Monday, September 28, 2009

Why does Bahria Town Lahore charge per month from its residants

In the start (2005-2006) Bahria Town Lahore used to give detail of this monthly charges when the amount per month was Rs.700/= In 2007 they increased the amount to Rs.1,000/= per month and removed full detail. Since last month they increased the amount to Rs.1,200/=. Hope you know that every community has its residants association which manages few common things of mutual interest for the betterment of residents and charge some amount on monthly basis. BahriaTown is economical from all other societies but providing more facilities. Though Bahria Town has not officially provided a complete list of services against this monthly amount but to me these are as follows:
1. Security
2. Cleanliness of Roads and garbage collection twice a day.
3. Water bill
4. Water filtration plant
5. Free transport as per Bahria Schedule
6. Street Lights
7. Parks. Gardening related matters outside of home boudary specifically and inside the homes boundary (on request in Safari Villas) in general.
9. Air conditioned and best maintained Masajid arrangements
8. Fire Brigade (which also helps to throw water in water tank of homes if due to some problem water is not available)
9. 24 hour maintenance service
10. 24 hour ambulance service and emergency treatment (on Rs.50/= fee to avoid unnecessary rush)
12. Celebrations on national days, Musical programs and other recreational activities
13. In short you name it they have it. And Bahria does not charge for all these items other than Rs.1200/= per month.
Bahria Town Lahore has no problem of power any more. They have developed the system by spending millions Rupees. Generators back up is now an old story. Bahria Town Lahore has its own dedicated Grid Station. I have not seen any power shutdown (for a minute) other than some technical fault during last few months. May be it seems unbelievable but it is true.
As question was asked about Bahria Town Sector C so I remained in it. Otherwise it is equally true for other sectors of Bahria Town Lahore. Bahria Town charges Rs.500/= as a security when plot is ready to construct a home and the owner does not take possession. Thanks to Dr Usman for making the matter more clear.

limo replied on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 02:22 PM PST

Dear H. Kaisrani, i appreciate your prompt reply.No power outages in
Bahria, its an info and really unbelieveable.
Just one point left, Dr. Usman, having a plot in Sector-C has been asked for possession charges by 30th october 2009 otherwise he will be charged a fine @1.5% of remaining dues.
But Sector - B plot holders have no remaining dues, any idea how Bahria is going to charge them for not taking possession.It would be nice to hear from some Sector - B plot holder, who has received notice of such kind.
Thanks again Kaisrani bhi

Hanan replied on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 06:36 PM PST

Kaisrani sahib previously you mentioned that
Bahria Town is building 2 separate roads from Multan road linking to Sector C. Can you please give more information such as, are they under construction right now and where exactly will they be joined to Sector C.

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