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Frequently Asked Questions about Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore (PART 2)

Dear .............. Sahib,

My comments about your questions are in BLUE colour.
Hussain Kaisrani
My name is ........... and I am currently living in the UK
I visited your blog and you seem to have a good knowledge of the area i am interested in.
I hope you will have some time to answer some of my questions
1) I would like to move to Pakistan for at least a year with my wife and 4 kids. I am considering moving to Safari Village Bharia town. Is this the best or Is there a better location than Safari Village Lahore?

The project name is Safari Villas, Bahria Town Lahore
If you are asking about location within Bahria Town Lahore then Safari Villas is best option for the families who are shifting from abroad (We are discussing it at present. Otherwise Bahria Town is an ever growing project so new options keep on emerging there). I am recommending it due to following important factors:
community living, security and availability of facilities --- markets, mosque, water filtration plan, hospital, shops, parks, shopping mall, cinema, food courts, public and school transport, round the clock maintenance staff etc etc.

In case you are asking better locations in Lahore other than Bahria Town then it totally depends upon your priorities. There are certainly many options available close to city area.

2) What are the rents like in Safari Village Lahore? or the area you think is best suitable. ( for 5 marla and 10 marla furnished properties)
Rents are almost same throughout Bahria Town Lahore. You can get a villa from 5 Marla to 10 Marla at  Rs.26,000/= to 45,000/= per month (non furnished). You can hardly find a furnished property in Lahore as this concept does not normal exist in Pakistan. Furnished properties are rented out on very high rates.

3) Are there any kids activities/clubs? I really would like my children to go swimming, horse riding karate etc
Other than swimming, all other activities mentioned by you are available for kids and young ones. As per Bahria Town management statement, swimming pool would also be available in a year or so if not earlier.

4) Does electricity go off?
Generally it does NOT go off. 

5) What does it cost for basic utilities, ie gas, electric, water, security etc for average 5 & 10 marla house.
It does not depend much upon size of the house but the season and how much these facilities are used. Rates are not much different for all these facilities than other housing projects of Lahore.
Security and water (plus many other facilities) are included in monthly living cost (you can say it Council Tax in UK terminology) which is Rs.1,500/= per month. In Safari Villa project, 10 Marla villas are very limited in quantity. Generally people prefer 8 Marla Villas to rent out for small families.

6) Do the schools have good teachers?  Are the schools good?
This is difficult to reply as good is vague or a relative term. At least I can confirm this that Bahria Town Lahore school provides far more better quality education than British national schools. For getting more people's review about it, please visit following posts of my blog:

7) Is it possible to find a furnished house in Safari Village for rent? any online sites I can try?
I do not think that you can find and get a Safari Villas rented online. These are not advertised online due to very high demand. Generally an owner can rent out his/her villa within couple of days. Only those people will try to hunt online renter who want to fetch extra money from some person who has no idea of ground realities and market rates. You may keep on visiting for general information about Lahore properties.
Thanks and regards,
Hussain Kaisrani 

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