Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UK visa application submission Procedure in Lahore - My Experience

The process started about a month earlier when I called Gerry's office on phone No. 0900 10411 from a land line. There was an option of calling through all mobile services on 8865 as well. It was not an easy task as I kept on trying for few hours before getting through. When connected all the information was provided very professionally. One can call on these phones from 8 AM to Midnight. The call on these phones will be charged Rs.10/= per minute.

Almost all the relevant information are also available on UK Visa application Centre
One can also get latest information on this site. All general information regarding applying for UK visa can be found on How Do I apply?

UK visa official website has provided a list of prohibited items as follows:
All applicants visiting the visa application centres must submit to a security search. All personal items such as bags, mobile phones, cigarette lighters, liquids and offensive weapons are prohibited and access will be denied to those found in possession of such items.
But besides this you can not take with you remote control of Car, Any kind of CD, DVD and stapler etc.

One should reach 10 minutes before time but it is not so strict over there. If you are getting bit late do not be panic. When an applicant reaches at Visa center a security check is done. After that a token is issue for documents checking. They confirm that form is filled. Photo copy of each and every single paper (including form with photograph and bank statement) has photocopied. If you missed to get photocopy of some document then you can get it photocopied over there but they charge Rs.4 per copy. Photograph should be in proper size and new. If there will be some problem with photograph, you can avail this facility as well.

When basic checking of documents is finalized you will be asked to go for depositing fees in the bank over there. It is very important that person checking the documents must sign on photocopy of form otherwise bank will not deposit the fees.

After depositing the fee one need to go upstairs in a hall where application is properly packed and some coding is made. The important point here is to get a token from the main hall gate. Some people come in and just sit. After some time they realize that they don't have any token or number. There is always a Que every where.

After getting the documents finalized in a bag the process of biometrics starts. This is done in same hall but one has to get another token for it. Biometric is very simple process of few minutes when finger and thumb impression are taken digitally and a photograph. When this process is done a receipt is given for collecting the documents and passport.

I was amazed to see the staff and their working. They were so professional and helping with smiling faces that all the long process did not bothered me.

Practical points:
The fee, rules and regulations keep on changing so must visit UK Visa application Centre for latest and updated information.

This process may take few hours so please take some eatables, drinkable as there is no availability of these requirements. If you have kids with you then take chips, biscuits and juices for him along with toys etc as time passing with kids is a serious issue.

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