Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awami Villas Lahore - A low cost Housing Project of Bahria Town


Bahria Town Ltd has cancelled all of Awami Villas which were paid less than SEVEN installments. The members may get the status of their Awami Villas either by contacting toll free phone No. 0800-00100 or by using Members Portal online.

The cheques of paid amount (after some deductions) are being prepared nowadays and will be dispatched on member's postal addresses with in next couple of weeks.

Following links may be useful for understanding Awami Villas project:

Awami Villas Rawalpindi Maps - Awami Villas 1, Awami Villas 2 and Awami Villas 3
Awami Villas Specifications / Categories (Standard, Premium and Upgrade)

===== Sorry for broken links - Hussain Kaisrani (August 28, 2013) ======

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