Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Malik Riaz Hussain and Bahria Town Lahore - The Other Side

Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore: A Living Experience (Part 6)

Bahria Town residents had nothing to think what will happen if the news about Malik Riaz Hussain and his arresting appeared in daily times Lahore is true. Only people who wished it should happen seemed worried about it.

What is going on in Bahria Town nowadays shows that Malik Riaz Hussain has no worries about these matters.

Bahria Town has taken extra ordinary measures regarding security and safety of its residents. Bahria Town's front line security men are wearing bullet proof jackets. They have installed more cameras.

Their petrolling police has increased its movements. They have now introduced an Urgent Response Force which can reach in every corner of Bahria Town Lahore with in five minutes.

When all the schools in all over Pakistan were closed Bahria Town School Lahore taken a challenge to open it but with amazing security measures. Later on it was also closed as per Government instructions.

Bahria Town is full of life even in these bad and sad days. Its CineGold Theater is announcing new movies every week.

Lahoris flooded to Bahria Town during last week. Every Saturday and Sunday there are lines of cars, parks are full of kids and families, House full Theater. Bahria Town Lahore is taken as a safest place for family outing.

Bahria Town main roads are full of lights and colours with a different look almost every second night.

Bahria Town keeps on changing driving routes for its residents within Bahria Town for traffic control experiences and security measures.

Bahria Town Management family is planning a marriage ceremony for which out class arrangements are being done from last week which is adding more beauty in the area.

Bahria Town Lahore has itself taken a step to complete the under construction canal road from Thokar to Bahria Town. They are doing work from yesterday (day and night). The speed of work tells that it will be completed the one side today (within 48 hours).

A national level car race was arranged in Sector C on last Sunday.

Water Filtration Plant is also available in Bahria Town Lahore.

No power outage is seen in Bahria Town Lahore. Yes! Its TRUE.

Bahria Town is providing jobs to thousands. They are providing three time meals to its workers along with shelters. Bahria Town's minimum monthly salary package is Rs.8,000/= Besides all these great things Malik Riaz Hussain is an ordinary man (like you and me) and he is also business man and does many things which are, of course, not appreciate able.

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