Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dimentions of 10 Marla Plot and more detail of Janiper (Juniper) Block in Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore

AOA Brother Hussain Kaisrani,
This is ....... Khan and I found your contact info on LRE, I am planning to buy 10 marla in Sector C of Bahria Town Lahore. May be in Janiper block, would you please let me know if possible;
1. Any houses in that block (I am overseas and cant be there physically).
2. Do you think its a good decision to buy?
3. I am planning to build and then might rent, what do you think the rent I could get.
4. 10 marla dimensions? is it 35x75?
5. Do I have to hire an architect or Bahria town planner do this? what are the charges?
6. Any honest contractor that you could recommend.

any other information that you could provide that will help me in making decision. I'll see if i could find your number to call if not then please respond to my email. Thanks in advance.



Salaam brother ..... Khan.
Thank you for your email. I am replying the my reply to your questions point wise.

  1. There is no construction activity started in Janiper Block yet.
  2. I do not think that it is good decision to buy in Janiper Block as it is (at the moment) the dead end of Bahria Town Lahore. Yes! If you have a problem of budget then it is OK as you will at least get a plot in Bahria Town on very economical price.
  3. It will be VERY difficult to rent out a home in Janiper Block in next couple of years.
  4. Dinmentions of 10 Marla plot in Lahore (including Bahria Town Lahore) is generally 35x65.
  5. It is upto you. You may obtain the services of Bahria Town design wing for planning of your home or hire some private architect. The service is available with Bahria Town office. Its charges are Rs.25,000/= but it keeps on changing (rather increasing) from time to time.
  6. I can recommend you Mr. Allah Bakhsh (03218027615). I have worked with him and found him very experienced, reliable and honest person.
In case you have not gone through my articles related to your queries, I am reproducing the link for your easy reference.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever that I am able to do any thing for you.

With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani
Kaisrani Sahib!
Thanks for your prompt response. Follow up:
1. I am getting C-492 for 11 lacs, it's on 60 ft road.
2. No plan to build for at least a year.
3. I heard ring road will benefit this and some other blocks?
4. When u say it's dead end what do you mean as when I see map I don't understand your comment.

Thanks again.
Salaam! You are welcome.
1. There is no C-492 in Janiper Block. It may be 492 Janiper Block Sector C. Price wise it is good but I am not sure its physical existance whether it is an on ground plot or still under process of development. You should confirm it from the seller or ask some one from your family to visit the plot physically. (Please read my articles which will help you to understand few important things before buying a plot).

2. This plot is not good for constructing a home at least more three years as it is dead end ofBahria Town.

3. Yes! I confirm it but it will take at least two more years if every thing work as per present plan.

4. I am not sure which map you are consulting. If your map shows GULSHEEN Block in it then it is no more there physically. Your suggested plot is on second last row of Janiper Block as well as Bahria Town Sector C, Lahore.

Hope it clears you now.

With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

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