Monday, May 24, 2010

Park View Villas Multan Road (Opposite to DHA EME Sector) Lahore

It was a new name for me when Lahore Real Estate started introducing Park View Villas, Multan Road Lahore. I decided to visit the site thoroughly. When I reached there it was a great surprise for me as it used to be RIVER EDGE but now there was no sign of it. The site has not only changed the name but also changed the management as well as working methodology. It was amazing to see that society is fully developed and finishing touches are being given before a proper launch in the market. Park View Villas is also constructing few villas which seems to be Model Villas. Few villas are already constructed (may be) by the owners. The Society has wall around all the project. Plots are on ground level in general but boundary plots are bit deeper. Roads network is finalized.

The management is very well known and experienced in Housing project. The location is ideal for the people who want to live near the city area.

River Edge did not have a cut on Multan Road if coming from City but Park View Villas has controlled the matter by getting a service road from DHA EME Sector crossing.

Though it is not yet being advertised and Society has not yet managed its marketing offices properly but a significant number of visitors were seen there. I am sure that Park View Villas will have no problem in selling its plots and villas due to its edges i.e. fully developed, good location and best possible price of plots.

usmani replied on Monday, May 24, 2010 09:33 PM PST

Good work Mr. KAISRANI, keep it up,very positve think.

Khawaja Ilyas replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:34 AM PST

Hello, Please tell me what is the
prices of the villas in this society ? what is the price of house in 5 marla house and 10 marla house ? and the plots ?

M. Shafi replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:32 AM PST

Yesterday I too visited
park view villas Multan road after reading information here. I am very happy to know such a good 5 Marla ready plot bargain is still available at Rs 1075000.

LRE I am looking for a 5 Marla pair to build a house for me and my brother. Do you have any pairs available?

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:08 AM PST

@ Khawaja Ilyas Sahib,
The Society has not announced the booking (and price) of villas. The detail of plots along with price is as follows:

Project Features

  • Approved by LDA Vide Letter #: CMP/LDA/518-S/493. Dated: 02/09/2006

  • Great Location with Direct Access from Multan Road

  • Only 3 KM from Thokar Niaz Baig Fly Over

  • Only 2 KM from M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway Interchange

  • Only 2 KM from Lahore Ring Road

  • Inside the Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 4

  • In front of DHA EME Sector close to the junction of Canal Road and Multan Road

  • Development Standard equivalent to or better than DHA EME Sector

  • Bye-Laws Standard and Enforcement similar to DHA Proper

  • Major Renovation, Upgradation and Enhancement of Scheme in progress

  • All utilities available except Sui Gas which is in final stages (work from the society side done)

  • All land shown on map is in possession of the society and boundary walled

  • Many houses finished or under construction

  • Expected to be heavily populated very soon due to Great Location and Affordable Price

  • Gated Community

  • 24 Hours Patrolling and Security

  • 24 Hours Public Transport

Plot Features

  • Immediate Possession

  • Great Price: Rs. 10.75 Lacs Only ( 5 Marla Plots in EME are priced at 30 to 35 Lacs )

  • All Development Charges Included in this Price

  • Very nominal transaction fees and society charges to encourage genuine home makers & builders (Tranfer Fee: Only Rs. 16,000: Demarcation & Possession Charges Only Rs. 500 per Marla)

  • Appx. 12 KM closer to the city compared with another great option: Bahria Town Sector B

  • No Hidden, Unexpected or Escalation Charges as the plots are already fully developed &
    with immediate possession

  • Almost no downside risk due to Construction Activity and Very Affordable Price

  • LRE Offers Best 5 Marla Locations in Jade Block near Model Homes & only 300 Meters from Multan Road

  • Buy Today Build Today

Directions to Visit

Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate


  1. Dear brother,
    How about the transfer and leagel affairs related to possession for buyer etc.


  2. Dear Danii,
    Many thanks for your comment/question.

    Society has just launched its project so transfer process has not yet started but the management says that they will announce the start transfer within a month or so.

    The Society is offering possession soon after buying of payment.


  3. Dear Kaisrani sab,

    I have very hard-earned money and i want to buy a 5 marla plot to build an home immediately. My budget is low around 10lacs, Will it be safe and good to buy plot there in Park View Villas. I need your sincere advise. Also i have heard the Park View Villas plots are not with registry and only with allotment letter. Why it is so and is it not unsafe.

  4. Dear Danii,

    I do not have any inside information about the project. As per my research the project is safe and its price is best as far as location is concerned. Society does not have gas facility yet. As all the land is under society control and it is offering you an on ground plot on which you can start construction, so it is good choice. I have discussed the matter with Adil Saeed about registry and he was of the view that you can go for registry if interested. One of my very close family member has bought a plot (No. 265 in Jade block) from Adil Saeed of Lahore Real Estate who was offering non boundary plots which are more safer and not deep.
    As it is your hard earned money so please do more research in this regard. Why not you visit the site office and ask them about registry? If it is the only concern you can clear it with them.

    It is just to share with you that buyers are not interested in registry in good private housing projects. It is VERY hard to sell a plot or house in DHA or Bahria Town etc if it has registry. But in new projects one should make all things clear.


  5. Dear Kaisrani sb,

    Thanks for your detailed answer. Can i ask you to do a little help and you will be very kind if suggest me where should i buy the plot in lahore where in your knowledge it is going to be safe and leagle. I want to construct a house slowly while living there in low budget.


  6. Dear Adnan,
    You are welcome!
    How much you mean from low budget?
    Besides this almost all of housing projects which can offer you possession and construction on your plot.
    I bought a house in Bahria Town in 2004 when every one (including LDA) was saying that it is an illegal project. LDA announced a full page advertisement on almost all the national newspapers that Bahria Town is not a legal housing project.
    Any housing project where you can start construction and living will be having more than Rs.200,000/= per marla.
    You may go through following articles which may help you in making your mind for buying a proper plot and constructing a house on it.
    The Construction Of Your Dream Home – Part 1. Its link is:
    The Construction Of Your Dream Home – Part 2. Its link is:

    In present situation Park View Villas is best option but one should buy only those plots which are not deep and not close to boundaries.

  7. Thanks Kaisrani sb,

    I will defiantly read you article first and get you back soon. Meanwhile can you tell me that do you have any knowledge about Lahore Medical College Housing Scheme phase-2. Near Jalo mor. One of my colleague has bought a plot there. The price there is 1.85 to 1.95 per marla. There is no electricity and gas yet. Phase 1 though is very developed and costly.

  8. Yes! I have been to Lahore Medical College Housing Society projects. I will suggest you not to go for its phase 2 as it will take long time to develop.
    As you have concerns about legality so neither its phase 1 nor phase 2 and phase 3 is legal. LDA has refused to approve the project so you will not be able to get an approved plan of your home from LDA. In my views it is not a big issue but the plot should be physically existing.
    The problem with these kinds of projects is that the residents violate the rules and regulations as there is no control of any authority upon them. If you visit Lahore Medical Housing Society phase 1, you will find commercial buildings within the residential area. Just to give you the example of this problem. In first street (from the main gate) of Lahore Medical College phase 1, a three storey building is constructed which is attached to the boundary of Medical College.

    The streets are very small here.

    Though it is an illegal property but one can have a registry of a plot though this registry will not show the history of sellers in it which is very essential.

    You can find the list of illegal Housing Societies from following link:

  9. Dear Sajid, Many thanks for your kind words.
    I understand that from PAEC Foundation Housing society you mean Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation Housing Scheme.
    Sale Purchase in the society is very rare though project is safe and secure. The location is also good.
    I am not sure about the price structures.
    If you provide me detail of your required information, I will then be able to do more research accordingly.
    Thanks for your comments.

  10. Always welcome Sajid Sahib.
    It is NOT a short term investment as Society does not have any attraction for a common investor or end user. Nowadays short term investment means at least two years.
    The seller will face too much problems in selling a file or plot in PAEC. I do not see any significant profit in near future.

    I think only a person should buy a plot in it if location of the society is suitable for him/her and he will ultimately construct his/her home (sooner or later). Otherwise it should be avoided.

    Please do not make a decision on my views. It is only a view which may become wrong. So do more research in this regard.

  11. I could not trace the exact location of Society. Development has not started yet so it is not possible to say any thing about the quality, standard and time line. One can only guess if there is any track record of the project. Master Plan of Lahore also does not show its location.
    In spite of all these factors the society exists. As per my information its location is not close to Bahria Town or Sukh Chayn Gardens. It may be situated some where after the Lahore Ring Road.
    You may have a look of Lahore Ring Road Map on following link:
    The person/Society who is selling a plot should provide exact location and map of the society. If it is not being provided then one should avoid investing in the project.

  12. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Dear kaisrani sb how r u....
    i came across ur blog while surfing...u r doing a superb job...May Allah bless u....
    sir i have an querry and tried to post on blog but could not do so ...thats why sending u an email....sir Park view villas has extended their project as u know v well...sir i just wanna know that is it safe to buy a plot in tulip block ...society has incresed its priceof 5 marla plot in tulip block to 1350000...also i have heard that DHA city has announced behind these it true???? waiting for ur precious comments.....thanks

    1. Salaam and thanks for your email.
      The location of DHA EME Phase 2 (DHA CITY) seems just behind the Park View Villas though it will take long time to shapeup physically.
      This is the one main reason which makes the Park Views Villas project safe and secure living as well as investment vise.
      It was a general view that Ravi flooding can affect it a lot but if DHA EME Phase 2 is there in between Ravi and PVV then the only bad effect is now vanished. Being closer to city area, LRR and Motorway, its location is very good.
      I have physically visited the area and found that plots are very deep from ground level. The owners will need to do (filling) BHARAI which may increase the construction upto Rs.2 Lac or so for a 5 Marla plot.
      As we have no idea of exact location of DHA EME Phase 2 so it is yet difficult to confirm whether it is located behind these blocks or not.

    2. I have rechecked the situation and found that Rose and Tulip blocks of PVV are facing real problem with LDA. LDA is not permitting to construct roads etc. It may take long time to settle down these issues especially present political senerio is not in favour of (Aleem Khan PTI) Park View Villas.
      It is worth mentioning that there is no such problem first phase of Park View Villas.

  13. ahsan najam1:42 am

    Assalam o Alaikum hussain kaisrani..
    i hve read ur comments, but i want to cnfrm that park view is not approved from LDA, it means its a illegal society and how much time it takes to get approved, and if we purchase a plot of 10 marla then LDA will approve our plot's map ?? kindly guide me . and are there societies near thoker where plots are on installment bcoz i can't get plot on immediate cash.

    1. Dear ahsan najam Sahib,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I did not say that Park View Villa is not approved fromo LDA but I only mentioned few of its blocks which are not developed yet. Existing / On ground plots have no such problem.
      You may buy a plot where other houses are already constructed to avoid problems related to LDA approval.
      I do not think that you would be able to get a (LDA approved) plot on installment.

  14. Dear Hussain Sb,
    u r doing really a great job, may Allah bless u. I want to purchase a 5 M plot on installments at Park View Villas, please guide me if this is safe investment and they claim to give possession within 2 years. Please share your valuable comments.


    1. Dear Umer Sahib!
      As per my information Park View Villa's new blocks are having issues with LDA and concerned authorities.
      I understand that non existing plots of Park View Villas project would be facing problems but ultimately things would be managed in favour of plot holders. I don't think that possession would be offered within two years. Please consider it AT LEAST 5 years and if it suits you then you may go ahead with it.
      Thanks and Best regards.

  15. I think they are selling the DHA city land...with their name...
    this is enough for all the buyers i am sharing few links here...also see the DHA city MAP for confirmation...

    even their fb profile speak everything...

    see this map of DHA city will clear all the things ....

    avoid buying and investing hard-earned money in such scams... also there is not only LDA problem but also the problem of DHA City...

  16. thx brother u given all info of that to people which are very help ful for us

  17. Asalam-o-Alaikum Hussain Sahib,

    As you are very knowledgeable about Park View Multan Road matters. What's the status of Tulip block development and approval?
    Is it safe to invest in Tulip block now?


    1. Dear Zahid Sahib,
      If you go through member's comments of Park View Villas, Multan Road Project, you would get idea.

  18. Anonymous11:20 am

    Salaam sir i have a 5 m plot in tulip block pvv.i have paid 5 instalments and 3 are i already stop payment to admin of pvv because there is no development after 2 years. What i have do know? Should i pay the remaining instalments or not ? Or i have to wait? Waiting ur comments.
    saleem e.mail

    1. Dear Saleem,
      You need to check terms and conditions which you signed when bought the plot. In case you have given authority to cancel your plot for non payment without refund then either you should keep paying in time or sell it. Also you need to consider the penalty for non payment.
      Park View Villas River Edge is facing problem in getting land for its new blocks.

  19. ahmad ali10:17 am

    sir please guide what is installment of plot monthly

    1. Dear ahmad ali Sahib,
      Please go through comments of this post for member's reviews.

  20. Haseeb1:34 am

    Dear Friends
    I have bought a plot in gold block in march 2015 on installments after reading the above comments iam a bit worried regarding the lda approval I spend my hard earned money on this land wishing to make a house for my children please advise that is it ok I mean having a plot in gold block ?

    1. Dear Haseeb, Thanks for your comment.
      Things and ground realities are very much changed now though its status in LDA is still the same. I understand that there would not any serious issue when Park View Villas project gives you physical possession of your plot. It may longer time than your expectation.
      Good Luck!
      Hussain Kaisrani

  21. Anonymous11:20 am

    Hi Mr. Hussain,
    I have read all comments but still confuse.
    i have 5 marla plot in gold block and have already paid 4 installments.
    i can wait for 5 years but issue is that they are still selling gold block plots from last 2 years, if they dnt have land then how they are selling.
    should i get rid of this or keep.
    one more thing, 2 years back, rose block had same concerns but now it is confirmed that in few months rose block possession will be announced

  22. Anonymous5:13 pm


  23. Anonymous5:15 pm

    park view villas mein sab se pehle installment booking kis block ki hui thi ? rose ya tulip ya gold. ya teeno akhtay shuru huay thay

    1. Not fully sure. As per my understanding all three were launched at the same time.

  24. Aslam O Alakum
    I have one request to you. Can you please write a new article about Park view current situation? And your assessment about next 3 years for Park View Villas. Thank you very much!!!