Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is the future of Bahria Town Overseas Enclave B Lahore Files?

AoA Hussain Kaisrani Sahib,

My name is ....... and I am writing you from Chicago USA. I got your email from Lahore Real Estate website, looks like you have a great insight into Bahria Town projects. I have a couple of Bahria overseas enclave B files (one Kanal each). What is the future of these files in your opinion? Is Bahria planning to announce plotting/possession in near future? Do you think I should hang on to these files or get rid of them? I would appreciate your expert advice.

Thanks and Jazzak Allah Khair.

Dear ------ Sahib,

Salaam and many thanks for your email.

The work on Overseas Enclave B is on final stages. If Bahria Town keeps on doing the work on same speed then it will be ready for possession within year 2010. At present it is situated on worst location of Bahria Town Lahore but I can see some good prospects in future. Its location will be converted into very good if Bahria Town Sector C is directly linked up with Lahore Canal (at the moment it is connected through Executive Lodges only). Bahria Town will try its level best to do so.

Secondly Bahria Town is claiming that Lahore Ring Road is planned to pass close to Overseas Enclave B. If it is true and Bahria Town Lahore will be able to get a link from Lahore Ring Road then your plots are very good investments.

I am not an expert and do not have any idea about future. We can only guess about future from the information available to us.

You have asked me for my opinion. I think that expected good news will take at least more two years to be clear to us and to the market so it is not wise to wait more. I would suggest you to sell at least one plot. Though I am not directly involved in sale purchase but have an idea that it is not easy to sell one Kanal plot in Overseas Enclave B on reasonable price.


With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

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