Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which Block in Bahria Town Lahore, Sector is better for investment? Is Lahore Ring Road interchange touching Bahria Town Lahore?

Dear Hussain Sahib,

Hope everything is fine with you.

I have seen your expert comments in LRE website and really appreciate your efforts.
I have contacted you last year and need your advice again on Bahria Town Lahore. Which Block is better for investment (5 – 10 years) in Sector C?

Is ring road interchange touching Bahria?
I will be thankful for your expert opinion.
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Dear .......,

Please accept my apology for not being able to reply you in time. I am really sorry in this regard.

The situation has not changed much in Bahria Town Lahore. In my view Gulmohar, Gulbahar, Jasmim, Tulip and Overseas Enclave A are the good options for buying in Bahria Town Lahore. Though I have mentioned the name of few blocks but now plots should be considered instead of blocks. There are bad plots in Tulip or Jasmin and there may be good plots in some other blocks. Generally plots closer to Independence Drive are better.

You may find few other points to consider when planning to buy a plot in my followin blog post:
Yes! Bahria Town Lahore will be having an interchange or direct link to Lahore Ring Road.

With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

Many Thanks Hussain Sahib.
What I have seen in LRE, good plots in Gulmohar, Gulbahar, Jasmine are in the range of 16 Lakh.
Do you see appreciation from these prices in the coming days and after 5 years?
Best Regards,
Salaam and thanks for your email.
Yes! I see a real appreciation in the prices of all Bahria Town plots but specifically in Sector C. A significant construction activity is started in the area now.
With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

Thanks again for your expertise and precious time.
People like you and LRE are doing a great job for overseas which don’t have good links for this type of info.
Best Regards,

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