Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Where to Invest - Bahria Orchard, Lake City or DHA Multan?

Advice needed

I have an 8 marla plot in LCO-C, Bahria Orchard, Lahore but that is still not on ground plot. Should I wait for possession that is expected next year. Or move to DHA Multan? If I get a bad location plot in DHA Multan, what can be the expected rate for that 1 kanal in DHA Multan? 


Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 05:48 PM PST

Faisal Sahib,
If it is only an investment and you can wait for a year or so, I would suggest you to remain with Bahria Orchard.
The location of Block C in Bahria Orchard is superb. You never know what will be the result in DHA Multan after balloting (as you mentioned).
I am not in the position to predict about DHA Multan rate. Other friends may give some idea in this regard.

Faisal replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 06:01 PM PST

Thank you soo much Hussain kaisrani sb for reply. What if I move to Lake City 10 marla in M-5? Is it wise move? Which is better? Orchard C-8 Marla or Lake city 10 marla M5?

Naveed ahmed replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 06:42 PM PST

Dear Faisal,

The opinion of Hussain Kaisrani sb Are golden words for you. I think there is no any further steps you need. Just hold your plotand watch the result. If you will not satisfied then check other one otherwise I personally know that you will gain much more within a year or two. Be patience.

Allah May bless you.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 06:53 PM PST

I am biased when comparing Lake City and Orchard so your decision should not be based upon my views. Please wait for more suggestions.

My choice would be Bahria Orchard (specially when you already invested in it).

Naveed ahmed replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 07:40 PM PST

Faisal bhai,

No doubt about it Lake City have very good potential for investment point of view keep in mind the alternative Raiwind Road and Lahore Ring road will give it more boom in near future but the expenses which faced by a investor to jump to another one is not wise in the game of 50/50.

Faisal replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 08:08 PM PST

Thank you kaisrani sb & naveed sb for your valuable comments. It's the only LRR factor that is forcing me to move to Lake City.

hc replied on Monday, December 14, 2015 10:04 PM PST

Faisal, situation in raiwind side is there are 3 or 4 well reputed projects

Lake City
Bahria Orchard
Fazaia Lahore
and DHA Rahbar

one should diversify always but it really doesn't matter as they all are gaining almost give or take

I have bought in all 3 except fizaia yet, couple of plots so not much options here

FQ.awan replied on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 04:18 AM PST

Dear Faisal sb, I am shocking why you are insisting on lake city again and again, Lake city is far behind Bahria Orchard. There is no comparison between bahria brand and lake city. Lake city is not famous as bahria town. So far my experiences, lake city has no resale value as bahria town has. Bahria town is competing with DHA and has better facilities and security system.I think it is like a suicide to sell bahria orchard c block plot and re-invest in lake city. Bahria Orchard c block is nice location and has a lot of pot
ential in near future. I am fully agree with Hussain Kaisrani sb.

Faisal replied on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 08:42 PM PST

Thank you everyone .... much appreciated.


Further Discussion (Updated on December 22, 2015)

Future Prospect of Bahria Orchard, Lahore
Dear Brothers , Please tell the future scope of Bahria Orchard .


Javed replied on Monday, December 21, 2015 11:09 PM PST

Dear Saim,

The future of Bahria Orchard is brilliant. Excellent development all over. Masjid in each block, Bahria Hospital, Arena Cinema, Bahria Schools and College, Big Commercial, 120ft Express way, a big commercial round about between H and J block, a petrol/conk pump under construction, Bahria Head Office, Telephone Exchange, all amenities are available including 24 hours Electricity and Security etc.

Tariq replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 01:07 AM PST

This is one Man show. I get advice from many friend every body say DHA is better.

Dubai replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 02:20 AM PST

Dear Atria bhai,

DHA is slow pacer. What would you do with a file in hand. Just a lolly pop? If there is no any on ground possession plot for construction of a house for your family today ?

Jane den bhai, boht kama lia hy DHA ny. Deliver Kia kiya hy? Bahria ki naqal kar raha hy, sirf location ki vaja sy hot by otherwise kon nahin janta k log 40 saal sy dekh rahy hen.

Defence ke andar Cantt jesi security nazar aai?

MS replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 02:53 AM PST

Some people are also holding and crying for BT files since a very long time. People who purchased in Sector C ten years ago were thrown into Orchard. Also BT renders heavy charges in every possible way as extortion money from land owners if they dont construct, much higher than Dha. It is a one man show for sure and the wife of that man publicly spoke on TV that she doesn't trust him because he lies too much, so dear brothers if this man's wife doesn't trust him then how can we trust him? Please have a moment of thought before investing your hard earned money in BT which is by no means considered to be a part of the city.

Desert man replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 07:52 AM PST

Pakistani people's Trust is with DHA whatever someone say bahria is big fraud the land grabber.

Sleepless replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 09:33 AM PST

Bahria and DHA are both f-r-a-u-d-s. I am a victim of Dha Valley. Before anyone says DHA Lahore and DHA Islamabad are different, its the same organization backed by Pakistan Army and headed by a serving brigadier.

M.Zahid replied on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 09:38 AM PST

@sleepless; DHA Lahore has their own DHA valley which is called DHA City. Only two years late it was started but even land acquisition is not done.


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  2. Dear Mr. Hussain Kasrani,

    I really like the valuable insight you have given. currently, I have around 9 lac and I am looking to invest for a timeframe of 4-5 years.
    After reading your above post, I found bahria orchard 5 marla plots (in block c, d and J) around 8-9 lacs.
    since im new to this, should i go for it? Any other investmemt alternative?

    1. Dear ahmed saeed,
      I could not figure out from which part of this blog you got the rate of 5 Marla Bahria Orchard around Rs.9 lacs. I am sorry to disappoint you that present rates are above Rs.20 lac now.
      Bahria Town is offering 8 Marla plots in Bahria Orchard on installments with down payment of Rs.10 Lac and Rs.12 Lac (with total of Rs.30 and 32 lac respectively) on two different locations but I would not recommend installment plots for you.
      Nowadays it is hard to find any reliable investment with the budget of Rs.9 lac. The only closest option is DHA CITY 5 Marla file. Its a risky and long term project but reliable and safe. The present rate of file is Rs.10.65 lac. The development charges would be payable on installment after the announcement of ballots.
      The market rates of Lahore Real Estate could be found on following link:

      The updated detail of DHA CITY is available on following link:

      Good Luck!

  3. Dear Mr. Hussain Kasrani,

    I really like the valuable insight you have given. currently, I have around 9 lac and I am looking to invest for a timeframe of 4-5 years.
    After reading your above post, I found bahria orchard 5 marla plots (in block c, d and J) around 8-9 lacs.
    since im new to this, should i go for it? Any other investmemt alternative?

  4. Thanks alot for your prompt feedback. I actually saw the rates of Bahria Orchard low cost scheme where total cost is around 9 lac. Maybe it was posted years ago.
    Going forward,another advise is needed. If i can gather 15 lac .. any other option? or should i go for dha city? Another good option i see is fha rahbar 2 going for 18 lac. To be honest, my dream wish is to invest in dha multan but its almost double i.e. 30lac. Is it worth arranging more funds for DHA multan? Literally confused and skeptical ..

    Thanks again Mr. Kaisrani

    1. Welcome dear ahmed saeed!
      Yes, it would be at least a year earlier post.
      DHA Multan was a one of the best option for short term (as well as long term) investment when its rate was around Rs.28 Lac in November 2015. It has gained Rs.2 Lac withing 2 months.
      I am still in favour of DHA Multan investment if you could arrange required funds for it. You may get back to some Lahore project after having benefits of DHA Multan project.
      My best wishes are with you.

  5. I agree with your comment. It is due to your motivation, I have decided to purchase DHA City Lahore File within this. Good thing you mentioned in your another post that the balloting is expected after 12 months after which I have to start paying the development charges installments of around 6-9 lac. This give me ample time to save.
    Lets just hope things work out after 4-5 years.
    Now, since I cannot purchase dha multan file, I have talked to my elder brother who seems interested. He was asking me after he pays the 1 kanal file cost (assuming 30 lacs by that time), when will be the balloting and how much will he pay in installments for the development charges. Any concrete information will decide whether he should buy this file in April or not. Insha Allah, keep this blog running no matter what :)

    1. As I mentioned in my previous comment, DHA CITY is a risky project. It is a risky in a sense that it may take more time in making its matters clear. It is only a guess that some announcement regarding ballot would be take a year or so. It totally depends upon DHA management when they decide balloting.
      I understand that you mentioned balloting for the reason that you would have sufficient time. Yes, you are right in this regard.
      Regarding DHA Multan - As per DHA previous announcement, only those files will be included in balloting which are transferred till January 31, 2016. Buying a DHA Multan file in April may not be a good idea. We can only discuss it in April.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Mr. Hussain,

    Can you share your contact number? I would like to msg you on whatsapp or maybe through call.
    Im currently situated at the Middle East region and I am planning to visit Lahore for 2 days to get things done.


    1. I am sorry that I can not share my phone online.
      If necessary to contact, please email me at kaisrani@gmail.com with your phone contact. I will, then, share my contact with you. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous10:39 am

    Hi everyone,
    I need a support to select the right option for investment in Lahore. I have no idea on property so what's your suggestion.

  8. Hi Hussain Bhai,



    Bahria orchard phase 3 - 8 marla within 1 to 2 year how much would be price??
    Similarly lake city sector m5 - 10 marla??


    1. Salaam dear Bhatti Sahib,
      I am not not good in providing information about future. Very sorry.
      Best regards.

  10. Anonymous9:59 am

    Kaisrani Sahib Would you be kind enough to through some light on the future of Bahria Orchard awami villas apartment as i am interested to buy it and also is the number of files are equal to number of flats your advise is required please

    1. Salaam, I have written a lot about Awami Villas project on this blog.
      I have no idea whether files are equal to number of flats. Sorry. If you have this issue then please buy a flat instead of file.

  11. Aoa Hussein Sb
    Is it a good time to invest in Bahria orchard sector C non ground plot 8 Marla near office ? Please advise


    Thanks for your valuable feedbacks.

    I have a request can you please suggest me lake city or bahria orchard which society and block is better for me I wants to buy a plot on instalment and I think both societies prices of 5 marla round about 30 to 35 total amount and I will get lake city possession after 2'5 year I am not sure right now about bahria orchard.

    Please suggest me which one is good in terms of location, cheap price, size of plot and possessions.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance