Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nargis Block and Janiper Block of Bahria Town Lahore - A comparison

Dear Brother Hussain Kaisrani,

I hope you would be in best of your health. I contacted Bahria Town again and they are offering me to get plots on boundary area of Nargis Block or Janiper block. They said that they can give me pair in either of these blocks. The negative point is that these will be on boundary.

Please advise me one from the following options.

1- Pair plots on Nargis Boundary

2- Pair plots on Janiper boundary.

3- One plot in Gubahar --- and second in either Nargis or Janiper boundary.

4- Refund of money for my both file which they are saying will take 1 year.

I would request you please advise me. Due to being not in Pakistan right now I am not in position to decide. I also don’t know about the actual ground position of these plots.

Thanks and regard.

You have put me in difficult situation by giving odd options to select as I am not sure what will be the out come of Janiper Block and Nargis Block in future. I can see some potential in Juniper Block and this potential is more better if the plots are on boundary but I am not sure about any future plans of Bahria Town. This potetial is that Lahore Ring Road will be passing after Janiper Block and its link may be given to Independence Drive of Sector C on Janiper Block. Besides this Overseas Enclave B is situated after Janiper Block and Bahria Town is trying its best to reach Lahore Canal from Janiper Block. Main Mosque and Community Centre of Bahria Town Lahore and Sector C Main School are also situated in Janiper Block. I am not sure when all these aspects will provide improvements to Janiper Block. At present Janiper Block is NOT fully developed and specially boundary plots are still not on ground plots.

If we see Nargis Block then it does not have any positive aspect in it other than being a part of Bahria Town Lahore. A Ganda Nala passes through Nargis Block and it is surrounded by villages. Until now its a dead end of Bahria Town Lahore. Nargis block is NOT yet fully developed.

The third option is also not a good one. Getting refund (though I am not sure that you will be getting full refund without deductions) after one year is also equally problematic.

If I am on your place then I will decide to keep Gulbahar plot and take Janiper plot even if it is on boundary (instead of boundary plot of Nargis Block) but it is important to get an existing (on ground) plot with possession (if possible).

With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

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