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Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore - Living Experiences (Part 1)

(We shifted in Safari Villas Lahore in July 2006 and started sharing living experiences in a series of articles which were appeared in Lahore Real Estate page in the start and were reproduced in many websites. The first part is being reproduced here for information and future record. This article was written in August 2006 - Hussain Kaisrani)

All the friends are welcome to ask any practical question about Bahria Lahore specially Safari Villas.
We are still in the process of setting our home but we have started practical living there. Whenever you have planned to visit Safari Villas, please email me one day earlier along with your contact No. We will be happy to welcome you there. Thanks.

Following are my findings and replies to your questions.

Can any body throw light on Actual living experience at Safari Villas Lahore ie Quality of life? Real life problems?
Thanks for asking Real Life Experiences in Safari Villas. Of Course the experience varies from family to family as every one has ones own back ground. Personally me and my family are enjoying it as Bahria has made daily life very easy and hassle free. No problem of electricity shut down. They only have 5 minutes shut downs if and when needed. Every thing of daily use is available. All kind of work force (electrician, plumber, carpenter etc) is available on your demand. Cleanliness is at its highest level in Safari Villas. Kids parks are on walking distances from all the Villas. Security is amazing. No need of any special locking etc. Even if you are going out of the area for some days a special care will be taken of your Villa without any extra charges. Whatever our daily based necessities are, have been arranged there. Safai Wali, Dodh Wala, Qari Sahib etc are ready to work on less labour than in the city. In short, my wife and two small kids spend their full day without any problem. School bus takes our son (age 4 years) at fixed time and leaves him on door step. In Gulberg, I have to take care of many matters of the house during my office timing.

Education quality at School?
It seems very nice but as it has started recently so I can not make any thing sure at this stage. Also my son has joined it during last week so we have to wait for more time in reaching to some conclusion in this regard. School building and its appearance is second to none in Lahore. The course seems to me very good but how they will manage teaching it is not yet clear.
I am not happy with one thing though it is morally VERY appriciateable. Bahria Town School management decided to open admissions for the students from surrounding villages. Their language and expression are obviously not civilized. I do not know the quantity of these students. If they are in good Nos then atmosphere of the school will certainly be disturbed. I was astonished to hear when my son used abusive language first time in his life. On discussing with him, it was found that he learned it from his class fellow. Besides this he also learnt Jinn Bhoot concepts which are not discussed in our family. I have a plan to see his teacher on next Monday for knowing the reason of these negative learning.

Availability of medicines and specialized medical treatment?
Medical store is also available in the market. I have seen patients (mostly from the villages) waiting for their turn to see the doctor. As me and my wife (both) are Homoeopathic Doctors so we have not much thought to have information about medicine availabilities and treatment. I have a plan to visit hospital during next week for getting these kinds of first hand information. Bahria Town Claims that it has 24 hours functional trauma centre in the hospital. They have all kinds of medical facilities in the hospital close to Safari Villas. They also claim that their first aid team on ambulance will reach at the spot within only FIVE minutes any where in Bahria Town Lahore and only in THREE minutes in Safari Villas. Personally I do not think that Doctor practicing in the market is able to provide specialized medical treatment but hospital seems up-to-date in this regard.

Transport arrangements especially at late night return?
No problem if one has personal transport. Otherwise this is the weak area of Bahria Town even during day time. After 7 PM no transport is available for visiting city.

Practical layout defects in Asian and European villas?
It is very hard to explain as it varies with the need of family requirement. Personally I think that Serena Villa (Asian) is the best option for a middle (size and class) family as it has proper garage, gate, servant quarter, laundry and extra entrance from kitchen door etc. Other than that European Villas are very open, stylish design, relatively better fixing and close to main areas (park, Main road, mosque, market etc).

Availability of CNG (fuel) & tyre shop? + Availability of motor car repair workshop?
This facility is not available. Although an unofficial Tyre shop is available in the back but practically CNG and Tyre shops are NOT there in Bahria Town. The provision for these kinds of facilities is made in Bahria Town on Canal Road but it will take some more time to be ready to serve. The residents have to go to Multan Road for these facilities.

Will European style villa is successful in Pakistan environment as no fresh air can circulate in these?
Fresh Air is not a problem in Bahria Town. Even first floor of European Villas has facility of Air ventilation. Buyers (as well as people seeking villas on rent) are more interested in European Villas so the rates and rent of these Villas are bit more than Asian Villas.

`````` Only some people get what they want. Those are the people who show up to get it ``````

sbm replied on Thursday, August 31, 2006 09:55 AM

Very nice
explanation, Mr. Hussain Kaisrani.

tzk replied on Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:06 AM

thanks for your detailed and nutral post. I agree with you that people who moved in earlier will have to face some issues like tire shop and management trying to increase school population by allowing village students but these are temporary issues. There will be waiting list for the school when bahria is populated and there will be no room for the village kids. Gas station, tire shop etc will start also as it is a requirement. I visited bahria end of july. I saw a lot of people are constructing houses. I have plot in Ghori block. There are some houses being built near my plot. For example 44 Ghori is complete and people are living there. 3, 4 more houses are under construction. On top of that those big houses being built by bahria are not too far from there.


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