Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Change in Bahria Town Lahore Non-Construction Charges Policy

Bahria Town Lahore management imposed Non-Construction charges of Rs.500,000/= per year for 1 Kanal plots with effect from February 28, 2016. This is applicable to all projects for which possession was announced more than 3 years ago. Bahria Town Lahore Sector C and Bahria Orchard phase 1 members are specially affected by this decision.

Bahria Town Lahore announced possession of its Sector C plots around 7 years ago. As per Bahria Town policy the non construction charges were applicable after three years of possession announced (without an affect whether an owner applied for possession or not). This decision of Bahria Town is a tactic to populate the area. With the start of construction activity in the area, the business activities boost up followed by increase in the market rate of plots.

We should understand that Bahria Town is not a missionary organisation. It keeps on taking steps and measures that investors and buyers are attracted to its projects. When members are in the position to earn high, it is then Bahria Town's time to take its share from their high level profit.

The ground reality is that the rates of Bahria Town Sector C possession plots have increased at least Rs.15 Lac during last one year. This trend does not seem changing in near future due to limited supply and high demand for Sector C plots. The uncertainty issue of Lahore Ring Road Route has made the Sector C and other possession plots first choice of contractors and residents. Bahria Town management understands this fact and wants to take its share either from profit, construction fees or transfer fees. Whatever decision an owner of possession plot takes, Bahria Town will be earning at least Rs.500,000/= from a 1 Kanal plot.

This non construction fee is likely to increase in coming years. If members have no plans to construct a home on its plot, it is better to shift the investment in other projects. Even within Bahria Town projects there are many options where non construction charges are not yet applicable.

I have already written on the subject. You may go through this post if needed.


  1. Is non construction penalty also applicable on Overseas B block?

    1. Yes, It is applicable as its possession was offered more than three years ago.

    2. Thanks for reply. I have plot in overseas B. Should I sell it and get 1 kanal plot in Prism 9? Or make home on it for rental purpose and it will give more value then prism in future?
      My plot # is 1133 overseas B. Kindly let me know the current value of this so that i can make plan to hold or sale.

    3. @ Genious
      Construction of house for only renting purpose is not a good idea.

      I am not updated about property rates. Sorry dear.

  2. Anonymous5:23 am

    if you want to live in future then there is no place better than bahria town if you want to do invest then dont wait any more invest in PRISM development of PRISM is start & it will be more beneficial in future i think for renting purpose not a good option

  3. Aoa, can I have your contact number?

    1. WOA, Emailed you my contact number. And your father visited me today. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Dear Mr. Huassain,
    I have 10 marla plot under Ring Road current proposed Plan, Sector-E facing parking. Is this rule is also applicable for my plot when LRR route is under discussion ? Do you know the possession date for this plot?
    Thanks in Advance.

  5. dear brothers can any one tell me that what is the utility charges of 5 marla 10 marla house in bahria town lahore. i hear that very big charges bahria taken from resident peoples.

  6. Anonymous12:35 am

    Dear Sir Hussain Kaisrani,

    May i know that non-construction charges will apply on Nishter Block Sector e Bahria Town Lahore ???