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Updated on June 20, 2013 - Location Map of DHA CITY EME SECTOR Multan Road Lahore

DHA CITY LOCATION (Updated on June 20, 2013)

(Full page detailed information with expected map of DHA CITY, Discussions, Comments, Frequently asked Questions, pros and cons of newly launch DHA CITY EME Sector, Application forms with confirm booking and price structure is already made available here)

Following Questions with their replied are added (with Courtesy to CMY of Lahore Real Estate):
What size of plot should I apply ?

I am only investing because Lahore Real Estate is now booking these plots?How do I know for sure I am in first 5000 people with 30% down payment for confirm application?How many plots of 5 marla 10 malra and 1 kanal?

Lahore real estate highly recommended that you apply for 5 or 10 Marla plots only. Apply only if you want to make a house here and have pocket to pay installments in next 3 years. I think best buy are 5 marla plots as these are lower budget plots priced better. In one kanal there is lot of good choice available in proper DHA Lahore. At 3760000 you can buy a fully developed ready plot with development charges paid in DHA Lahore phase 7. DHA city plot of one kanal costs Rs 3760000 and with development charges it will cost min 47 lacs. DHA 9 one kanal allocation costs 15.45 lacs and with development charges it will cost you in future total only 25 lacs. If they imposed 30 lacs development charges I think DHA 9 will still have better price and location so I request you to apply for 5 Marla or max 10 Marla. I know I will loose commission for not recommending 1 kanal but I dont want make my commission at your pocket cost cause it dont make me feel good.

I am only investing because Lahore Real Estate is now booking these plots?
I think you should do a lot of research on your own and book if YOUR HEART is 100%. We dont know if prices will shoot to moon after ballot or fall to earth in coming days
for plots of DHA City Lahore. We only want to help those people that have made
up their minds on their own and want to apply in DHA City Lahore. We only registered for DHA
City Lahore after finding out it a true military run housing scheme by DHA EME sector and after we found our they have lot of land purchased under village SHAH PUR KANJRAAN between Multan road and Ravi river.
How do I know for sure I am in first 5000 people with 30% down payment for confirm application?
We are told by DHA City management they will tell registered dealers and
announce it in news papers and TV etc when they have received first 5000
applications with 30% down.

How many plots of 5 marla 10 malra and 1 kanal?
No official answer but guess is no master plan is made yet. They have all
needed land but will draw the map after looking at how many plots are applied
for each category. I think total number of plots will be about 7000 to 10000
in first phase for land near SHAH PUR interchange and later on they will
have more plots for Shuhda and Jawans near Eden Value Villas land and near motorway interchange.

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Development of housing schemes: City bosses asked to enforce NOC clause (Syed Irfan Raza)

Senators monitoring the affairs of private and cooperative housing schemes in the capital territory have said that infrastructure development for such projects must not take place without the authorities’ clearance.

A subcommittee of the Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet, headed by Senator Shahid Hassan Bugti, in a recent meeting directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) that no housing society should start work without issuance of a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Though NOC is already mandatory under the CDA by-laws, still neither the civic agency nor the societies follow this law, causing financial and administrative irregularities in the affairs of the housing schemes.

According to the CDA rules, managements of housing schemes have to get approved their layout plans as a first step towards developing a project. At this stage, the authority’s planning wing provides a list of conditions which must be met to obtain a final NOC.

One of the basic requirements for obtaining the NOC is the purchase of a compact piece of land (400 kanals in Zone-V and 800 kanals in Zone-II), of which 30 per cent is mortgaged with the CDA.

It has been observed that most of the housing societies start development work without purchasing the required land and cheat their members by giving wrong information.

However, a senior official of the CDA’s planning wing told Dawn that “there are only a few societies which started development work without purchasing the required land.”

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was a general practice in the authority that NOCs were granted to the housing societies after the approval of their engineering plans.

It has been learnt that out of total 55 functional cooperatives and private housing schemes in the federal capital, 18 have acquired NOCs from the CDA.

According to the law all cooperatives housing societies are registered with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration, and those launched by private firms are registered with the CDA.

Many believe that though the overall performance of both cooperatives and private housing schemes are not up to the mark, it is far better than that of the civic agency.

Of total 55 housing societies/schemes, 18 have obtained NOCs and housing has started there. They are:

Private Schemes: Margalla View Housing Scheme, OPF Housing Scheme, River Gardens Housing Scheme, R.P. Corporation Housing Scheme, New Islamabad Garden Housing Scheme and Zaraj Housing Scheme.

Cooperative Societies: Multi-Professional Cooperatives Housing Scheme, Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Scheme, Civilians Cooperative Housing Scheme, Ahbab Cooperative Housing Scheme, Cabinet Division Cooperative Housing Scheme, Federation of Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme, National Police Foundation Cooperative Housing Scheme, OGDC Officers Cooperative Housing Society, Doctors Cooperatives Housing Scheme, Federal Shariat Court Cooperative Housing Scheme and T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

Rest of the registered cooperatives societies and private housing schemes are Accounts Group Officers Cooperative Housing Society, CBR Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, IB Employees Cooperative Housing Society, KRL Employees Cooperative Housing Society, PWD Employees Cooperative Housing Society, PAEC Employees Cooperative Housing Society, National Assembly Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Senate (Sectt) Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Work No Word Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistani Professionals Cooperative Housing Society, Baltistan Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad; Christian Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society, Engineers Cooperative Housing Society, Islamic University Staff Cooperative Housing Society, Islamabad; Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society, NIE Employees Cooperative Housing Society, OGDC Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society, PARC Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Services Cooperative Housing Society, State life Insurance Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Veterans Cooperative Housing Society, Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Ministry of Religious Affairs Cooperative Housing Society, FIA Employees Cooperative Housing Society and ICI Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

Updated on June 20, 2013 -- Expected Location Map of DHA CITY EME SECTOR LAHORE

DHA CITY LOCATION PLAN (Updated on June 20, 2013)


It is an expected location map of DHA City, EME Sector Lahore. It is NOT 100% final until DHA CITY Lahore officially announces it. (Courtesy: LRE)
For more detail of project, Please Click Here. In this detailed page about DHA CITY you will find almost all possible questions. For example:

DHA City location?
Development charges amount will be?
When the development will be started and time line of completion?
Is it a safe investment?
Is it a good investment?

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Can Eden Housing Ltd Lahore provide free electricity to its residents through Solar Panel System?

Eden Solar Homes - Prices, Sizes and Payment plans (Updated on June 20, 2010)

Eden Solar Homes by Eden Housing Limited is verbally passing on following information about its newly launched project.

As usual there are following three kind of houses are being offered by Eden Housing Ltd:

3.5 Marla home
On Cash Payment:
Rs. 30.5 Lac
On Installments: Rs. 34.4
Mode of Payment: 10 % Advance rest in 6 installments in approx 1.5 year and remaining 5% on possession

5 Marla home
On Cash Payment: Rs. 38.4 Lac
Rs. 43.40
Mode of Payment: 10% Advance rest in 6 installments in approx 1.5 year and 5 % on possession

10 Marla home

On Cash Payment: Rs. 69.9 Lac
On Installments: Rs. 79.9
Mode of Payment: 10 % Advance rest in 6 instalments appox 1.5 year and 5 % on possession

Eden Housing Ltd will be offering two electricity connections for all homes
  1. Solar Panel System
  2. WAPDA regular Connection

Solar for all homes, The project will give facility:

A Fan, A Tube light and an Energy Saver Bulb. The remaining requirement will be fulfilled by regular WAPDA connection.

After DHA City Lahore, another scheme of EDEN Housing is coming and this time they are marketing of giving free electricity to all house holder generated solar energy

For those who done little research on solar energy know how much its upfront and the mainterance cost etc..

Today all TV channels shows there long long ads you can see full page newspaper ad (which is being reproduced here).

Tariq replied on Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:16 PM PST

frineds dont come into their trap otherwise you have to lost your money same like us.

Sumair replied on Thursday, June 17, 2010 10:56 PM PST

I am a Mechanical Engineer... and this is ridiculous what Eden is saying that they r providing solar energy to the houses.. Hah... It is too much costly.. And also their efficiency is just 10% so dnt waste ur money no need... u need about 40-60 lacs minimum for one house so u can calculate it .....


@li replied on Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:34 PM PST

very tricky ppl... read the
news again .... clearly mention that ( BIJLI FOR BUNYADI ZAROORIAAT.

mean for one home they will give 1 tube light and one fan ;)

like a 10000 Rs UPS
Courtesy: LRE

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Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore - A pictorial report


Updated on June 20, 2013: DHA City (EME Sector DHA) Multan Road Lahore - Location Plan & Map and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Latest Updates are provided on following Link.
http://kaisrani.blogspot.ae/2015/11/dha-city-lahore-things-you-must-know.html (December 2015)

DHA CITY Lahore Location Map

(Updated on June 20, 2013) 

(Updated information (June 30, 2010) is made available HERE).
The Map of an expected location of DHA CITY EME SECTOR is reproduced here.
This post will discuss following very important questions about DHA City:

DHA City location?
Development charges amount will be?
When the development will be started and time line of completion?
Is it a safe investment?
Is it a good investment?
After understanding all the pros and cons of the project, if you want to apply for a CONFIRMED plot then you may use following form provided by LAHORE REAL ESTATE the authorized dealer of DHA CITY.
DHA EME SECTOR Multan Road Lahore today announced a new project DHA CITY. The development charges and location is not being made clear yet. It seems that the location would be on Multan Road instead of Canal Road area. The rates are on higher side as development charges will be added later which will certainly be in lacs.

It is worth mentioning that the project is NOT a part of PROPER DHA but is a safe and secure military project under the management of DHA EME Sector Lahore. It is strange that the DHA CITY office, TV Newspapers ads and official website are silent about the most important aspect of a housing scheme,"THE LOCATION".

It is obvious that there is no place left for a new housing project on Canal Road till Bahria Town Lahore. The location is certainly some where on Multan Road. There are two reasons that DHA City management is not disclosing the location.
  • They have not yet purchased the land for their project.
  • The location is so bad that its announcement will create bad effect and the project will be flop.
Where may the possible location? I am being asked many friends and visitor of this blog. I see the following possibilities:
  1. I think that it will be behind Park View Villas (at River Edge Housing Scheme) Multan Road, Lahore. In this project an on ground plot with possession of 5 Marla is being sold at Rs.11,75,000/= only. The society is fully developed and few houses are already built and people are living over there.
  2. Sources are saying its under and around village SHAHPUR KANJRAAN near Ravi between Multan road and Ravi river.

For understanding of DHA CITY, Latest Lahore Master Plan (updated on May 28, 2010) with Lahore Ring Road Map should be visited which is available here.


Today (June 18, 2010) brother CMY has written an article on DHA City on his page. It is being reproduced below with courtesy of Lahore Real Estate:
DHA City Lahore FAQ

Many friends have emailed or called me desperately looking for these answers on DHA City Lahore. They want to know

DHA City location?
Development charges amount will be?
When the development will be started and time line of completion?
Is it a safe investment?
Is it a good investment?

To date I was trying not to get into trouble by commenting on DHA City scheme before booking date is over. Because people will book it anyway and are booking it in herds no matter what CMY says about it. Not many of the guys are booking these plots trough LRE and will not share their gains with me or give credit to LRE for good investment advoice from our heart if prices do rise after the ballot and I dont want to get blamed unnecessarily if prices do fall after ballot because when I stopped people in past not to do investment in BT phase 9 and DHA Valley not only they still invested in it but I also lost them as my future clients because they cant sell these files through me anymore due to shame they bought it against my advioce. I dont want not to get into balme games mess about DHA City Lahore in future. I am too sick too old and too tired to fight these type of unfair people who dont take resposibilty of their own wrong actions. They dont do what I tell them do at time of need but latter put all blame on me for their inaction on right time.

Due to love for my overseas friends Today I am forced once again to post these answers because no one in DHA Lahore or EME sector is giving this info to public. I see very confused people every where on web in emails and on phone calls 24 hours a day. DHA City Lahore have failed to give a direct phone no for overseas Pakistanis because toll free no it gave in ads or on www.DHACity.com is not working for overseas guys so I am answering all those calls 24 hours a day like I had to answer for DHA Lahore phase 8. Even though I dont want to answer any thing about DHA city here on web till booking was closed I cant see my Friends suffer any more mentally or financially every where as they cant get no answers from any where.

DHA City location?

No official announcement or phone call or personal visit answers from DHA EME sector management. Since I have no official answers I will only GUESS and my GUESS is as good or bad as any other visitor here. MY GUESS is DHA EME sector management is not officially disclosing the exact location due to fear of not getting pockets land cleared on decent prices. My personal research have showed me they are buying land starting from Eden Value homes land near SHAHPUR KANJRAAN VILLAGE on back of Park View Villas Multan road to all they way down upto CHUNG village in between Multan road and Ravi river banks. Since DHA City Lahore have not officialy announced the location yet they have choice to give you plot even in or near Central Park on Ferozpur road. You also have a choice not book or buy plot in DHA City until you officially get a location map for DHA City Lahore. You have option to buy WHEN all these answers are available. Please please please dont blame me latter if DHA City Lahore location is not 100% same as I gave you above because I got nothing to gain or loose from giving this location to you. i am a common man like you that work 16 hours a day to earn living for me a my family. If I was so powerful or rich or corrupt I wont be siting here talking to you on this web page.

Development charges?

Again no official info is available from EME sector management so I have to guess it for you. Looking at most recent DHA Lahore phase 8 development charges I believe they wont be less than 10 lacs for DHA City Lahore. So we can safely say they will be between 10 and 15 lacs due to inflation rate increases etc. I wish and pray and will be a gift if they are less than 10 lacs per kanal.

When the development will be started and time line of completion?

I think not all land is in possession of developers at this point other wise they would given you the location map with their ads. I think this project development could not be started before 2 years and may take minimum 5 years to get developed. Only invest keeping in mind this is min 5 years before you get a developed plot.

Is it a safe investment?

DHA Lahore and DHA EME sector are two separate projects. DHA City Lahore is NOT a part of proper DHA Lahore like phase 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc. Both have independent managements. DHA EME sector does their own development,They have their own by laws and do their own transfers but only a highest level DHA EME sector comes under DHA Lahore proper supervision. Other than that DHA Lahore have no control or responsibility for what DHA EME sector management want to or is doing. To date DHA EME sector management have done a wonderful job for their scheme that is on Multan road Lahore. Excelent development - Qabza group free - fraud free transfers and superb up keep of this scheme DHA EME sector is an evidence that this scheme is well run.

DHA City Lahore is a military scheme using DHA Lahore EME sector name means no one is going to run away with your money.

Is it a good investment?

I wish I had answer for these questions before giving answer of above question.
How many total plots? How many 1 kanal 10 or 5 Marla plots? What is location of scheme? How master plan layout looks like? When it will be handed over to me.
Since all this info in not available at this point I will have to guess and guide you based on just my own experience in this field.

If any one want to invest here for short term gains immediately after the ballot I dont he will be able see any good profits before 1 to 2 years after ballot. I wish I will be wrong but I think prices will fall after booking or ballot. It dont meen it wont be booked. It will be well over booked in my opinion. 100s of People are are standing in lines to book plot daily. Almost every dealer in Lahore have make shift camps set up near booking office because EME is offering 2% commission for booking via registered dealers. Call volume from people want to book these with help of Lahore Real Estate is good.

Problem is 1000s of buyers that wanted to buy DHA City Lahore in near future may have already booked it directly with developers so Its very unlikely they will buy it from open market immidaitly after ballot. Many people are booking 2 3 4 5 6 even 10 plots when they don't want to keep even one plot. They want to get rich quick. These people will be heavy sellers near each installment and real smart educated solid buyers wont show up until after DHA city location map is out development charges are known and development started and layout map is out. These get rich quick people will get hurt like DHA Valley guys and likely to drive the price down during first one or two year of booking/ballot. Price is not likly to rise because 1000s of plots in all sizes will be available for sale in each size after the ballot/booking. Looking at TV and newspaper ads and amount spent on advertisements I think DHA City Lahore will have min 15000 20000 plots. Why I think there will be thousands of plots and they will be on loss. DHA phase 8 have less than 250 plots of 5 Marla. There were many people that want to have plot for making house but still there are dozens of 5 Marla plots in market.Short term ivestors are now sellers and they are asking to sell at profit of Rs 1 to 1.5 lacs but not to many buyers. I have a DHA 8 5 marla plot Y292 for sale at just 75000 profit on paid amount. But even with just 1.5 lacs installment we are unable to find any solid buyer at this time. How will we be able to find buyers when there will be 100s or perhaps thousands of plot in market with no location no development plots. Here is DHA 8 we know map we know location we know development time but buyer is still not buying yet. So I think if you are a short term profit taker it not impossible but unlikely to get profit in DHA City Lahore.

If you are a person that want to build a house in a good neat secure safe place in future or you have power to pay installment for next 2 3 for each plot you are going to hold You could safely apply in DHA City Lahore keeping in mind not to expect any quick profit in 1 to 2 years after ballot/booking. In long run this will be a great investment. You will have DHA name DHA bylaws and DHA development standards DHA fraud free transfer DHA Qabza group free plots. Your money will be safe with a military scheme. It wont be a ONE MAN show. Lets assume DHA City 5 Marla will have 3 lacs development charges. Your total cost of 5 Marla plot in INSTALLMENTS IN YEARS will be just 13 lacs. What could be better than this. Please tell me any place in Lahore with name of DHA a developed plot will be available in this low price after 5 years from today?

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
UPDATED on June 24, 2010

DHA City Lahore Application Through Lahore Real Estate

Please note after a thorough investigation and back ground check out market reputation checks out of 4000 dealers in Lahore DHA City Lahore EME sector management have select us the Lahore Real Estate as one of the first registered dealer.

Now if you want to book a plot in DHA City Lahore please use this form to get confirm bookings.

tufail khan sargodha replied on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 01:50 PM PST

i want to give all my payment on spot how much the total payment of 5 merla
and secondly with conferme application how much the total estimate of payments

Khan replied on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 07:21 PM PST

dear CMY Sb,

i remember that in one of your post you highlighted the bad points associated with this scheme, so can't understand your involvement in the balloting phase, kia yeah khula tazad nahin hai :)

CMY replied on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 08:12 PM PST

kia yeah khula tazad nahin hai :)

I like it. It was very funny. You have a point.

Khan bhai we have all facts here and there are 1000s of people that want to book this scheme. Above forms are for those people that must want to book it.

Since its a genuine military scheme and it is going to be a very large project in Lahore at a very decent price and on installments too we cant afford to ignore it just because location is not officially announced or development charges are not announced yet by DHA City Lahore. Even with 10 lacs per kanal it will be worth to own plot in DHA t this price.

During past many days I was trying my best to get more info about authenticity of this project from high ups and people in market and around that area. I now felt more comfortable after 1 got some positive and favorable answers from serving officers and put a registration application with them based on that info.

Soon there is going to be a DHA City type project by DHA in every major city of Pakistan and first plots will be sold to general public and with the profits and proceeds from sold plots smaller 3 marla and 5 Marla plots will be alloted to Fallen soldiers families and other lower rank officers military. This project was launched on those lines.

I was so worried about people that were booking in DHA City Lahore with their pension money I kept requesting every serving officer in military to please check the authenticity of project for me so my be by mistake I cant hurt any one. They said project is known and approved by military and was first offered to DHA Lahore but they said they were too busy and not interested on a project not near their current areas.

Keep in mind 1 or 20 bookings commission have no value in my eyes. I could have easily skipped it because in one or two good DHA proper deals I could make more money. I was very reluctant to put those forms online even today but I thought it will not be fair not to work in this project if its a genuine military project.

Every one else is also requested to check from their own sources from military before they book a plot in DHA City Lahore. I did my home work and is now going to take my chance. You should also check every part of project from your own sources and only after your heart is 100% comfortable than invest in the project. Profit or loss is not in my control.

JOHAR (Saudi Arabia) replied on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 08:46 PM PST

@Brother CMY,

I don't think so its KHULA TAZAD. Definitely project is military approved but what you did,just informed/intimated the public about your views/concerns and hush-hush of scheme in terms of investment for investors and real customers keeping in view of your property experience and current/future market scenario/position.
Its upto customer to finalize the decision which may vary/suit from person to person depending on its position/situation.
You are not forcing anyone to apply in this scheme and i think you can't do it even intentionally. Its public own decision and let them apply.Yes if somebody wants to apply through LRE you must entertain and provide them full support with genuine commission.

Warm Regards,
DHA City has provided following information on its newly constructed website.


What are the sizes of residential plots?

5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots are being offered at this stage.

Are Commercial Plots also being offered?
Commercial plots will be offered later.
Location of the Project
What is the location of the project ?
DHA City is located near DHA EME Sector.
Prices and Payment Plan
What are the prices of plots ?

Prices of plots are as follows:

5 M990,000/-
10 M198,000/-
1 Kanal3,760,000/-
Excluding Development Charges
What is the payment plan ?
Three years payment plan is being offered which is as follows:

Confirmed Allotment (on 30%down Payment)*


30%Down Payment
10% at 1st
11 Equal Quarterly
*only for first 5000 applicants

For Allotment through balloting (on 10%down Payment )


10% Down Payment
10% on Confirmation after
12 Equal Quarterly
Application Form Submission and Payments

Where I can get the Application Form?

Application Form can be obtained in any of the following manners:
  • Directly download from website www.dhacity.com
  • From selected branches of HBL
  • From DHA City office at DHA EME Sector Multan Road, Lahore


Is there any fee for Application Form?

Application Form is free of cost.


Is photo copy of application form accepted?



What are the requirements for applying for a plot?

Applicant can apply in following manner:

Confirmed Allotment (on 30%down Payment)*


Processing Fee
(non refundable)
30%Down Payment
Total payable with Application Form
*only for first 5000 applicants

For Allotment through balloting (on 10%down Payment )


Fee (non refundable)
10% Down Payment(100% Refundable)
Total payable with Application Form


Is there Any Discount on 100% down payment?

There is no Discount on 100% down payment.


In which name PO/DD is to be made?

PO/DD to be made in favour of “DHA City Lahore”.


How can i submit the Application Form?

Completed Application Form along with payment can be submitted in any of the following manner:
  • At any branch of HBL in Pakistan and oversease.
  • Mail, or personally deposit, at DHA City office, DHA Lahore EME Sector, Multan Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore.

What is the last Submission date of Application Form?

Last submission date is 07 july 2010.


Can I apply after last Date?

Applications received after last date will not be considered.

Balloting for Allotment

When will be the Balloting held?

Balloting will be held in two steps as follows:
  • Computerized Balloting for allotment will be held within three months from last submission date of Application Form i.e. 7th Oct 2010.
  • Computerized balloting for plot location will be held separately in due course of time.

How will applicant be informed if he is successful in balloting?

Confirmation letters will be sent after balloting at address given in Application Form.

What if I apply for confirmed allotment with 30% down paymnet and I am not among the first 5000 applicants ?
If your application is not among the first 5000 applicants then :

a) Your application will be included in balloting.
b) If application is unsuccessful in ballot your amount excluding processing fee will be refunded with in one month from ballot.
c) If applicant is successful in ballot then surplus amount will be refunded with in one month of ballot.


What if I am unsuccessful in balloting?

Amount deposited by the applicant excluding Processing Fee will be refunded 100% within three months of balloting.

Can I get the plot of my own choice ?
It is not possible because the location will be as per computerized balloting.

What if I want two adjacent plots?

It is not possible because locations will be given through computerized balloting.

Development Charges & Possession

When would development charges be payable ?
It would be communicated in due course of time. Development charges will be applicable in accordance with pre-vailing market rates.

When will I get the possession of plot?

Possession will be handed over after completion of Development Works as per standard practice of DHA.


Office Address:
DHA City Office at DHA Lahore EME Sector,
Multan Road, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore Pakistan.

Toll Free No: 0800-44790

Email: sales@dhacity.com

Pakistan Army intends to provide plots to Shuhda’s families, soldiers and junior commissioned & non-commissioned officers, on subsidized prices. For this purpose, DHA City has been planned at Lahore. In order to make this high-priority welfare endeavor financially do-able, DHA City will include sectors for all citizens of Pakistan.

The project is conceived as a self-contained world class township comprising high quality state-of-the-art infrastructure and contemporary amenities for education, health-care, entertainment, institutional and cultural needs. Products in the project will cover full canvas from small plots/houses for the lower income brackets to sophisticated communities for high-end consumers. On completion, the project will be administrated, supervised and maintained in the enviable disciplined traditions of DHA.

In line with the traditions of DHA, DHA City Lahore has been planned to be an exquisite piece of land spanning over thousands of kanals, and endowed with ultramodern town planning, superb living facilities, recreational openings, lush green public parks, elite educational institutions, lavish shopping malls and eventually the most ornate surroundings fortified by state-of-the-art infrastructure for the esteemed residents.

Plot Size Price*

5 Marla 990,000
10 Marla 1,980,000
1 Kanal 3,760,000
Plot Size & Price
Payment Plan
Terms & Conditions
1 Processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
2 Computerized balloting for Allotment will be held within three months.
3 Computerized balloting for plot location will be held separately later
—- in due course of time.
4 Deposit of unsuccessful applicants will be refunded within three
—-months of balloting. However, unsuccessful applicant is not entitled
—- to claim any markup/interest on the deposit or allotment in lieu
—- thereof.
5 Amount deposited by the successful applicant is non-refundable.
6 Development charges are not included in price and will be charged
—- separately later.

Salient Features

The following features will be the hallmark of DHA City.
Interchanges from all main roads to its wide main boulevard
Expressways and flyovers
Recreational and amusement facilities.
Health care institutions.
Elementary primary, college and university education.
Business and trade centre.
High end as well as affordable prices and products.
Serene parks, play areas and sporting facilities
Commercial complexes on most modern lines
Underground electrification with special vermin proof wiring in
selected sectors.
WHO standard water supply
HFC (Hybrid Fibre Optic Cable) at elementary and primary level
24 hr security and GIS monitoring

Community Living

These days, one of the biggest considerations any potential homebuyer faces is location. The careful, sensitive and disciplined master-planning of DHA City, takes into consideration all such factors to bring long-lasting benefits and satisfaction to the residents. It is a well-planned community which creates a complete residential experience providing a variety of housing choices and meeting residents’ needs for recreation, sports and open spaces

Educational Facilities

DHA Lahore lays special emphasis on excellence in its educational provisions and facilities through elite schools, colleges, libraries and universities within its boundaries, in unison with its modern living facilities. All these ensure an environment conducive for upbringing aware and competitive individuals for a shinning tomorrow.

Parks & Play Areas

The vast variety of verdant parks that are planned for DHA City will feature wonderful professionally prepared jogging tracks and tennis courts for adults, with swing areas for kids. Places where the whole family can come to bring some freshness and solace into their otherwise fast-paced lives. A special security system outside each park makes it extremely reliable for the parents with children to visit daily. These playing arenas also serve as spots where families can unite and share cherished moments

Shopping & Entertainment

Revel in the freedom to shop and marvel at the heart-throb variety provided by the ultra modern shopping malls. DHA City will be equipped with its own exclusive international standard shopping mall serving as a one stop shopping and entertainment hub and catering to all daily needs.
DHA City will also feature a complete range of culinary experiences from continental to local traditional delicacies the local and international restaurants operating within its vicinity.

Roads & Infrastructure

The wide, fully carpeted and smooth roads with beautiful greenbelts at DHA City will be a luxury in a city like Lahore, providing easy access all across and out of the city

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

State-of-the-art medical facilities include DHA Lahore’s own Hospital. Managed and run by highly qualified specialists and army doctors, the Hospital comprises international standard diagnosis and treatment facilities. These include latest testing laboratories and equipments, ultra-sound and scanning facilities, angioplasty and dialysis units, clean modern wards, labour rooms, and exclusive private rooms.

Environment & Horticulture

DHA City will feature free of cost Horticulture services, including:

•Roadside plantation

•Maintenance of trees including replacement of dead ones
•Maintenance of parks
•Maintenance of green belts, medians and roundabouts
•Conversion of empty plots into green areas
In order to ensure pure clean drinking, the water will be pumped directly from an aquifer at 650 ft deep – safer than commercially bottled water – to ensure purity. Also, nonstop full water supply at all hours is ensured for the convenience of the residents.

Environment & Horticulture

DHA City will feature free of cost Horticulture services, including:

•Roadside plantation

•Maintenance of trees including replacement of dead ones
•Maintenance of parks
•Maintenance of green belts, medians and roundabouts
•Conversion of empty plots into green areas
In order to ensure pure clean drinking, the water will be pumped directly from an aquifer at 650 ft deep – safer than commercially bottled water – to ensure purity. Also, nonstop full water supply at all hours is ensured for the convenience of the residents.

Safety & Security

A socially responsible society, DHA City will take extensive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all its residents. The society plans a 24 hour surveillance patrol handled by a team of security personnel. In addition, DHA City Lahore also operates its own fire brigade and ambulance services.

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