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Frequently Asked Question about Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore - Old and New Style Villas

Safari Villa
I want to buy a 200 sq yard ready to move Safari Villa. Just have few questions if Mr. Adil or Mr. Hussain Kaisrani could reply:

1. What would be the price of a 200 sq. yard Safari Villa, Serena in particular,approx.

2. Do we have new and old category of villas.And is there big price difference between the two.

3. Are there any ready to move villas among the new category.

4. Are the new villas located in the same premisis or elsewhere, i had heard that they are located in C Sector.

5. Are thse villas with gate and which category is best suited for somewhat religious minded family, requiring complete privacy.

6. What is the approximate rent that you can get for such a villa and can it be rented out immediately after purchasing, like within one month.

7. Are any of these villas located infront of the famous tafalgar square park and can we find few vacant in that location or its hard to get one in that area.

8. How easily can they be disposed off once i plan to sell my villa or its quite hard to get rid of it.

Lastly if anyone interested in selling a Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore one can contact me on

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Dear .................. Sahib,

You are welcome!

1. You should have arrangement of Rs.42 Lac. It is only to give you an idea. You will need extra Rs.125,000/= for transfer fees, commission and other misc. expenses. At least more Rs.300,000/= are needed to shape a villa into YOUR home.

2. Yes, generally we can have both but some time buyer needs to wait. There are many differences in old and new one. Dealers will tell you many stories but actually only following points are important:
A). Almost all the villa's grey structure was made at the same time (about 5 years ago) so main thing is same only finishing may have some differences.
B). Old Villas are located nicely. Obviously new villas are made on sides though few new villas are also on good locations. In real estate LOCATION matters a lot.
C). The quality of wood work including doors etc in new villas is in very highly finishing but not in good quality. Some old villas do have same wood work and quality.
D). Almost all the new villas have KACHI TILES installed though it looks good and old villas have Granite Tiles.
E). You are clear about the problems of old villa which you are going to buy as it is used but you do not have any idea what kinds of problems will come out from a new villa after a year or so.
F). Old Villas are being sold less than Rs.40 Lacs and new are demanded Rs.43 Lac. In any case you can get an old villa about Rs.3 Lac less than the new one. With these Rs.300,000/= you can make your villa fine in all respective.
G). Few new villa have good quality fixing which is not found in any old villa (if the owner has not installed by him/herself).
H). Workmanship in both villas was almost of same quality and level.
I). GUTKA or small tiles are fixed on front elevation of all new villas. Many of old villas are also having this facility.
J). Steel Grills is the only edge in new villas. The old villas has the grills in iron only.

3. Yes! there are ready to move new category villas available in the market. Adil Saeed Sahib may guide you about it.

4. Safari Villas Lahore is a gated and boundary walled community and all the villas are in same premises. Sector C has Gardenia 1 in it which is not related to Safari Villas.
5. Privacy is relative for every one but except main gate all other rules are almost same in all over Bahria Town Lahore. You are safe with in your villa. Yes! boundary walls are on smaller side and gate is not fully closed. Religious minded members of Safari Villas are equally enjoying their living in it. By the way European Style has best possible privacy system in it.

6. The monthly rent is approximately Rs.18,000/= nowadays as possession of many villas has been handed over to their owners recently. Generally the rate remained in between Rs.18,000/= to Rs.20,000/=. YES! villa can easily be rented out if rent is demanded as per market rate and it is in reasonable condition.
What is required for renting out a Safari Villas is already explained in one of my post with a title:

Want to rent out your Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore

7. Yes! There are few villas sold in front of Trafalgar Square and Safari Park to general public but on very higher price. The availability and rate could be found out from Adil Saeed Sahib.

8. It is not an issue to sell a villa if you are ready to sell it on current market rate. Please keep in mind that the COST of your villa will jump about Rs.150,000/= (at least) on the day when you get it transfered on your name BUT (and this BUT is very important) the PRICE will remain the same on which you bought it. And if you transfer this villa into YOUR home then its cost will further go up about Rs.200,000/= (at least) and buyer will NOT pay you for these costs. Generally people do not understand these matters and demand the price after calculating their cost. This formula, unfortunately, does not work here.

Hope I replied all of your queries.

Hussain Kaisrani

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