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Sukh Chayn Garden Lahore (Old but Detailed information)

Sukh chayn gardens status
Dear Brothers

Can any body let me know the current status of Sukh Chayn gardens. I have a plot there but not aware of the current developments. I know infrastructure (Roads, Gas, Elect.) are already in place but need to know if a house can be constructed now to live?

khan replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 03:39 AM PST 

Please see there web site and you get all the information. Lot of construction is going on.Some 20 families are already living there.Sector 'c' has about 15 houses under construction.4-5 have people moved or moving.Sector 'b' has the families who the first to move in.10-15 houses under construction.4-5 under occupation/families living. The mosque/
commercial complex is under construction.The basement is 70% done .You can see the steel for columns coming out. Sector 'a' and 'd' are also actively being constructed.The security/trash collection and maintenance is very good.

You have made a good decision to 
buy a plot.It shall be a good place to live

stn replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 01:59 PM PST 

wat is the 
prices of one and two kanal plots in sukh chayn garden

Basharat replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 03:02 PM PST 

Dear Khan

Thanks for providing update regarding Sukhchayn gardens. Good to know that it is being populated and people are shifting there.

AM replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 07:55 PM PST 

Assalam-u-Alaikum wr wb:

Sukh Chayn is very good and peaceful and clean housing society to live in. I am living in SUKH Chayn gardens for more than six months.

Wireless internet is available and it is fast. Sui Gas is available and if you have good PR then you could get a connection at home next day otherwise wait like us to see when they come and connect a meter.

I see a lot of hustle bustle over weekends. A lot of people come and visit and enjoy. Parks are beautiful. 

A lot of contruction is going on. About 20 families living here and I see many dozen houses in construction for almost all the blocks.

Hopefully within a year or so, more than hundred families might be living here[ Allah knows BEST ].

Security is very good. Garbage collection is provided. Management is friendly. 

All the wires are underground. A lot of Garden workers who keep gardens alive.

Only draw back is that they just started building MOSQUE and it may take a year or little more than that to have it completed.

If you got a plot in this society, and have intentions to build house, go for it. You would love to live in this society. 

If it is not DHA then it is not less than DHA. I believe development standards are even better than 
Bahria Town and and some phases of DHA.

Though it feels like out of city, but people who live overseas, they like this sort of environment as they are used to longer commutes.

But it is not bad as it sounds, as you get to MOTORWAY in about 10-14 mins and if you want to go to center of CITY, take MOTORWAY, then Yateem Khana Chowk and then Bund Road.

You should be able to reach center of City Lahore in about 40-45 mins.

Approach to society is better than Bahria Town as it has one main gate on Multan Road and one on canal road before Bahria Town entrance.

So if you don't mind to live in peace and calm area and little further from CITY like overseas like to live in SUBURBS of city, then best place to make a house.

AM replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 08:03 PM PST 

Assalam-u-Alaikum wr wb:

Forgot to mention that cable is now available. Today they came to my house to connect cable.

prices if you buy from society you could get on installements and not many plots are left with them. Only boundary wall plots.

10 Marla plot with Society is between 23LAKH to 24 LAKH. But if you buy from outside, ( some people are selling ) then you may be able to find for 20LACK or little over.

20 Marla plot with Society is between 40 to 43 LAKHs and from outside maybe between 35-40 LAKH.

Society also have houses built which are up for sale. These are 10 Marla houses I have seen so far. Three bedrooms total , not finished but all the structure is done. So when a buyer buy they complete it for buyer.

House contruction by society much better than BAHRIA SAFARI 
They have houses on installments as well. I think a house for 10 MARLA here runs between 55 to 60 LAKHS.


Hussain Kaisrani replied on Friday, April 17, 2009 10:40 PM PST 

Many thanks for providing useful and practical information about 
Sukh Chayn Gardens khan Sahib and AM sahib. These information are very helpful.

Rana replied on Saturday, April 18, 2009 03:24 AM PST 

I am novice in matters pertaining to property, and generally do not think plots are good 
investment unless you are going to build a house. But I must say I was impressed with Sukh Chyn development when I visited Lahore a few years back. I liked the following:
1. Gated entrance, 24 hour security and control over movement of personnel into and out of such chyn boundaries. In today's security climate, I find this to be of immense 
2. Two, legitimate alternate entrances. One on canal side and the other from Multan Road
3. Good land planning. Streets are not always straight edged lines, Parks are provided
4. Limited in size. It is not an endless sprawl. This I expect would foster a sense of community.
5. Burried utility lines, and general neatness and overall cleanliness
6. What appears to be to be reasonable management staff.
7. Architectural controls

What concerned me was:
1. Streets (other than main blvd) are somewhat narrow, 30 to 40 feet wide
2. While 2 kanal and 1 kanal houses are there, still too many 10 marla plots. Parking on street issues etc.
3. Wonder how crowded the neighborhood would feel after full build out
4. Much of the Mango groves will be chopped down as homes are built Wish there was a way to save more trees
5. Will the management be able to maintain what they have built. Ornate lights, fancy gates, painted walkways, imported flowers, fancy fountains, etc are good in first few years and become an eyesore if they are not repaired right away 
6. Parks could have been bigger. Should have had a green belt etc

khan replied on Saturday, April 18, 2009 01:36 PM PST 

Nice questions Mr. rana.
1. It is a puerepeat residential nighborhood.I see no problems of crowding. I dont share your view that streets are narrow. I am not sure what standards are you comparing it to?
2. 10 Marla costs 60 lacs. Which is lot of money in 
Pakistan. So it is not for raelly top of 0.5% of teh income group. For that you shouold be looking for any othet palce may country houses. Not Bahria/DHA/Sukh Chayn any way.
3. I dont know how crowded will it be.Every house is making provision for at least two car parking inside the the gate. If prosperity extends more than that, I sure will welcome over crowding.
4. No body knows. IF multinational in USA can fail.Any body can fail Only Allah is un fallable.
5. It is all cost benefit ratio. I mfeel with the pricing of the plots andthe total size of the neighborhood it is a fair balance. Questionable comment/view sure it is. Theris nothing impricalabout my view.
6. What is a good 
investment may we request to be enlightened, please!

khan brothers replied on Sunday, April 19, 2009 11:44 PM PST 

i have a plot in 
sukh chayn b block .i thank my Allah THAT I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION .im happy with evrything in this society and strating to build my house inshalllah on my one knal plot.after i boughht my plot my brother also bought a corner plot of one kanal .both of us have payed the comlpete instalements now .i really think this society is going to be the most beautiful society insha ALLAH.
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