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Bahria Green Valley Lahore (Bahria Greens, Lahore) - The latest launch of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd.

Bahria Town Management has launched its new and latest project - BAHRIA GREEN VALLEY (also known as Bahria Greens Lahore). This time the situation is bit different as no campaign and publicity is seen about the project in the print or other media. It is understandable if Bahria Town has not directly marketed the project. As I mentioned in one of my previous blog post Sector F Bahria Town Lahore - Is it possible to save property dealer's commission that:
Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. has changed its business strategy recently. It, now, sells the majority of its plots to investors (they may be property dealers or general people like you and me) on wholesale basis. During this soft booking, investors buy 100s of plots on special packages (discounted rates) from Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. When the project is launched officially then it is upto Bahria Town management, how much booking cost it announces for general public or on retail basis.
The reason for keeping this project low profile may be to avoid any controversy from concerned authorities - LDA or TMA.

Bahria Town has sold all the files / plots to investors / property dealers two days ago. It seems that Bahria Town is not going to market this project officially. The dealers are trying to sell each file on Rs.50,000/= Own / Profit.

Location of Bahria Green Valley (Bahria Greens, Lahore)

As usual Bahria Town has not officially made the location of Green Valley clear. It is a Bahria Orchard project so its location is supposed to be opposite Bahria Orchard on Raiwind Road Lahore. Bahria Town Management bought thousands of Kanal in this area. More projects would also be announced in this area in near future. As every newly launched projects rates are on higher side so old projects keeps on improving their rates.

The Official Rates of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Plot in Bahria Green Valley / Bahria Greens Lahore

  1. The total price of 5 Marla Plot is: Rs.24,05,000/=
  2. The total price of 10 Marla Plot is: Rs.38,10,000/=
  3. The total price of 5 Marla Plot is: Rs.65,20,000/=
The installment plan is available HERE and being reproduced below

Bahria Orchard Lahore Developments

 Bahria Orchard was a being neglected project till January 2013. Bahria Town has recently started concentrating to boost up its Bahria Orchard project. Bahria Town School and College are now opened in Bahria Orchard Lahore. The unique type of Arena is under construction. Also the construction of Bahria Hospital and Mosque is on full swing. Awami Villas and Bahria Cottages are already populated in Bahria Orchard. The development work on Low Cost Schemes and Overseas Enclaves has significantly increased the rates these plots during last couple of months.
Bahria Green Valley will have positively affect on Bahria Orchard previous projects.


The rates of Bahria Green Valley / Bahria Greens Lahore are much higher than the market in the area. If you have sufficient funds then better option to buy existing plots in Bahria Orchard. These plots are bound to increase their rates if Bahria Green Valley / Bahria Greens file would be gaining.
In case you do not have sufficient lumps sump amount then it would be a wise decision to get a 5 or 10 Marla files preferably as trading of 1 Kanal file/plot is generally slow. It may see ups and downs but ultimately will give good return so you should have arrangement of funds to pay installments.

Finally, you are requested to do more research before making final decision. And take the responsibility of your decision.

Good Luck!

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  1. Anonymous12:10 am

    AOA sir, Thank you for your advise and guideline. You mean to say Green valley will be profitable for 5 and 10 Marla file and also clarify do they have bought land for this project but not allocated yet.

  2. Salaam,
    I can only guess from the market trend and Bahria Town Track record (but do not have any inside information and knowledge of future) that this project will give a good return if all other factors remain the same.
    As per market rules the sale purchase of 5 and 10 Marla is relatively much more than a 1 Kanal plot so there are more chances to get good return on 5 and 10 Marla file / plot.

    Brother! Location is not finalized yet. No one can confirm it until Bahria Town itself does so. I only know that BT has bought lot of land just opposite to Bahria Orchard area. You may confirm it from whom you buy a file.

    As a final note, I must say that files buying should be for short term basis as it is always very risky. We only have one piece of paper in our custody which is useless if some developer runs away or does not develop the project. We should get out of it as soon as reasonable profit is earned. In my humble opinion, it is more than enough to earn up to 3 Lac after the investment of One Million Rupees for a year or so. And if due to some reason file rate is not going up or going down even after paying three installments, we should also consider to get out of it. This is a simple strategy which helps a lot for safe playing in real estate field.

  3. Anonymous3:39 am

    Good Analysis. Would you please shed some light on the exsisting sector E why activity is very slow there and what are the prospects of developing Effiel Tower park in sector E . Further how would u see the future of Bahria Orchard Specially the Block which is in front of Sundar Nala Road i. e J block . I heard bahria is developing a gate on that side also, but i thought that side is not safe durring the night time.

  4. Anonymous9:36 am

    I really appreciate the info which you are providing. I am interested in bahria orchard but confused wheather to go for Low cost scheme or the Green Valley. The biggest reason is that the location of the Green Valley is unknown.
    I am overseas so cant make up my mind while searching online.
    Can i ask you which one do you prefer between low cost and green valley for investment purpose?
    Also how much would be a 8 marla plot cost in low cost scheme, specially in Block A,B and C?

  5. Dear Waqas,
    Thanks for your comments. I would prefer Low Cost Scheme and reason for my preference is same which you have mentioned. The location is known and these plots are now close to physically existing plots.
    The rate of 8 Marla would be in between 23 to 24 Lac but I am not sure about the market rates.
    Best Regards.

  6. Anonymous10:23 am

    Thanks Husssain bhai for your reply.
    I would also like to ask you weather it will be good to invest in bahria orchard low cost or investing in DHA city 10 marla file will be better?How much will it cost to get 1o marla file of DHA city???

  7. Welcome!
    I would prefer DHA City (DHA EME Phase 2). Its rate is around 20.25 Lac nowadays.

  8. Dear Waqas Sahib,
    Wanted to make it more clear that DHA EME PHASE 2 is good for longer period investment (3 to 5 years. Bahria Orchard Low Cost Scheme is now reaching to its maturity and seems good for shorter period of time (1 to 2 years).
    Please do more research before making final decision.

    1. Dear Mr. Hussain,
      I am visiting your blog daily and very impressed. Please can you guide me How much cost should be a 5 marla plot in G Block of Bahria Orchard? Actually this plot is close to Cemetery So I just want to take your opinion as prices of that area is 14 to 15 Lakh but a person is giving plot near cemetry 11 Lakh (low cost scheme). I really don't know about the prices of plots near graveyards. But may be you can help me!

  9. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Thanks for the extra info....

  10. Anonymous2:18 am

    hello sir,
    i want your suggestion over whether to buy 1 kanal file in dha phase 9 or dha phase city (eme 2).

  11. Hi, can you comment on EME phase 2, where it is located and what are the rates

  12. Please check the following blog post for all details about EME Phase (DHA City - EME Sector):
    The prevailing rates of files are as following:
    DHA EME Sector Lahore Phase 2 (Formerly DHA City Lahore) Plot Files Available on:
    5 Marla= 10.60
    10 Marla= 20.50
    1 Kanal= 37 Lacs

    1. How EME is safe. I mean any controversy regarding the plot alocation

    2. Dear Tariq Aziz Khan Sahib,
      EME seems safe regarding plot allocation (keeping in mind its previous record).


  14. Anonymous1:11 am


    i dont know this is the right forum or not can u price bhraia orchard G block 5 marla plot near plot# 1058

    1. The proper forum for this purpose is

      However, the rate of your plot would be around Rs.16 Lac. Please take it as an idea only and do more research if you want to buy or sell this property.

  15. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Hussain bhai i wanted to ask you which will be the right place to buy a 5 marla file of DHA City?
    I have not bought any file before so can you also suggest what are the important things to look for while buying a file? Also what things (Document) will i get with the file?

    1. Dear Shaukat Sahib,
      You may get the services of any reliable dealer of your trust.
      Generally there is no problem of ducumentation arises as transfer of file / plot is only done by DHA office if the seller surrenders all the required documents along clear dues receipts.
      I have not gone through the experience of buying / selling and transfer of DHA EME Phase 2 (DHA CITY). DHA and other good housing projects give intimation or transfer letter to the buyer. In case transfer letter or any other related document is provided then there is no need of any other document. And if intimation letter is given at the time of transfer then you are supposed to collect Transfer Letter after given date.
      Practically the main document is only a transfer letter.
      For buying a file, you do not need to go into much detail except the selection of reliable dealer. If needed you may contact Mr Adil Saeed of Lahore Real Estate (03004009766 / 03224009766) for getting practical information in this regard.

  16. Dear Hussain kaisrani Sahib,

    I'm pleased to read this post and they you're guiding the people is worth eulogizing. Here I want a little favour from you to answer me, a question. What is the estimated worth/price of 10 Marla plot in overseas enclave Islamabad's project of BT. Plot is located in sector 3. Plot number is 1386. Kindly guide me, if you can see the location of the plot from the map and guess the price? also suggest is it good to invest through this for short term basis?
    Waiting to hear from you.
    Best regards,
    Muneeb Hassan

    1. Dear Muneeb Hassan Sahib,
      Salaam and thanks for your nice comment.
      I am sincerely sorry for not being able to provide you required information as my information about Islamabad Real Estate is VERY limited.
      Thanks for your understanding.

  17. Anonymous10:59 am

    I know this is not the right forum but can you please comment on investment prospects of DHA phase 9 and DHA phase 9 extension?
    Also weather it is the right time to buy these as the prices of these are going down?

    1. Waqas Sahib,
      Its OK if you have posted your comment here.
      I understand that investment in DHA Phase 9 and Phase 9 Extension (But preferably DHA Phase 9) would give good return if you could wait 2 to 3 years.
      YES! it is better time if you want to buy a file now as prices are on much lower side and can start going upward in near future.
      Best of Luck!

  18. Anonymous1:58 pm

    bro today i.e 7-10-13 rate of 5 marla green vally was at level what do u recomend to get rid of the files or should wait as i have booked the files with 30 thousand own and still 30 thousand loss

    1. Dear Sameer,
      Ups and downs in files are normal. I hope that you have funds to keep paying the installments as per plan.
      You should not be panic after spending this short period (less than one month) of time. Once rate is better you may sell one file. Please keep only the file or files for which you can pay the installment.
      Good luck to your investment.

  19. Anonymous11:42 am

    Thanks for your reply.
    Hussain bhai can you please give your opinion that will it be better to invest in Dha phase 9 file 5 marla or Dha eme phase 2 file of 5 or 10 marla?
    Which will you go for if you were in my shoes?

    1. Welcome dear Waqas,
      Both are equally fine. For short term gain DHA phase 9 file is good and specially now when its rates are dropped significantly during last week.
      DHA EME PHASE 2 is better if you can wait for two years or so. I would have gone for DHA EME PHASE 2 as there is minimum risk involved in it. Besides this its rate is almost half than Phase 9 file.
      I think 5 Marla file would be a better choice to keep the risk level minimum.
      Good Night.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Anonymous4:28 am

    salam hussain sb
    can you tell me about the possession of orchard, low cost whenever they will handed over the plots

    1. I do not information about possession of Bahria Orchard Low Cost plots. Only Bahria Town Management can disclose it. Any Bahria Town staff member or Authorised / unathorised dealer do not have any information about possession.
      Depending upon the PRESENT situation and speed of work, it may take at least one more year.
      It is worth mentioning that I do not have any inside information. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous7:27 am

    Hussain bhai Masha Allah you have vast knowledge about the Lahore Real Estate Sector. I would like to ask you that is there any good newly launched scheme where i can buy the plots on installments as it is hard for me to pay lump sum?
    I have heard about green valley but it seems expensive and also wanted to know if there is any other good option.

    1. Dear Shaukat Sahib,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Please inform or email me
      1. How much amount you can make available for investment
      2. How much time you can wait for better gain
      3. How much funds (per month) you can spare for paying installments
      4. And any other information about your preferences, limitation and purpose of investment

    2. Anonymous9:51 am

      I have about 15lac in hand.
      Can manage quarterly installments upto 3lac.
      Can wait for 2 to 4 years.
      It is just for investment purpose.
      I already have 10 marla in LDA and 8 marla in Bahria Orchard Low cost so will not take them in account for further investment.

    3. I would suggest you to go for
      A). 5 Marla Good Location PLOT in NFC Phase 2 (around 12 Lac)
      B). 5 Marla FILE in DHA EME Phase 2 (DHA CITY) (around 11 Lac)
      If you are ready to take risk but with high return then go for option B and in case of safe and secure investment with good return then option B.
      Personally I would prefer option B as I understand that ITS DHA EME TIME NOW.
      By the way your previous investments have great potential to grow more in near future.
      Good Luck.

    4. Anonymous1:54 pm

      You mentioned Option B in both the cases but i got your point. :)
      One more thing, in your article on DHA City Q15:
      When will be the Balloting held?
      Ans:Balloting will be held in two steps as follows:
      1) Computerized Balloting for allotment will be held within three months from last submission date of Application Form i.e. 7th Oct 2010.
      2) Computerized balloting for plot location will be held separately in due course of time.

      I wanted to ask you that is the allotment balloting is done? Will all the available files in market are confirmed plots or none of the balloting has been done?

      If not, then i think it will be better to go for one of the first 5000 confirmed plot file who paid 30% down payment. But how will we know that the files is one of the first 5000 files?

      Thanks in advance

    5. Dear Shaukat Sahib,
      You are right that I have written option B for both suggestions. The reasons behind this may be
      1. That I, back of the mind, understand that DHA EME Phase (DHA CITY) is a better option :)
      2. And after 11 PM my typing fingers and brain do not cooperate with each other.
      So the sentence in above reply should, actually, have been as follows:
      If you are ready to take risk but with high return then go for option B (DHA EME PHASE 2) and in case of safe and secure investment with good return then option A (NFC PHASE 2).

      The good thing is that you understood what I wanted to say.

      In case of DHA EME Phase 2, the above mentioned Q&A are no more valid as too many disparate file holders have returned back their file to DHA CITY who offered money back to its members. If needed, you may make it clear from DHA EME office before making final decision.
      Actually these tactics were used to give an incentive to the dealers. All the buying from dealers were already confirmed booking. I understand (though not sure) that all the files were sold through dealers (meaning confirmed booking).

      Please do more research before making final decision.

  23. Anonymous6:26 am

    Hussain brother can you please explain what is the difference between DHA phase proper 9 and DHA phase 9 town?
    As i am looking to buy 5 marla DHA phase 9 file and have come across some dealers asking me which of the above mentioned files do i want?
    Waitning for your reply.

    1. I understand that following write up would explain the matter more better. I am reproducing it from
      The difference in between DHA Phase 9 Proper and DHA Town Phase 9 for general understanding is
      DHA Town Phase 9 has 5, 8 and 10 Marla PLOTS. Its map is out now. All the details of its location and plot numbers etc are available. It is a part of DHA PHASE 9 Proper Project.
      "DHA Town is also being developed in DHA Phase IX as a Welfare Package to recognize the exceptional bravery and courage displayed by our soldiers."

      DHA Phase 9 Proper has only files. No confirm news about ballotting yet. As you are asking for FILE then it is obvious that you need to invest DHA PHASE 9 only.

      DHA Lahore Phase 9 Review

      Initially DHA Lahore Phase 9 was known as Phase IX and X. This has been renamed as Phase IX. It is adjacent to Phase V and opposite to Phase VI, with Ring Road inter­change close by.

      DHA Town is also being developed in DHA Phase IX as a Welfare Package to recognize the exceptional bravery and courage displayed by our soldiers.

      The Town has sites for a Jamia and two sector mosques, two school campuses, five parks, two play grounds, two petrol pumps and sewerage disposal system (SDS).

      Spacing of roads have been planned with green belts.

      This Town when completed will truly be a reflection of the most modern and economical development standards.

      DHA in general is growing at a stable speed and turning into a much sought after community in Lahore

      DHA has also seen its ups & downs. This review is in particular about the upcoming DHA Lahore Phase 9. Many people have mixed views about it. Well I will share one experience as well as some objective analysis.

      One acquaintance of mine bought one file in Dec 2008 for 15.60 lacs.He just sold it for Rs: 26.60 in July 2012. So after three and half year he got the gross profit of 11 lacs minus the taxes around 1.5 lac. So the net profit was 9.5 lac in 3.5 years which is about 56 percent return in 3.5 years and the annual return of about 16%. Well by financial standards not bad. In the bank you get about 5-8 % and in national savings you get maximum 12%. So it was not bad.

      Secondly, this return in real estate market in the boom time is considered very weak. And from 2008 – 2010 it was a part of the slump period. Market just started gaining its strength back in late 2011.

      Real estate has always been considered a very good investment. But I agree there have been scary stories as well. I personally know people who bought the phase 9 file for 45 lacs in 2004 – the so called boom years – when the phase 9 was announced and there was big hype behind it. Now those people are just stuck with their files for so many years since it has never reached even its original buying price for them.

      The price still kept rising even when he sold off. It touched at about Rs: 31 lac in Oct. 2012 and now in Nov 12 its again at around Rs: 30 lacs.

      For many investors, the price still seems right since the news of balloting for DHA Lahore Phase 9 is circling in the market. Secondly DHA has delivered in the past and it is going to deliver in the future too. So one kanal plot at 30 lacs plus Rs: 15 lacs of development charges in future will double once the phase 9 is completely developed.

      The location of phase 9 is also good . It is on the phase 5 side of the Bedian road. You don’t have to cross the Bedian road to go to the other side. It is going to be largest phase with about 48000 kanals of land much larger than all other phases combined.

      It is indeed a good investment for long term at least 6-8 more years in order to live well in that phase 9.

  24. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Dear Hussain, what do you think about the LDA Avenue, Lahore?
    1) As the rates there have gone up rapidly?
    2) Is it near possession and whether this is good for investment?
    3) Have the prices there reached the peak and will not go any further?
    4) Also comment something about its location?

  25. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Still waiting for the reply Dear Hussain???

    1. Sorry if I have not replied you / your email. Please send your message on
      I try to reply all emails.

  26. Dear Muhammad,
    LDA Avenue 1 would have been a great project if there were no problem of litigation and possession was offered. Too much delay in all the process has disturbed the credibility of it.
    1). Some HALCHAL can be seen in LDA Avenue 1 area and any positive activity would increase the rates.
    2). I have heard that possession in some blocks is due in first quarter of 2014 but I could not confirm this information yet. At this stage it is not very good investment.
    3). Prices are supposed to take jump when possession is offered and construction activity is started.
    4). The location, in my views, is great.

  27. Anonymous5:15 am

    Salam Hussain Bhai.
    Would you please shed some light on the exsisting sector F why activity is very slow there and what are the prospects sector F? Have the file price icreased there or it is dtill at the cost of land?
    Further how would u see the future of Bahria Orchard Specially the Block A, B and C?
    I have heard bahria is developing a gate in front of Sundar Nala Road i. e J block side also, is it true and how will it affect the society?
    Lastly, the green valley will be inside the bahria orchard or it will have its own identity as a separate project like Bahria Orchard.

    1. Salaam Brother Shaukat,
      Sector F Files (and files of any project) have seen ups and downs and this trend will keep continuing till the possession of plot. The profit on Sector F went upto Rs.500,000/= +. And rates are bit down but it is still in profit.
      Due to confusion regarding Lahore Ring Road location/route in Bahria Town Lahore has slowed down the market.
      Secondly Bahria Town has delayed its map and balloting which is also main factor to slow the market.
      I understand that Sector F have good chances to improve the rates.
      The rates of Bahria Orchard plots have jumped recently. Bahria Orchard A, B, C Blocks including Overseas A and B should increase in near future.
      I could not confirm that Bahria Orchard J Block would be having a gate on Sundar Nala Road. If this information is true then Blocks near to that gate would also attract buyers.
      Bahria Green Valley is not a part of Bahria Orchard. As per my information its location would be opposite to Bahria Orchard. Lets see where it show up.

  28. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Apparently there has been confusion between dealers on the location of Bahria Green as some of the dealers are saying the project is on Raiwind Road while others are pointing it out near sector F....
    What is your information Mr Hussain???

    1. Please see my reply to Mr Shaukat comment (above your comment).

  29. Hussain bhai i need your help
    I started the real estate business a couple of years ago. I never knew its ABC before.
    At that time i took
    Eden garden extensions ferozpur road, two five marla files because i wasn't having sufficient funds.
    what's the future of it because its rate is in minus now a days.... i am not even paying the installments from 6 months because i think its the waste of money.
    I have already paid about 11 lac for two files and even ballot is not done here.
    More so i have
    2 Green valley 5 marla files
    2 green valley 10 marla files
    1 10 marla plot Quaid block bahria
    1 5 marla plot sector D bahria
    1 5 marla plot was taken in Dha shuhada town on token only because the dealer said that he will sell it and you dont have to pay the full amount. but he is facing problems in selling the plot and i dont have sufficient funds to arrange the transfer of plot. Is my token gone ? he is unable to take more time from owner now coz the option is already utilized. should i take the stay order on the property.
    Plz advice
    And also advice what property i should sell and what to keep to get good return.

    1. Dear Ali Rizvi Sahib,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The situation is very much complicated. I would need to get your personal preferences, future plans and financial situation for reaching to some conclusion.
      Please email me your contact number so that we can discuss the matter over phone. Thanks.

  30. I am also having 1 kanal sector f file. when it will be matured, because i took that after giving 370000 profit. (Means 6570)

  31. Anonymous1:39 am

    What are the penalty charges on late payment of instalments for Green Valley? Also, when is the first instalment due?

  32. Anonymous9:44 am

    how we should pay 3rd installment from here UAE. we don't want to bear loos by not listing in balloting, we submitted 2 installments already but here now bahria town notice saying they may not include us in balloting:

    1. Balloting has not held yet but it would be announced soon. You may contact any of the following contacts (courtesy to official website of Bahria Town) for getting information for making payment of installments.

      Development History
      Facts & Figures
      Real Estate Sector
      Members' Portal
      Our Mission & Vision
      Serving the Nation
      Our Employees
      Corporate Social Responsibility
      Our Partners
      Social Values
      Fact Sheet
      About Lahore
      About Bahria Town Lahore
      Bahria Town Lahore Lifestyle
      Sector A
      Sector B
      Sector C
      Sector D
      Sector E
      Sector F
      Canal View Residency
      Executive Lodges
      Overseas Enclave
      Safari Villas
      Umer Usman & Ali Blocks
      Bahria Orchard
      Awami Villas
      Bahria Nasheman
      Bahria Education & Medical City
      Park Lane Tower
      Mall of Lahore
      Bahria Homes
      The Sanctuary
      Bahria Garden City Zone 5
      Bahria Greens
      Bahria Enclave Apartments
      Bahria Enclave Islamabad
      About Bahria Town Rawalpindi
      About Rawalpindi
      Safari Villas
      Phase 9
      Phase 1-7
      Phase 8
      Phase - 8 Extension
      Bahria/ Safari Homes
      Awami Villas
      Bahria Heights
      Executive Lodges
      Overseas Enclave
      Safari Apartments
      Safari Valley
      Safari Valley - Rafi Block
      Safari Mall
      River View Commercial
      Civic Center
      Hoshang Pearl Karachi
      Opal 225 Karachi
      About Karachi
      About Bahria Town Karachi
      Bahria Town Karachi
      Bahria Town ICON
      Bahria Town Tower
      Bahria Golf City
      Sheraton Golf & Country Club
      Sheraton Hotel
      Bahria Garden City
      Bahria Paradise
      Home arrow Contact Us
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      24 hours Customer Service Toll Free Number
      0800 00100


      Tel: 00971-4-4221296
      Fax: 00971-4-4220696

      United States of America and Canada

      24 hours Customer Service Toll Free Number

      United Kingdom / Europe

      24 hours Customer Service Number
      Local Offices


      Customer Support Center
      (Head Office)

      Bahria Complex, Phase 8,
      Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

      UAN: +92 51 111 333 888

      T: +92 51 5705801-15

      F: +92 51 5705821


      Customer Support Center
      (Site Office)

      Bahria Orchard
      Main Raiwind Road, Lahore
      Opposite Chinar Bagh

      TUAN: +92 42 111 333 888

      T: +92 42 35451574-9

      F: +92 42 35451571&3


      Bahria Town Office

      Plot No. 5, Bahria Town Icon Tower,
      Near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar,
      Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Block-4, Clifton,
      Karachi - Pakistan

      +92 21 111- 333 - 888
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      International Offices

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      Dubai Office

      40th Floor, Cluster M
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      USA Office
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      T: + 631 5850170
      + 631 3386663

  33. Dear Hussain Sb,

    I wnat to purchase 5M plot in Pak Arab blok F (on installments) could you plesae guid me if this is safe investment, what is profit outlook in future, also tell about the posession of land


    1. I understand that this was replied through email. If not, please let me know.

  34. salam sir,
    i want to be informed about the 10 and 5 marla plot in bahria green valley can u send me some details about these two plots their avaliable locations and if i want to bye one please help me about the process of booking and about the payment plan

    1. Dear Haroon Khadim Sahib,
      Please go through this post of mine as it has all the required information in it.
      In short there is no confirmation of location yet.
      Buying process is simple. Just visit any property dealer in Bahria Town and buy the file. The payment plan is also mentioned in this post.

  35. Anonymous8:50 am

    Hello Bhai I bought a file in opal Karachi so what's the future

    1. Dear Bhai,
      I am sorry to use bit harsh word. Karachi files (of registration) are just gambling and no one can predict the future of gambling.

  36. dear sir: i want to invest in bahria town lahore. i have 5 million. where it is better to invest? plz advise

  37. aoa dear sir: i have 5 million in my hand. can wait for an year and also i am able to arrange another 3 million for installments during the next year. plz advise me where can i invest.thank you

  38. Anonymous7:08 am

    aoa hussain bhai
    i want to buy a 10 marla plot in bahria town and construct home on it. currently i am not living in lahore. what things i should keep in mind? i can spend up to 11 million. which part or sector of bahria town multan road is the best for residence. i have 2 sons aging 14 & 8. my main purpose to come lahore is their education. are there any schools in bahria town where my son can get admission in matric(simple matric).plz advise me

  39. Dear Hussain,
    I have a sent an email at your gmail account as I need your help & advice? Can you please respond asap?

  40. Anonymous7:16 am

    Dear Hussain Bhai
    Green valley is in minus 60 at the moment. What would you recommend as this is the right time to invest. Secondly what are inside news regarding the announcement of location and balloting.

  41. Anonymous10:12 am

    AA Brother,
    Can you guide what is future of New Lahore City society?
    If we compare AWT, NFC P2 and New Lahore City which one is best.

    Many Thanks,

    1. AOA dear Aamir,
      New Lahore City will take toooooo much time to show physical existence.
      I understand that NFC Phase 2 is best amount your short listed societies.

  42. Mr. hussain can you tell us about the location of the bahria town lahore gate houseon multan road. it is recently annouonced for sector f bahria town lahore. what is impact of this on bahria town lahore?

  43. I am totally agreed with you that Bahria town housing society is actually turning the vision into reality of modern Pakistan. Well, I must appreciate your efforts in gathering and sharing such useful information about green valley that may help anyone in buying and selling of property in Bahria town. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Anonymous11:12 pm

    (Please spread below awareness on all social media platforms)
    We would like to bring this fact in notice of all concerned that Bahria Greens is a "Fake/Ponzi" and illegal Scheme launched by Bahria Town just to loot money from innocent people. The reasons are:
    1. They didn't launch it through print/electronic media rather launched it very secretly through its three bestowed dealers.
    2. They didn't announce its location otherwise their all old schemes are always announced mentioning at least tentative location.
    3. Although they didn't announce location formally but their bestowed dealers told verbally at the time of launch that it will be in main bahria after sector F becuae otherwise they couldn't justify its high launch price (about Rs. 5 lacs per marla for a 5 marla plot). If they declared its location at Orchard none would have purchase a single file as price prevailing there (phase-2) at that time was Rs. 2.5 lacs per marla.
    4. More than a year has passed that they still have not been able to announce location officially and formally.
    5. On 19 Sep 2014 LDA has issued a list of "Under Approval Housing Projects" in Lahore division in all national newspapers and Bahria Greens is not included in it.

    Due to this attitude Bahria Town’s all schemes are in negative.

    All above depicts that it is a fake scheme which has been launched by Bahria Town just to loot billions of rupees from innocent people. If people remained silent they will be deprived-off the entire money or a huge portion of it in term of re-sale value of the file/form.
    It is therefore high time that effectees of Bahria Greens should take appropriate action to get return their deposited amounts with mark-up for one year – as you know they themselves apply surcharge for delayed payments.
    In this context all available options should be used like:
    1. Approach Bahria town Management to return the money with mark-up – Phone numbers are 04235341575-8.
    2. Launch protest/Dharna at Shahkam chowk with intimation All electronic and media people may be informed about it for proper coverage. Dharne should include complete blockade of Shahkam chowk (both sides of canal roads, Defense/Ali Akbar Road, Roads to Bahria Town). We can't wait anymore.
    3. Spread awareness about Bahria Town's looting attitude on social media.
    4. Approaching electronic media to state money laundering stories of Bahria Town.
    5. Send letters to prominent columnists of national newspapers with request to highlight this issue in their columns.
    6. Approach consumer courts for return of money with demurrages due to above anomalies.
    People should not allow Bahria Town to make them fool again and again.

    1. Anonymous2:08 am

      Please forward this case to NAB.

  45. Anonymous4:43 am

    what will u suggest about fazaia phase 2

  46. Anonymous4:47 am

    i want to invest in fazaia housing phase 2, near sundar industrial estate, a little far from lahore city. the development is started. i will invest 20 million in this scheme for 10 marla. In near future it will be profitable or not. does sundar industrial estate will affect its market value. is it safe or good investment in future

  47. Anonymous5:05 am

    Salam Hussain Sir,
    please can u advice me should I buy plot in green valley bahria town Lahore. one property agent selling me 10 marla plot for installment down payment 5 lac asking then rest of them in 2 year installment can you help me please

    1. Salaam Dear,
      I am not comfortable to recommend you Green Valley, Bahria Town Lahore. Please go through comments on this blog post and the following one to know how the buyer are worried about the project.

  48. Salam Hussain sahab,
    I came across this blog, while searching for Bahria greens. On my visit from overseas to Pakistan last year, a property agent had recommended me to invest in bahria greens from a standpoint of its future prospects in 3 years. I have so far paid 3 installments for a 10 marla plot, a total amount of 12,87,500 Rs.
    I understand that it is very difficult to give advice to someone else, therefore I would phrase my question as, if you were in my place, what would you do?

    -would you sell the plot, after paying the 3rd installment. In that case what would be a reasonable price.

    -or based on its future after 2 years from an investment standpoint you would keep it and pay the rest of the installments.

    -is it the same as Green Valley or Bahria Orchard

    jazakallah khair for giving free advice to people you don't know personally

    May Allah keep you blessed.


  49. Anonymous7:18 pm

    AOA. Sir i have purachased 1 kanal file in Bahria green valley for 6,50,000 Rs. but i can not pay the installments. What should I do? is it safe not to pay the installments or can i refund the file back to bahria town? If i can sale the file to anyone for 600,000 then please contact me at 03314391414


  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Anonymous11:15 pm

    I got call from 04235451576, showing Bahria Town representative, saying my application for Bahria Green Valley REFUND has been approved(I did not make any such request). He asked me to submit original file to Bahria office and 10% of amount will be deducted.

    Please confirm Bahria is returning file amount or it is FAKE?