Friday, June 05, 2015

Lahore Ring Road impact on Golf View Residencia Bahria Town Lahore

AOA Hussain Sb,
   I saw your comments about Bahria Town, I want to know if you have any info on Golf View Residentia. If someone has a 10 marla file with couple of installments left. What is the best thing to do at this time? To hold it or to sell it?
  I  can wait for 1-2 years, not in hurry but not sure even waiting that much time would help.
  Also, LRR map is showing that the SL3 would be passing through Golf Residentia. Is this thing in consideration of Bahria town during development??
Dear Kaisrani Sb.
Thank you for updating us time to time on Lahore real estate.
I wanted to ask about the investment in Golf View Residencia. I am an expat living outside Pakistan and some of my friends are suggesting me to invest there.
Can you please extend some advice on it?


I have been receiving emails and phone calls regarding my views about Golf View Residencia project of Bahria Town Lahore.

I understand that Golf View Residencia is a great project IF (and this IF is very important) it is developed as per announced plan. This is a huge project and Bahria Town is facing serious problems in obtaining required land for it. Lahore Ring Ring is an other issue which may disturb the plan of this project.

The present map is also likely to change. These are the reasons I am not confident to suggest investing in Golf View Residencia at this stage.

Let me share the views of Optimist on Golf View Residencia project of Bahria Town Lahore. He is explaining the impact of Lahore Ring Road on Golf View Residencia: 
I think certain phases of Bahria Town Lahore will benefit / lose on account of where Lahore Ring Road passes but a lot of clarity is required before that judgement is made. 
One interesting phase would be Bahria Golf view residencia. This can go either way. On paper, it is the most tempting phases Bahria has ever introduced - beautifully planned and ideal location (main raiwind road access). However, if the ring road passes "through" it, the project fails. If the ring road simply passes alongside the project, this becomes a gold mine. Why:
1. As it is Golf view planning is impressive
2. It gets an interchange right next to it on Tarugil while the adda plot interchange will be a few meters away.
3. It is the closest block of Bahria getting access to an interchange yet has entrance from Raiwind road
All this is based on the HUGE ASSUMPTION that ring road passes alongside and not THROUGH Golf view and that Bahria acquires the land it needs! (Courtesy: Lahore Real Estate)
 As there is very little chance that Lahore Ring Road will modify its route so it is not practical that it passes in between the Golf View Residencia. The only option left is that Bahria Town will modify its present map and plan of Golf View Residencia.


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Kaisrani sb, various calls and emails u received shows the people anxiety and stress created by Bahria management.Question need to ask if Lake city and Fazia can plan the LRR location many years by leaving the space in advance then Bahria who is called as master planner then why not this factor was not taken care ? Why only general public have to sacrifice.I know many people who bougth plots from retirement money so later on they can sell plots to take care of their kids marriage and various old age issues.

    People are investing their halal income in property but it seems in our country only those people can survive who are powerful, able to cheat people and can use islam well to achieve their objectives.

    Malik Riaz rightly said every one has price in this country because our Pakistan is for those who can buy and who can sell thats why USA said about us like this (American attorney, Robert F Horan who prosecuted Aimal Kansi said in official interview “these people” (read Pakistani’s) could sell their mothers for $ 20,000, why were millions of dollars given to them to facilitate the arrest of Kansi?” He went on to say "Pakistanis will sell their mothers for a dollar”.)

    Sorry to say and accept the ground reality.

  2. Dear Kaisarani sb and dear Brother's,

    I have invested a huge part of my savings in Golf View Residencia. I invested in this project in 2013 and bought the residential files at a high premium.

    I accept that all investments carry a degree of risk will be beyond reason if Bahria has not given a serious thought to the LRR route well in advance.

    If this is the case then it will be a lapse of judgement and planning, on part of the Bahria town management, of the most grave nature indeed.

    I therefore personally believe that Bahria Town management have a plan B and that they will not pass on their responsibility and consequences of poor planning on to their investors.

    If LRR results into losses for their investors then they are morally as well as legally bound to compensate them according to market price prior to the effect on prices resulting from the announcement of the LRR.

    This is my personal take on the matter. It will be appreciated if you would contribute further to this discussion. Thank you

    Kind regards,

    Nabeel Khan

  3. Anonymous3:06 am

    There is a chance that Ring Road can go in the middle of Golf Course, in Golf View Residencia taking up almost all the land of Golf Course and some plots.

  4. Officially the Bahria administration should announce the facts and alternatives for his customers.