Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bahria Town Lahore Sector F - Why to pay installments?

First of all I want to make it clear that I do not support Bahria Town Lahore's actions, marketing tactics and selling techniques. I like it or not, the fact is that it is very successful in these matters. I will not be discussing what Bahria Town should do (as it knows all this very well) but what Bahria does. The point is to understand the working and strategy for gaining well or at least remaining safe in our investments. For this purpose we need to put our emotions aside, and think rationally and laterally.

In general Bahria Town buys land after the launch of its project and receiving first installment. This is the main reason we are still not clear about the location of Bahria Town Lahore Sector F. Almost all of its plots were sold when the project was announced publicly. If you read terms and conditions on the back of application form which you have accepted by signing the document, it clearly shows that the amount paid is not refundable. And if you do not pay the installment in time, you will be paying mark up on per day basis which is too high. Bahria Town will apply its rules and regulations on its member but will not bother to consider concerned authorities (LDA and TMA) instructions. We should also understand that these authorities have their own plan, game and agenda. Strangely these authorities are blaming Bahria Town for the problems which are also found in their (LDA) projects.

In this situation new and panic buyers would stop paying installments. BT would cancel their plots and resell on very high rates when things are settled down. Investors would also take advantage of this situation by buying files from panic sellers on lower rates. This kind of controversy game is very useful for players and big fishes.

You may not believe it but it is a fact that Bahria Town has announced (almost in all newspapers) and sold its commercial plots in Sector F about two weeks ago. The rate of 5 Marla commercial plot was in million rupees.

In my opinion BT is not going to make the matter clear so that it and its main players can take all possible advantages of this mess. I do not agree with friends who claim that not a single person will be paying the installment. May 2013 is too far yet so wait, see and evaluate every thing (rationally) to keep yourself safe from more or huge loss.

Personally I did not recommend much the Sector F due to
  1. Its high price - Rs.31 Lac for 10 Marla if you buy from dealers and Rs.32 Lac if you buy directly from Bahria Town, Lahore (What a Game!!)
  2. It does not have 5 Marla or 8 Marla plots - Small investors are kept aside
  3. location - Yet not clear
  4. Terms and conditions (No open file option, No refund)
Few of my friends asked me to buy 10 Marla files for them. They will, surely, be paying their installments in time. We do not see any thing problematic in this situation.

You are requested to consider your circumstances and decide whatever is best for YOU.

Good Luck!

Comments received on LRE page:

Javed replied on Sunday, March 17, 2013 01:38 PM PST

Dear Mr. Kaisrani.
What you advise for sectoer E investors. They are also in the same mess. But only 4 installments remaining. Should I continue paying or stop.

adeel replied on Sunday, March 17, 2013 02:29 PM PST

mr. javed pay your installment,no need to worry,possession will b there soon.then you can make your home or sell ,its upto you.
still you are in profit according to my views.all purchaser are in profit i know very well but still you people are confused i dont know why.please dont get panic at all.see LDA SCHEMES they are barren .look at lDA avenue 1 ,see by yourself
if bahria is delivering then wts your problem,look at the infrastructure.quality of living.
people who are confused can leave this game,those who are not panic like me are in this game,this is not game ,this is your property.
all property rates in lahore is risisng
on pia road 5 crore per canal
on madar e milat raod 2 crore per kanal
wapda town 85 per kanal
jahar town 1 crore per canal
etc etc etc
if u people still think its bahria prices are high and not delievring then you can leave bahria and go for another lDA SCHEME


kawish replied on Sunday, March 17, 2013 03:32 PM PST

Any idea how soon the possession for the entire sector E inducing Johar Block?

Half truth replied on Monday, March 18, 2013 09:06 AM PST

Kaiserani Sb, it is too late .We been alrady trapped in dirty game of Bahria town and LDA.Look at your previous detailed post regarding Sector F,you were supporter of Sector F buying, conclusivly.My buying for Sector F was drived from your commentsand information.Please in future be care full in opinion and try to speak full truth ( not half truth).I am overseas Pakisatani and I am deeply disapponted by the situation creatred by the Bahria town ,LDA and so called property experts and dealer( nerver look beyond their own interest). Thanks--- Hopless Pak

adeel replied on Monday, March 18, 2013 01:05 PM PST

mt.half truth how you are trapped.wait for 2 month .then sell your file and get rid of bahria if you people don't know anything ,o and very difficult to convince at the moment ,but you will regret, mr. half truth for your peace of mind sell whatever you had bought.
there are more buyer then seller,but u ll regret after some months or year.

Ali from KSA replied on Monday, March 18, 2013 02:52 PM PST

@ Kaisrani saab,

I'm expat and currently living in Saudi Arabia.

I have strong doubts on your comments about 5-marla plots in sector F.

As a matter of fact, I bought 5-marla file from a dealer.

Please comment.

Hussain Kaisrani replied on Monday, March 18, 2013 03:20 PM PST

@ Ali from KSA
Thank you very much for correcting me.
As "Half truth" made clear in his/her comments on my post, I am not always correct. Secondly it is also true that many a time, I can only reach to half truth.
As per my information Bahria Town announced only 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in Sector F. But it is quite possible that 5 Marla plots were also offered.
As you have first hand information and are an owner of 5 Marla file in Sector F so my information in this regard is NO
T correct.

Ahmed replied on Monday, March 18, 2013 04:26 PM PST

I am an expat living in Kuwait. Recently, I visited Lahore and purchased a house in Bahria. I am not property expert but after visiting many of Lahore societies I finalized Bahria and purchased a house there.
while transferring I have seen a crowd in Bahria office as plenty of people doing sale purchase in Bahria and prices going up almost every other day


  1. AA Hussain Sab.
    I live in Canada and havent been to Lahore/Pakistan for last few years, so didn't have a chance to visit any societies including Bahria. I have heard a lot in last few years and have started researching about it as I am interested in buying investment plot(s).
    From your blog, I understand that investment in Bahria is going to be profitable, no matter which sector you invest in but can you please update on current situation and where one should buy 5 or 10 marla plots? I am looking for long time investment (or flip within couple of years for profit) and saw one postings online for plots with 10-15 lacks down and rest on installments but wondering if these installment purchase is actually true. I would appreciate if you could give us your 'current analysis' in this regard.
    Your guidance will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    "Bahria Town Lahore Sector F - Why to pay installments?"
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  3. After going through all the comments & exchange of useful information given above on sector F sales & purchase, I would like to notify to the buyers (normal investors not property dealers) that the property dealers will only advise you whatever they will think profitable for you. Don't ask the dealers which society is good, they will advise you where they are sitting. If they are the dealers of Bahria they will comment, its heaven and if they are working for DHA they will suggest it very safe and sound investment. Actually they see at their margin, wherever more, that will be their target for the buyer. Bahria Town all over the Pakistan and DHA Lahore are the best schemes in Lahore without any fear so far. The ex. chairman Riaz Malik is a committed man who is doing a lot for this country and his efforts are commendable.
    However, presently investment in plots/houses in societies anywhere in Lahore are not deal of loss. Dont be afraid and buy as much as in Bahria towns near to you and be contented from their approach of work and facilities.

    Note: Half & Full truth is only the matter of their own interest. Amazing the dealer of Bahria does not know that there was a plot of 5 Marla in Sector F, just think.

    God bless all of us and Pakistan.