Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore - How to buy it?

Some time ago I received following email. It is being reproduced with a reply for future record and information to visitor of my blog.
I am a member of LAHORE REAL ESTATE forum for last and half year. All your replies,or all your listing regarding Bharia town, always beneficial and informative not only for me but also all other members for the forum.
I think that it is not your responsibility to answer my email, but as a cooperative fellow,as i always found u helpful,i can only request some information's regarding safari villas. I you like and you have some spare time for some information's, i will be grateful and thankful.

First of all I would introduce myself, I am an overseas Pakistani, living here in Manchester for last 5 years, my spouse and kids are living in pakistan.I am planning to come back to pakistan within next 2 years. and after further 5 years Iwill be need to move to Lahore for the education of my children, as the remote area of punjab where i live there is no facility of the education.

Now i come to the point, I have hard earning money around 5 millions. i want to by 8 Marla safari villa, preferably corner one.
I have seen some 3 D picture of these villas and i like the VILLA SERENA.
but, I do not know about the price range, there is a huge price difference in dealer prices,some are asking i will be ready within next two months, some are asking they have keys in their hands. any way I do not know about the location of that villas, which villas location are better than the other villas, or, as regarding serana villa what number villa are on a good location and which one on poor location,
Secondly, which serene villa is ready for possions and which one are under construction.
If i make my mind to buy one from where i can i buy, and what is the price. Can u give me some contact number for that, i have called lahore real estate but they have not availability.
I read CMY rates probably fortnight regarding the safari villa non occupy, occupation time 4-8 months.
can i get this.
I will be thanks full and appreciate your kind views.
I replied it as follows:
Brother ------------ Sahib,
Please feel free to contact me as and when it is needed.
All of your concerns about Safari Villas are practical and these should certainly be made clear before buying the Villa.
Yes! Safari Villa Serena should only be the choice for families shifting from remote areas. There are many tips which should be considered if there are options available. The most important tip is to buy a villa which is ready to move with possession. Do not trust any one about time as it is upto Bahria Town when they provide the possession of any villa. No agent or buyer can make it finalized if Bahria is not ready to do so. If I am informed about a number of a Villa I will give you an idea of its completion date. It will be at least time and if Bahria stop working on it then no time limit can be estimated.
It is not possible to give you some lines about the constructed or under construction villas. Just to give you an idea in this regard that we got possession of our home in July 2006 and few homes in our lane or street are still under construction. On the other hand if you provide me the No. of a Villa which you are thinking to buy, I will send you a report on it.
Nowadays it is very hard to find a proper villa on proper rates. Lahore Real Estate does not offer high rates to a seller and due to this limitation they could not manage it for buyers.
It is nice that you are doing your home work but the final decision should be taken after a thorough visit of Safari Villas project. Sitting in UK you can not see the situation around the Safari Villas project. As it is your hard earned money so you should work hard to make this important decision of your life. Your family can easily live here as there are many families living without any male member. Every thing here is systematic so a common house wife can manage her home in Safari Villas easily.

In my opinion best situated Serena Villas are 129 - 162 as far as ground realities are considered. The map provided by Bahria has lots of changes in it.
I will strongly suggest you to keep in touch with LRE for buying a Villa on proper market rates. You are not in hurry and chances come when they have available Villas for sale. One of my old friend (from London) bought a Villa (474) last year from Adil Saeed. It is nicely located and on corner as well as on 50 ft road on 37.50 Lac. They are so happy and are not ready to sell on 42 lacs now. They will work more hard if you can depend upon them and are a serious buyer.
You may discuss the matter with me on phone if needed as every thing can not be explained in writing. Thanks.
With Regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

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