Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bahria Town Design Approval Charges and Procedure

Dear Mr. Hussain,

First of all thanks for maintaining this very useful blog, may Allah give you Jaza for that.

I have recently bought 10 M plot in overseas A block with an intention to build house myself. But surprisingly I get this information that BT charges 148000 Rs for the Design approval only which is a big amount in my opinion. Does'nt this discourages those who want to build and live in BT. I have now concerns that more hidden charges will be disclosed to me once I will start building my house. I am looking for your experienced comments and advise.

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Salaam dear ............ Sahib,
Welcome in Bahria Town Lahore.
Thanks for your kind words about my blog and prayers for me.
I do not think that an amount of Rs.148,000/= is meant for design approval. As per my opinion it will be for connection charges etc. May be you have not read the membership form (yello or pink colour) where terms and condition are mentioned. It should be discussed over there or the dealer should have informed you about it. These are not hidden charges (though you were not informed about it clearly or you did not ask about any other charges).
For design approval, you will have to pay more to TMA.
Best of luck.

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Hussain Kaisrani

Assalamoalaikum Kaisrani Sahib,
First thanks for the prompt reply. Second I am attaching here the paper that was handed over to me by BT office. The utility charges are 80000 on top of 148,500 which is for design approval.
To me it seems excessive amount and I am not able to understand the reason for that. Frankly i am reconsidering building house there.
But it is good that you have indicated no other hidden charges. btw I donot understand what TMA stands for.
again thanks for your valuable advise.
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Salaam ............ Sahib,
I fully agree with you that it is too much amount for a 10 Marla house after knowing that utility connections are not included in it. I am not sure whether TMA (consider it LDA) design approval and completion certificate fees is included in it or not. The procedure of design approval is as follows:
  1. First you get a design finalized either from Bahria Town design wing or from the market. Its general rate is around Rs.50,000/= for a 10 Marla house.
  2. If it is not done from Bahria design wing then you will first present it to Bahria Town for its approval. I am not sure if they charge any fee for it or not.
  3. You need to have a stamp on this design by a LDA certified/authorized architect who charges around Rs.3,000/=
  4. The blue prints (it may cost you around Rs.2,000/=) of this stamped designs are submitted in TMA office for final approval. You pay an official fees (its rate depends upon cover area of your house) through their prescribed form and bank.
  5. After completing all this process a file is submitted in TMA office which asks you to wait for about a month but generally this one months never ends unless you do not pay an extra FEES which may be around Rs.40,000/= for a 10 Marla house.
This is to give you an idea how it goes practically. The procedure is almost the same for all good housing projects. You can calculate all these matters for making any decision.

Please bear with me if you find language and spelling errors as it is difficult for me to spend time on these issues.

If you do not mind, please share the total cost of your plot including all expenses. It will help others who contact me to know the plot rates.

With best regards,
Hussain Kaisrani



  1. Usman3:16 am

    Sir will you please explain me all starting procedure with fee for 5 marla plot in bahria town lahore. I shall be very much thankful to you.


    1. Salaam dear Usman,
      The procedure is discussed in this post though fee amount keep on changing from time to time.
      If you need any further information, please email me with your phone number so that I can call you in this regard. Thanks.
      Hussain Kaisrani