Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bahria Green Valley: Keeping a File without Paying Installment

As a beginner, just to familiarize with the real estate world, I want to start trading files leading to invest in plots at a later stage. I am looking into Green Valley Bahria town .
My questions
If I want to keep a file till balloting is it mandatory to pay installments till that period.
Secondly whats your opinion file for Bahria block F or green valley? Just for investment/trading.
Dear Sir,
Real Estate Market in Lahore is witnessing downward trend though it seems temporary. It is good to get involved in it as one can earn high and keep the investment safe if decisions are made wisely.
For learning purpose trading in file (but only of reliable developers) is better. To remain safe it is very important that you should have sufficient funds to pay the installments in time. You may sell a file when ever there is good profit but selling in panic situation disturbs the investment a lot.
Now coming to your questions:
  1. The file would NOT be included in the balloting if all due installments (including surcharge if any) are not paid. Meaning it is mandatory to pay the installments. Moreover, as per Terms and Conditions of Bahria Town, a file would be cancelled if two consecutive installments are unpaid. Bahria Town has right to keep all the paid amount when a file membership is cancelled. Every member (buyer of file) agrees with it by signing the application form. I know that dealers give many logic and they assure the buyers that there is no need to pay installments but you should know the exact situation and make decision after understanding all the aspects.
  2. I would go for Sector F of Bahria Town as it has shaped up now. We have no (official) information about Bahria Green Valley but location of Sector F could be visited and lot of development is seen there. Ups and downs would be different for both of projects but at present Sector F seems more safe and rewarding.
Good Luck!
(Hussain Kaisrani)


  1. Anonymous9:09 am

    Wassalam Mr. Hussain
    Glad to receive a response from you. I had the same views about paying installments after reading a sample of agreement on internet. Thanks for clarifying.
    And yes I was more inclined towards Block F.
    But, as mentioned the market is downward trend, should I wait or start now.
    You are doing a great job.
    Best Regards,

  2. Dear Hussain Sb,

    I want to purchase 8 M plot in G block of Bahria Orchard, please guide me if this is safe investment. I have plan to keep it for 2 years. I had seen some notices in news papers form LDA about Bahria so I am little worried about if there wold be any issue in later years. or if i couldn't get the "registry" of plot. please share your views.

    1. Salaam dear Umer,
      I would suggest you to buy in A, B, C or Overseas A / B Block instead of G Block as it will take more time to shape up.
      I understand that it is a safe and a good investment if you can wait for two years or so. For knowing my views about LDA issues related to Bahria Town, please go through following write up of mine:
      Investors of Bahria Town or DHA have more trust in these projects than a REGISTRY. You will have a serious problem to sell your plot if it has Registry. The rates of Registry plot / house sells on very less rate than a normal plot.

  3. Dear Hussain,

    I have been following your blog from long time, want to ask about "Lahore Motorway City" investment ? Please, give some reviews on it.

    1. Dear Faisal Basra Sahib,
      I am sorry to disappoint you that my information about "Lahore Motorway City" project is very limited. I understand that you should only go for it if you think that it is suitable for your future residence otherwise not.

  4. Anonymous2:33 am

    Dear Hussain Bhai
    It is getting too late neither BT announced location nor anything balloting else and rate is decreasing drastically. What are inside new how bahria will take this project onward.