.

  2. Dear Sir,
    You have no option for Sector F as sale and transfer is not started for Sector F Bahria Town Lahore.

    As it is clearly mentioned in the post that it is only some kind of game. And every thing will become normal during next couple of days.
    It is easy to sell some property but it is very difficult to buy a property in normal rates and good project.

    Think more before making any decision.

  3. Dear Hussain,

    I have a plot in Sector E. What would be your suggestion for me. Today's Nawa-e-wakat has an banner add stating that Bahria is not approved by TMA as well. I did call to helpline, they said we didn't get any reply from TMA regarding any illegality. Moreover if we will get any intimation we will solve the issue.

  4. Dear Ali Kashif Sahib,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, the situation is now clear as LDA as well as TMA declared Bahria Town Sectors D, E and F are illegal (Though TMA has already approved the maps of few houses in Sector D - meaning it had no problem of illegality at least in Sector D at that time or they have introduced some new rules and regulations).
    Whatever the situation it may be in the past but at [resent, I have no doubt that Sector D, E and F are illegal.
    If I had a plot in any of above mentioned Sectors, I would not have sold it in this panic condition due to the reasons:
    1. It is not possible to get a proper rate as every buyer knows that the seller is panic
    2. I have no doubt that it is a game and Malik Riaz very well knows how to play and win the game
    3. When every thing will be clear (Personally I am 100% sure that it will will be clear soon) then it will be impossible to get a plot close to these rates.

    But you are not me and your thinking may be different than mine. So decide by yourself whether you can take the risk or not.

  5. Dear Hussain Kaisrani Sb,

    I am writing here actually not to give any comments to the story. Rather your profile has really impressed me alot especially the last line which says you are available in case some body needs you and ready to help in your capacity. This is really amazing in today's world.

    This is just to say thanks and acknowledge your great academic interest and taste.

    I am presently in Islamabad, in case I happen to visit Lahore, I shall definitely request some time to meet you.

    Thanks very much

  6. Anonymous8:23 am

    i think N league doing it because Riaz made zardari house in bahria.

  7. yes he is right Riaz made zardari house in bahria.
    Pakistan Real Estate

  8. assalam o alikum, Dear Hussain Kaisrani Sahib..
    i m an architectural student in final year and i choose amusement park as thesis topic and i want to make it in Bahria town. Do u want to make it (amusement park) plz tell me i m very thankfull to u.... just want ur suggestion about amusement park in Bahria town.

  9. because i wnt some information about that project from u...kindly response me?

  10. Sir please i want ur reply?

  11. @sheryarchitect,
    Thanks for your comments.
    I am sorry to disoppoint you that I have no relations with Bahria Town Management. You are requested to contact Bahria Town office for getting any suggestion or approval.
    Personally, I would like to see an amusement park in Bahria Town. Thanks.

    1. thanks sir to appritiate my proposal. Sir how can i approach to admin?

    2. Welcome!
      You need to visit Bahria Town main office (Lahore or Rawalpindi) along with your proposal and plan for further information and guidance.

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    block alamgir plot num 334 offer req.
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  13. How can we home finance property in bahria lahore as bank only accepts registery and bahria offers transfer deed only?

    1. Dear Rizwan Saeed Sahib,
      You can have registry of your plot in Bahria Town. There are many residents (including me) in Bahria Town Lahore who went through registry and financing process.
      It is worth mentioning that selling of registry plot / home in Bahria Town is very difficult.