Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bahria Town invites PM Task Force to its power system

ISLAMABAD: The Bahria Town has invited the Prime Minister Task Force on Power to visit its towns in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore to review and evaluate in detail its grid stations and power generators constructed to produce its own electricity.

The prime minister had constituted a task force to end or reduce power crisis in the country. The Bahria Town spokesperson welcomed this task force and invited it to first visit their power generation system.

The Bahria Town has constructed its own power generators of 12MW in Rawalpindi and 9MW in Lahore to ensure 24-hour power supply to its residents. The cost of these power generators comes at Rs28 per unit however the Bahria Town was charging only Rs10 per unit from its customers including hospitals, educational institutions and houses and is bearing all losses in this regard by its own.The residents of Bahria Town have appreciated this facility and urged all other societies to follow the suit. While generation electricity by its own the Bahria Town is also saving 43 percent losses including 30 percent line losses, 10 percent maintenance cost and 3 percent billing recovery expenses.It is suggested that by following the Bahria Town system not only the loadshedding can be controlled but 100 percent billing recovery also can be achieved.

Courtesy: The News

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