Monday, February 29, 2016

Bahria Town Lahore - Official Announcement about Lahore Ring Road Route

Bahria Town Management officially made an announcement about Lahore Ring Road Route passing through Bahria Town Lahore. It was badly needed as members of Sector E, Golf View Residencia, Tulip Extension were highly disturbed and no official information was being provided to them.

Universal Property Network (UPN) confirmed from its own sources that the letter is issued by Bahria Town offices.


  1. Thanks for sharing this news. Although I want to believe on this and pray that this news is real. However, i have not seen this notice on neither on bahria web site or bahria facebook page. Rest Allah knows better

    1. Thanks Waqas Badr Sahib,
      I just shared whatever announcement is released.
      Practically, this notice / announcement does not provide any real information. The situation remains the same until some third party or Lahore Ring Road Authority issues an order to confirm it.
      The only good thing is that Bahria Town management has officially confirmed that Lahore Ring Road Route is passing through Bahria Town Lahore. Whether BT will succeed to get it changed or not, it is a debate.
      Let the time decided it.
      I wish and pray for LRR affectees.

  2. i have contacted BT orchards who said this letter is floated by administration but concerned offices in Marketing br have not received it yet officially...2ndly they are not sure that it is really done with Pb govt or not but things are under process and soon it will be done( as they use to give false hopes and bluffs to customers and investors)...Bahria very quickly loosing its credibility , trust and customers, if they didn't take quick & wise decision at this critical situation..some worst outcome or biggest ever property scandal/fraud will be going to happen

  3. Salam Husain bhai please let me the status of Jinnah block sector e I have plot 310 is this plot in ring road map?

    1. Your plot is safe from Lahore Ring Road (LRR). For assessment and sale purchase of your property contact us:

      Best Regards,
      Universal Property Network (UPN)

      +923211161115 (Whatsapp Text / SMS Only)

  4. Anonymous5:20 am

    Hi Sir,

    may i know that nishter block sector e is away from LRR or not???